Alberta Campgrounds | Biking Is Great For Your Health


Alberta Campgrounds | Biking Is Great For Your Health

Summer is an incredibly short season in Alberta, which means Alberta campgrounds. Fill up very early with people wanting to make the most. Out of the extremely short summer that we have.

Alberta Campgrounds

As well, because the summer season is short. People want to spend as much time. On their bicycles as possible, before the snow flies again. Which is why elevated experience camping. Wanted to bring the two together.

Disappointed with the lack of Alberta campgrounds that had all of the amenities. That they were looking for, Robert and Jason created elevated experience camping. To provide the camping experience they always wanted.

Therefore, they added many different amenities. To their campground, such as mini golf. A retro arcade, large yard sized board games. For people to rent. A library, and even goat yoga.

And last year, for the first time they added. A fleet of mountain bikes, to their already impressive. List of amenities that they offered to their guests. They found that this was an extremely popular activity.

With almost all of their bikes. Rented for the entire season. Many people are unable. To bring their bicycles with them. When they visit Alberta campgrounds. Because there simply is not enough room.

Amid all of their camping gear. Which is why the rented bicycles are so popular. They wanted mountain bikes, so that people could travel with ease. Over the wide variety of terrain and trails. From very easy flat surfaces.

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Two intermediate hills and valleys. And, because they are in the river valley. There are incredibly steep inclines. So that bicyclists of all experience levels. Can enjoy the trails at this campground.

However, while this activity. Was wildly popular. They did not want to increase the fleet. With just more mountain bikes. They wanted to bring something a little bit more inclusive. To their guests at elevated experience camping.

This is why they decided to add. A fleet of recumbent bicycles instead. With giant wheels, that will be able to travel easily. Over the rugged and rough terrain. Of this Alberta River Valley.

What sets this bicycle apart. From other models, such as mountain bikes. Is the fact that it has four wheels, instead of two. Which means it is considerably more stable. Which is perfect for people with many different abilities.

Being able to accommodate the youngest children. Who have never ridden a bike before. Or, who are still learning. And have not taken the training wheels off of their bike yet. Two adults with stability issues.

Or, who have balance problems. And the bucket seat, means that people. Who have a wide variety of abilities. Are able to sit comfortably. In order to pedal the bike, anywhere they want to go.

The steering wheel, is different than traditional handlebars. Which is easier to learn. And easier for people to steer in the direction they want to go. They hope that many more people. Will get to enjoy the thrill of biking.

Alberta Campgrounds | Biking Is Amazing For Your Health

When people are ready to spend time in Alberta campgrounds. For their vacation. Or a simple weekend getaway. They can do so, at elevated experience camping. And enjoy biking at the same time.

While many people love the opportunity. To go biking at Alberta campgrounds. They typically are not able to bring their own bikes. Because they lack the room that they need.

This is why Carmen and Jason of elevated experience camping. Brought in a fleet of bicycles. But many people. Especially if they have never gone biking before. May not understand. Exactly how healthy biking is.

Not just for their body, but for their mind, and their mood. And when combined with the beauty and relaxation. Of an gorgeous Alberta River Valley. This activity, simply cannot be beat.

Biking is extremely good for bodies of all ages, and abilities. Because it is considered low impact. But that means, is that it is easy on people’s joints. And will not create injuries, or hurt existing injuries either.

In fact, many doctors recommend biking. As a way to help people recover from injuries and illnesses. Because it gets the blood circulation improving. Throughout their entire body. And that increased blood flow.

Will heal injuries and illnesses much faster. Then when people do not biking. Another reason why biking is so great for the health of a person. Is because it is considered aerobic. Which is the heart healthy exercise type.

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People who do aerobic activities like biking. At least once a week, lower their risk of strokes and heart attack. As well as lower their high blood pressure. This is why it can be great for most people to do.

Another reason why biking is so healthy. Is because people are very easily able to work out the largest muscles in their bodies. All at the same time. Their quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Which does several things all at the same time. When people work out this large muscle group. It helps them kick up their metabolism. Since muscle mass, is what is responsible. For burning calories and fat.

And when people bike first thing in the morning. Without eating breakfast first. That metabolism that is kicked up. Burns calories all day long. And not just while people are peddling on their bike.

What this means, is when people are visiting Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping. They can burn enough calories. To get that second gourmet hotdogs, or mac & cheese.

From operation Sasquatch, the food truck. That will be operating at elevated experience camping this summer. If they continue biking. They will work off enough calories. To be able to order a pizza.

That is made hot, and fresh. And delivered directly to their campsite. From one of the elevated experience staff. Biking on a vacation. Can help people reduce their stress levels.

And it can help people feel more relaxed, rejuvenated. And ready to head back to their real life. Once their vacation, or their weekend is over.