Alberta Campgrounds | Be Quiet Around Skunks


Alberta Campgrounds | Be Quiet Around Skunks

While most of the time, campers and hikers look forward to seeing wildlife in Alberta campgrounds. However this is not the sentiment when people encounter skunks.

But since skunks are native to all parts of Alberta. Chances are quite good that eventually, campers and hikers are going to encounter this small mammal.

While skunks will only come out at night because they are nocturnal. Regardless of when campers are hikers encounter these animals. The most important thing to do is to stop moving and stay silent.

Hopefully, the skunk will be framed enough to run away on their own. But because their eyesight is very bad. People need to stop moving, so they do not frighten the skunk even more.

They will not be able to see if the camper or hiker is trying to leave the area. And can get defensive, which will make them more likely to spray anything that they are scared of.

However, people need to understand that skunks do not want to spray unless absolutely necessary. Because spraying the chemical that they use, not only depletes their energy. But it also causes them to be defenceless for up to ten days. While their body makes more chemical.

Before skunk sprays, they will engage in many different threatening postures. In hopes to frighten their potential predator away. This includes stomping their feet, hissing at the predator. And even acting like they are going to charge.


However, because the skunk has no other defence mechanisms. People visiting Alberta campgrounds need to understand that they will not charge people. They are just trying everything to frighten them away.

If people see this threatening posturing. They need to start backing away from the skunk as quietly as possible. Hopefully, this will show the skunk that they are trying to leave the area. And it will also run away as well.

If people notice that skunks are with their offspring. This will make them even more defensive. Which is why they might end up spraying potential predators with greater ease than they would before.

While people are walking, or hiking around dusk. They should try to let themselves be known to other animals. Such as ensuring that they are making their footsteps heard. And even talking to people that they are hiking with.

All of these things can help the skunks realize that there are people in the area, and hopefully they will run away before any campers or hikers do encounter these animals.

For this reason, hikers and campers can put small bells on their shoes or on their backpacks. In order to warn wildlife that they are in the area, to allow them the opportunity to leave quietly, and without confrontation.

When people understand that skunks can be found in any Alberta campgrounds across the province. And what they need to do and they encounter these small animals.

Can help everyone, the people and the skunks come out of the encounter without problems. So that they can peacefully coexist in the same space together.

Alberta Campgrounds | Be Quiet Around Skunks

When people are travelling to Alberta campgrounds for a day, or if they are going to be spending several days there. They should realize that they may encounter a wide variety of wildlife.

And while encountering most wildlife in Alberta campgrounds is a fun, and exciting experience. Not all animals are a joy to encounter. Such as skunks, because of their reputation.

And while a skunk does not want to deploy their defence mechanism. Because it will leave them defenceless while they regenerate the chemical.

They will spray potential predators. If they feel that their life, or their off springs life are in danger.

One thing that many people may not realize, is that skunks can spray with incredible accuracy. Up to 3 m away from where they are. This is why if people encounter a skunk. They should not try to run away as fast as possible.

Because they will likely get hit by the spray, because the active running has startled the skunk. And they are less likely to get 3 m away, before the skunk takes in.

If people are hit, they can develop a skin irritation on any parts of their skin that has hit with this oily liquid. And they can be temporarily blinded if it gets in their eyes. This is why the recommendation is for people to try to back away from the skunk as quietly as possible.

Because they should never turn their back on an animal, because they will not know where it goes from there. And if the skunk has already tried to run away, they could encounter it again, it will spray them in the face as they leave.


Since the skunk will give a lot of threatening postures before they spray. If people are backing away from the skunk when they do this. They will be able to cover or close their eyes. To protect themselves against the spray.

However, if they do end up getting sprayed, they will also develop watery eyes and runny nose from the smell. As well as get nauseous or start to vomit because the smell is intense.

The smell will be similar to sulphuric acid. And will also make people that are in the vicinity nauseous and vomit. Which is why if people get sprayed, they should avoid going inside, into stores, or even into their trailer. Until most of the smell has been dissipated.

Tomato juice has been widely circulated as an antidote to skunk smell. And that is because of the acid in the tomatoes. however, anything acidic can help break down the chemicals in the oil.

Which is why hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is also another way to minimize the smell. It may take several washes with this solution. In order to minimize the smell.

And for clothing, running it through a washing machine several times. Should be enough to eliminate the smell from their clothing.

In fact, when people are travelling to Alberta campgrounds, they can make sure that they have hydrogen peroxide and baking soda on hand. Just in case they do have an encounter with this small animal. That ends up with them being at the butt end of their defence.