Alberta Campgrounds | Biking In The River Valley


Alberta Campgrounds | Biking In The River Valley

When people visit various Alberta campgrounds. They often would love nothing more than to go biking. However, it is not always possible. For people to bring their bikes with them. As they pack up all of their camping gear.

Alberta Campgrounds

This means, despite the fact that Alberta has. An incredibly short camping season. People either have to choose, between going camping. And going biking. The ideal scenario would combine the two.

Which is why elevated experience camping. Brought in a fleet of bicycles. That they offered for rent, to their guests last year. The bicycles, were standard mountain bikes. To be able to travel over.

The rugged river valley terrain. And was wildly popular. That almost every day that they were open. Almost all of the bikes were rented out. While that meant, they knew they needed more bicycles this year.

They also were unhappy. With how few people. Can truly enjoy exploring the river valley. By way of peddling a bike. That is why they wanted to increase their fleet. With bikes that were more inclusive.

In order to ride one of their mountain bikes. People would generally need to have had experience. Riding bikes before. And if they had any balance issues. Or, were older, they would not be able to ride.

That is why, they decided to add recumbent bicycles. To their fleet, so that more people. Could have this amazing experience. Of exploring the river valley. And seeing all of the different sites.

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People will immediately notice. Several differences between a standard mountain bike. And there recumbent bicycles. The first difference, is that recumbent bicycle wheels are much smaller.

And that there are four of them. With a bucket seat, mounted in the middle. Despite the fact that the wheels are smaller. They will be able to travel area easily. Over the rugged terrain. And the variety of trails.

The bucket seat, is also more easy. For people to sit in. Not only does it have a back. But it can fit a wider variety of people. Who do not necessarily need. To already have significant core strength. In order to ride this bicycle.

In addition to the bucket seat. People will be able to adjust it. Moving forward. So that short people, or young children. Will be able to reach the pedals. And operates the bicycle in Alberta campgrounds.

However, the same bike. Can also be used by tall adults. By moving the seat back. And giving them a large area. For their legs and knees to fit. As well, people will also notice. That instead of handlebars.

The recumbent bicycles have a steering wheel. Handlebars are actually difficult to learn how to operate. People simply do not realize this, because they have been riding a bike so many years.

This means that the recumbent bicycles. Can be used by beginners. Seniors, and people who have different or limited abilities. So that they can also enjoy exploring the river valley. During their stay at Alberta campgrounds this year.

Alberta Campgrounds | Have You Ever Been Biking In The River Valley

There are many reasons for people to visit Alberta campgrounds. Such as they love the great outdoors. Or they want to go fishing or hiking. But for people who want to go biking. They should look no further.

Than elevated experience camping. Located, just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. In a beautiful, river valley on the North Saskatchewan River. Many people have compared the beauty of this location.

To the beauty of the mountains, but without the mountains. But also, without the distance to drive. And without the annoying tourists. This is such a beautiful location. But they wanted to bring something different.

So last year, elevated experience camping. Brought in a fleet of bicycles. This year, they have increased the number of bicycles. And increased the different style of bikes that they are offering.

So that more people can enjoy this healthy, and fun activity. Some of the reasons, why people love biking. Is the fact that they can very quickly, and very easily. Reach faster speeds than they could walking or running.

So that they can explore a greater distance. There are so many different trails. That people can see a wide variety of plants, and animals. As well as different sounds to hear. When children go biking.

They are able to exercise their body. While seeing things, that they never would have. If they stayed on foot. And while biking is a lot of fun. It is also very healthy. For people’s bodies.

First of all, because it is a low impact activity. It is easy on the joints. And can be done, by people who have existing joint pain. Because it will not cause them additional pain. Or people who have injuries.

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In addition to that, it is an aerobic activity. Which is great for people’s heart health. Aerobic activity, can help reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. While reducing people’s high blood pressure.

When people work out their muscles. They are working out the largest muscles on their body. Their glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. And this can not only increase muscle mass and endurance.

But muscles, are directly responsible. For increased metabolism. Which burns fat and calories. If people want to super boost their metabolism. Especially while visiting Alberta campgrounds.

All they have to do, is it simply go for a bike ride. Before eating breakfast. Fasting exercise, actually improves people’s insulin levels. Which helps them burn twice as much fat. Compared to people who exercised.

After they ate breakfast. And while camping, it is extremely easy to exercise before breakfast. Since people often do not want to be the ones. Who have to build a fire to cook over.

And while there are so many physical benefits. More than can be discussed in an article. There are still mental benefits. Because exercising releases endorphins. That lower stress levels.

And boosts people’s moods. So that they can have a more enjoyable vacation in Alberta campgrounds.