Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Gardening Belong Together


Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Gardening Belong Together

While some people may not realize that camping, and gardening belong together in Alberta campgrounds. One campground operator, elevated experience camping. Ultimately believes differently.

Alberta Campgrounds

Not only are they opening up a community garden. At their Willey West location. They are open to campers, to enjoy some gardening. By helping to lead, fertilize. And harvest some of the vegetables.

And can even take some of the vegetables for themselves. Enjoying a fresh salad, or garden fresh vegetables. As a welcome reprieve, from their camping diet of hamburgers, hot dogs and chips.

There are many benefits of a community garden. From reducing negative community impacts. By promoting food security, and sustainability. Teaching people about agriculture, and where their food comes from.

Reducing food transportation costs. As people are able to feed themselves. Instead of depending on a food truck. Driving hundreds of miles to bring produce. That is been sitting for days or weeks.

As well as environmental impacts. Such as reducing water runoff. That takes the nutrients out of the soil with it. Increasing the oxygen in the area. And cleaning up the carbon dioxide.

These are just some of the benefits, that people will enjoy. When they go to Alberta campgrounds, and engage in some gardening activities. Some of the things that they should keep in mind.

As they visit, and engage in gardening. Is putting the equipment that they use, back where they belong. As well as ensuring that they treat the property. Such as the plants, and the equipment with respect.

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Only take as many vegetables as they will be able to eat. And then close, and latch the gates behind them. So that animals cannot get in. And destroy everyone’s hard work.

Not only are community gardens extremely beneficial for the environmental benefits. And reducing negative community impacts. But also, by helping the community, or in this case the campground.

Have a beneficial activity. That is good for exercise, it is relaxing. And very rewarding, making it great for people’s mental well-being as well. Not only can they feed their body. But they can feed their soul.

This is a wonderful opportunity, for parents to bring their children. To teach them about where food comes from. And allow them to see food being grown. Because often, children never had the opportunity.

To see vegetables being grown up until this moment. As well, community gardens are great for helping communities come together. For mutual cooperation. And to eliminate petty crime.

Since community gardens eliminate expenses of vacant lands in the area. It eliminates the crime that comes with it. Helping communities feel safer, more food secure. And developing cooperation.

If people want to visit Alberta campgrounds that have community gardens. All they have to do is contact elevated experience camping. Either by phone, or on their website. And book their camping vacation.

Knowing that they will be able to enjoy gardening while they are there as well. Not only will that make for a unique vacation. But it will be a healthy vacation as well.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Gardening Go Well Together

Not many Alberta campgrounds have a community garden. But that is exactly what elevated experience camping. Is bringing to their guests at their Willey West campground. Located just outside of Drayton Valley.

There are many different benefits of a community garden. However, they went one step further. And created a raised bed community garden. Because there are many more benefits to a raised garden.

Than a standard, grown in the ground garden. One noted benefits. Is that it is very difficult to keep animals out of a traditional garden. Even if people build a fence.

Animals can burrow under the fence. Or in to the garden, if someone carelessly leaves the gate open. Even for just a few seconds. Small animals can race in. And then hide in the foliage.

Once inside, they can destroy an entire garden. In a relatively short amount of time. Eating the vegetables. But also eating the plants themselves. And leaving nothing left.

Anyone who has visited Alberta campgrounds in the past. Will know easily. That they have seen mice, squirrels and rabbits. But also larger animals like skunks, foxes. And even extremely large animals like deer and moose.

This is why elevated experience camping has brought in raised garden beds. Because it ultimately makes it much more difficult. For the small animals like rabbits and skunks. To get into the garden to eat the vegetables.

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However, anyone who has seen a deer in Alberta campgrounds. Will know that a raised garden bed. Will not stop a deer. That is why elevated experience camping built large fences.

Made of mesh, around their raised garden beds. So that people will be able to open the side. And get at the vegetables and the plants. While the mesh will allow the sunlight to enter, and nourish the vegetables.

However, keeping animals out. Is not the only benefit of a raised garden bed. It is very easy to overwater a typical garden. If there is no way to get rid of any excess water. An over watered garden, can die quickly.

But in a raised garden, there is built in drainage. So that it is difficult to overwater. This not only saves plants from enthusiastic watering. But it will also help ensure the plant is less susceptible.

To soil borne fungal diseases. That are caused from by over watered gardens. Another benefit of the raised garden beds. Is that it is much more easily accessible. By wide variety of people.

To read, water or fertilize a garden. Typically requires being hunched over. Which is very hard on the back, and hard on the knees. But raising the garden up. To waist height, ensures more people more comfort.

As they tend to these community plants. Even people who would love to garden. But experience physical limitations. Can access these garden beds. And get their hands dirty both literally and figuratively.

If people are interested in learning more about gardening while visiting Alberta campgrounds. Visiting elevated experience camping, just outside of Drayton Valley. Is the logical step for their summer vacation this year.