Alberta Campgrounds | Camping Courtesy


Alberta Campgrounds | Camping With Courtesy

By adhering to some common rules of courtesy when visiting Alberta campgrounds can help ensure all campers have a great time. By being mindful not just of each other. But of the space that they are in can be very important. Campers should aim to leave the campground as clean as they founded if not more so. And ensure that they are not impeding in anybody else’s enjoyment of the facilities.

There are a variety of reasons why campers enjoy this activity. For some, it is a great way to it away from the rush of the city. And slow down and rest. Other people love the adventure, and go in order to explore the wilderness, go hiking, and see the sights.

Regardless of the reasons, people should be very mindful of each other’s space. And the campgrounds. So that everyone can enjoy them. One way to ensure that is to mind the litter.

There are garbage bins throughout the campgrounds. To make it easy for everyone to put garbage in the appropriate bins. The same is true for cigarette butts. There will be ashtrays provided to ensure that nobody has to throw their cigarette butts on the ground.

And while everyone works together to ensure that no littering is occurring. All campers should also work together to ensure that if they do see something on the ground. That they can pick it up themselves and throw it out. To ensure that the entire campground can stay as clean as possible.


Not only should they be keeping their eyes out for trash. But if they see something broken, or some of the facilities are dirty. They should reach out to Alberta campgrounds management. To let them know that there is something that they can fix or clean. By doing this, campers can ensure that everyone has the same experience. Of a clean and functioning campsite to enjoy.

Being respectful does not just mean avoiding littering. It also means respecting the quiet hours of the campgrounds. Many campers have children that need to go to bed. And a lot of campers like to get to sleep early. Or are waking up early, so that they can get a head start on their adventure.

Respecting the quiet time does not mean that everybody has to go to bed however. Campers should feel free to keep their fire, and continue to visit their friends and family. As long as they are  keeping their noise down.

This means turning their stereo off, and mind the volume of their voices. When campers can do this. That everyone can have a good time, enjoying the peace and quiet of being able to go to bed when they want. Or being able to stay up and visit with their friends.

Disrespect should extend to other people’s campsites. Not only should campers avoid cutting through other people’s spaces. Even if those campers are away from their campsite. By being mindful of each other’s spaces and privacy. Can help ensure everybody has a fun time on their camping trip to Alberta campgrounds.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping & Courtesy

With the hundreds of people that will be going through Alberta campgrounds each summer. It is very important that ARE’s work together to ensure that they are leaving the space as clean and pest free as when they first arrived.

Many people may not realize the dangers that could lurk in the firewood that they bring from their home. Especially if they are travelling from out of province. Alberta campgrounds will have would provided, so there is no need for campers to bring their own.

When campers bring their own firewood, they might not be aware that there are pests or diseases writing in on that would. That can affect all of the trees and wilderness surrounding the campgrounds.

Pine beetles for example, can hitch a ride on people’s firewood. And can then wreak havoc in the trees surrounding the campgrounds. Dutch Elm disease, is an extremely contagious disease that can travel from tree to tree. If people bring would from their home, they may not realize that they are spreading this devastating illness.

Keeping the campgrounds safe also means avoiding attracting wildlife to the area. Wildlife can cause a large amount of damage. And all efforts should be made to avoid attracting them to the area. This means people should ensure that when they pack their food, there keeping it in a sealable container. To minimize the transfer of smells.


By only getting the food out at mealtime. And then putting it away immediately can help ensure that they are minimizing the smells that can attract animals to the area.

The same is true for pet food. Campers should ensure that they put their pet food in a sealable container. And put away as soon as they are done using it. Because wildlife does not know the difference between pet food and animal food. And will happily eat either.

When arriving or leaving, campers should ensure that they are following the 20 km an hour speed limit. There is going to be people walking around, with their children or animals. There also can be groups of children playing. In a wide variety of activities happening within the Alberta campgrounds.

The 20 km an hour speed limit is to keep all of the campers safe. And people should be very mindful of that. Not only can it keep the campers safe. But it can help ensure that the driver is able to easily see anyone. And that they will be able to stop in time.

Ultimately, it is up to the campers to respect their own campsite. And to avoid doing anything that could cause damage to the area. They are wanting to hang a hammock or clothesline. They should talk to the campground management first. To see if it is allowed. Or if there are any alternatives that they can come up with to help ensure that they are not causing damage to their campsite.

When campers can be respectful of the campgrounds and each other. Then all campers will be able to have a fun time. And ensure that campgrounds will be kept in great condition for future trips.