Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Gardening Together


Alberta Campgrounds | Camping And Gardening Together

People may not think of going to Alberta campgrounds in order to garden. But that is exactly the opportunity that elevated experience camping. Is giving to their guests. There are many reasons why they are doing this.

Alberta Campgrounds

Starting with helping support the non-for profit food truck. That will be operating within Drayton Valley during the week. And at the campground during the weekend. Because they are not-for-profit.

The campground, wanted to plant some community gardens. So that they would have access to inexpensive, but very nutritious ingredients. That can help them with their menu.

However, they also wanted to their community garden. To be accessible by their guests at the Alberta campgrounds. This way, campers and glamper’s alike, would be able to harvest.

Some fresh vegetables during their camping vacation. So that when they are tired of hamburgers, hotdogs and chips. They can add some fresh vegetables. Or a salad to their own menu.

And while this is going to benefit the food truck, and the campers. There are many benefits to Alberta campgrounds that build community gardens. Within their property.

One of the biggest benefit, that everyone get. Whether they are eating the vegetables from the garden or not. Is cleaner, fresher air. The more plants there are in an area. The more they consume the carbon dioxide.

That people, cars and buildings emit. As people exhale carbon dioxide. The plants inhale it, and change it into oxygen. Making more breathable air for people to enjoy.

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Therefore, even if they never set foot near the garden. People who are spending time in the garden. Are going to get the benefit period of increased oxygen. For better air quality, and easier breathing.

Another benefit of having a community garden. Is it will reduce negative community impacts. By activities like promoting food sustainability. When people bring their children camping at elevated experience camping.

That have a garden, such as elevated experience camping. They will be able to see where their vegetables come from. Learn about the agricultural industry. And even taste extremely fresh vegetables.

Which they may never have tasted before. And decide that vegetables are not so terrible after all. A community garden can also reduce food transportation costs. As it ensures communities can come together.

To grow a lot of the food that they eat. Eliminating the need to bring in so many vegetables. To their supermarkets. Eliminating those trucks driving from hundreds of miles away. In order to supply them with vegetables.

That already have lost so many nutrients. And will sit for several more days. Before they are purchased. A third benefit of a community garden. Is that it can help reduce neighbourhood waste. By promoting composting.

All food waste, can be put into a communal composter. Which then, reduces their landfill waste. And then, supports their community gardens. By providing composted soil to put into their garden again.

If people are interested in learning more about gardening. While on their camping vacation. Our want to enjoy this peaceful, relaxing activity. They could book their reservation at elevated experience camping today.

Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoying Camping And Gardening Together

While some people do not think gardening, and Alberta campgrounds go together. The operators of believe best campground, elevated experience camping. Believe that camping and gardening are perfect together.

In fact, they have decided to bring in raised garden beds. To the already impressive list of amenities. That they have at their campground this year. While community gardens are well known for their amazing benefits.

They have made a very deliberate decision. To ensure that their gardens were in raised beds. For many different and beneficial reasons. Anyone who has ever visited Alberta campgrounds will know.

How many creatures, and different wildlife. They will see during their stay. From small animals like mice, squirrels and rabbits. Two medium-sized animals, like skunks and foxes.

And even large animals like deer and moose can frequent the area. All of whom would love to snack on the plants and vegetables. In a vegetable garden within elevated experience camping.

Therefore, instead of planting a garden in the ground. And then having to build a fence. That could easily be burrowed under. Or have squirrels, mice or rabbits. Sneak in if someone leaves the gate open for a few moments.

They decided to build raised garden beds in the Alberta campgrounds that they manage. The reason why raised is better. Is because it will make it impossible. For the small animals, like mice squirrels and rabbits.

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Get at the vegetables that are growing in the garden. And while larger animals like deer could still very easily. To eat the vegetables in a raised garden bed. They also build large mesh fences.

On the edge of raised garden bed. So that the sun can still get in. And people can get in, simply by opening a latch. And pulling one side of the mesh fence open. They can weed or water the garden.

Or fertilize, or harvest a vegetable. And then closing the gate, ensures that no animals. Can have access to the tasty bounty within it. But another reason why they decided to build raised garden beds.

Is because it can help avoid problems. Such as soil born fungal diseases. Caused by too much standing water. In traditional gardens. Because it is easier for a raised garden bed to drain excess water.

This also will avoid problems. From overwatering, that can water log the vegetables. And turn the plants into mush. Another benefit of raised garden beds. Is that they can be built out of anything. And be placed anywhere.

Allowing people who visit the Alberta campgrounds. And sees this type of garden and action. Might realize that it does not matter if they do not live in a house the huge yard.

That they will also be able to build even a small garden on their deck. So that they can build a garden themselves. And continue to eat some of the delicious vegetables. That they got used to during their stay.