Alberta Campgrounds | Adventures By A River


Alberta Campgrounds | Adventures By A River

When people are visiting Alberta campgrounds. That are close to bodies of water. Such as lakes and rivers. They often like to go boating, or fishing. However, what is there to do. For people who do not have a boat. Or do not care for fishing?

Alberta Campgrounds

There are still many different activities. That a wide variety of people can enjoy. When they are visiting Alberta campgrounds close to rivers. Especially when people go to elevated experience camping.

Which is located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. In the river valley, beside the North Saskatchewan River. There will be so many activities to enjoy. That people will have to come back multiple times.

In order to experience them all. The first thing that people need. To understand about this unique campground. Is that they have an interpretive trail. That will in parts, run parallel to the river.

They can go on a scenic hike. Or bring their own bikes. And even rent bikes from elevated experience camping. To enjoy this beautiful trail. They will have markers, along the way. To explain the different vegetation.

Animals that they might see. As well as some of the history of the area. People should feel free to bring binoculars. So that they can look for animals. And definitely bring a camera for taking a snapshot or two.

Animals they might find on their way include rabbits, squirrels and skunks. But also larger animals such as deer. But also, because this campground is located in their country.

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Chances are quite good, that they will also see a bear. Knowing their etiquette, and carrying bear spray. Can ensure that people can encounter this animal. Safely, with great pictures and a story to show for it.

During their beautiful scenic hike or bike. People will be listening to the amazing and soothing sounds. Of the river valley. The rush of the water, the song of birds. And the sound of the wind.

Can make this scenic journey. Even more relaxing. If people love the sound of the rushing water. In this river valley. They will love going for a picnic. Unique to Alberta campgrounds. Elevated experience camping.

Offers an activity, called paradise picnics. Great for couples, as well as families. They have several different packages to choose from. That allows people to sit on beautiful blankets and pillows.

While enjoy eating all of the prepared dishes. On this beautiful picnic. That they can enjoy, in the river valley. If people are not going on a picnic however. And they get hungry after their hike or bike.

They can stop by the Sasquatch hideaway food truck. Which cells gourmet hotdogs, gourmet grilled cheese. And street corn for several hours from Thursday to Sunday.

Therefore, people who get hungry. Do not need to when back to their camp site. And try to start a fire to cook a hotdog. Nor do they have to worry about packing a picnic lunch when they wake up.

Alberta Campgrounds | Adventures To Have By A River

One reason why people visit Alberta campgrounds that are located by River. Is they love the sound of the rushing water. And while fishing, and boating. Our common activities. That people love doing.

People who do not fish, and who do not have a boat. Will be able to enjoy many different activities. Especially when they visit elevated experience camping. They have ensured that they have many different activities.

That people can enjoy. So that even if they are not interested in fishing. And if they do not have a boat. They will still be able to enjoy the river valley, as well as the amazing North Saskatchewan River.

One of the first things that is unique to elevated experience camping. Is learning how to pan for gold. People can rent a kit, that will supply all of the tools. As well as the instructions needed.

In order to pan for gold. There are still gold flakes. That can be found in the North Saskatchewan River. And in fact, all rivers have some gold in them. Some practice, patients and a bit of luck.

Can reward people with a small flake for their efforts. When they are hungry. After several hours of panning for gold. Or at least trying to, they can head to the food truck. That will be serving up hot and delicious food items.

In the day use area, for anyone. They have gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. As well as gourmet hotdogs. And aside of several different kinds of street corn. So that people can feel their appetites.

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And get back to enjoying their activity. If people are not interested in panning for gold. There are two other kits that they can rent. One for an self-guided adventure in the river valley by day.

And the other one, is for self-guided adventures. In the river valley at night. If people are more interested in a stationary type of vacation. They will be able to enjoy that here as well.

Unlike most Alberta campgrounds. Elevated experience camping. Has placed luxury style lawn chairs. At the water’s edge. So that if people simply want to take a hot tea, or a cold iced tea.

And sit in the river valley. Enjoying the sun, the sights and the sounds. That the river valley offers, they can do that. By relaxing in these comfortable chairs. If a person’s idea of great vacation.

Is doing as little as possible. They are going to get that perfect vacation. By coming to elevated experience camping. And when the weather is so warm, they need to cool off. They should feel free.

To take off their socks and shoes. And dangle their feet in the cool and refreshing water of this river. When they are done, or if they are ready for adventure. They can head back to elevated experience camping.

Where they can play mini golf, enjoy the retro arcade. Or borrow a book from the community library. Even rent one of the many large yard games. To enjoy a favourite game, in a completely new way.

When people are looking to spend time in Alberta campgrounds. They should visit Elevated Experience camping first.