Alberta Campgrounds | Camping 101


Alberta Campgrounds | Camping Etiquette 101

An important rule of thumb that anybody should follow whether they are going to Alberta campgrounds, or any other campsite in the country. Is they should camp like their mother is watching.

Ultimately, the meeting of that is people should be respecting the place where they camp. And avoid treating it in a way that they would not treat their own mother’s home or yard.

If all campers can be respectful, it can ensure that all campers can have a good time camping. And enjoy any activity that they do, regardless of what activity that is. There are several things that campers should abide by. In order to make everyone’s Experience fun.

One of the first things that is very important for all campers to respect when they are camping. Is to respect the quiet time. Many people bring their children camping, and they are sleeping. Or, if people want to go to bed early. So that they can wake up early to participate in a lot of different activities.

People need to ensure that they are respecting what the quiet time of their campsite is. This does not necessarily mean that they also have to go to bed at that time. People can still have a fire, visit and have a good time. But they need to it quietly. This means no loud music, and no yelling or shouting.


Another important rule that can help people enjoy their experience. Is respect other people’s campsites. This means avoid cutting through campsites even if it is a shortcut. And be very mindful when trails go beside or behind someone else’s campsite.

When people are respectful of others space and privacy. Then everyone can have a fun time camping. Since there may be many other campers at the campground at the same time. Enable to coexist fully together is very important.

When going to Alberta campgrounds it is very important that people understand that they should leave their own wood at home. Most campsites are going to have firewood provided, or for sale. So there is no need for people to bring their own from home.

This is especially true if people are coming from out of province. Because they may not be aware of diseases or pests that come with the wood that they bring in. These diseases or pests can wreak havoc on campsite. By spreading disease. Or introducing a past that might not have already been there.

Some common pests and diseases that can easily be transferred with wood are pine beetles, and Dutch Elm disease. Avoid bringing wood in, to avoid spreading these problems to a campsite.

When people can adhere to some rules. And be respectful of each other’s spaces. Then camping can be a lot of fun for everybody. Whether they are going to Alberta campgrounds by their home, or they are travelling far away for new experience. These rules can help them get the most out of their camping experience.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping Rules 101

Even though many people go to Alberta campgrounds to get away from the city. They have to be mindful of the fact that there will be other people visiting the campgrounds as well. And that everyone needs to be able to coexist peacefully together.

This means being very respectful of each other’s spaces. And everyone adhering to important rules. That can help increase everyone’s enjoyment of the experience.

It is very important to that everybody comes to the Alberta campgrounds prepared to have their food packed away. This includes pet food as well as human food.

Foods of all kind can attract animals to the campsite. From smaller animals like squirrels and rabbits to larger and more dangerous animals like deer or even bears. To avoid attracting animals into the campsite. And putting other people at risk. People should keep their food put away at all times.

This means they can use a cooler, or a Rubbermaid container to seal up their food. And keep it in their vehicle. Instead of in their tent for example. To eliminate and minimize the smells. By doing this, everyone can ensure that they are not surprised by animals who come around looking for free handouts.

It is very important that people are respectful of the quiet hours. And if people know that they are going to be arriving to the Alberta campgrounds late at night. They should call ahead. The manager of the campground will be able to help ensure the campsite is ready. And that they know that the camper is coming.


But it is also extremely important that when campers are coming late, that they do so as quietly as possible. However, it is the best etiquette to avoid coming late. So that they do not risk waking up their neighbours as they are driving in and setting up their camp late at night.

Another important etiquette rule that people should follow is help the campground out. This means not only should people avoid littering. By putting trash in the provided receptacles. But this also means picking up any trash that people see.

They also should ensure that they are letting the campground management know if they see something that is not right. I am something that is broken and needs to be fixed. Or something that is dirty and needs to be cleaned.

When everybody can watch out for each other at the campground. They can ensure that everybody’s experience is a fun and memorable one.

And finally, it is very important that people understand that when they are in the  campgrounds they need to slow their vehicles down. Most campsites have a 20 km an hour speed limit. This is because of the children playing, people riding bikes. And families walking on the road.

There can be activities happening in fields, from games and playgrounds, to people doing yoga. Therefore this speed limit needs to be respected at all times. For everyone’s safety.

When people understand some of the most important rules of etiquette they should follow. When they are camping, that can help everyone. Have a great time getting away from the city and enjoying their time close to nature.