Alberta Campgrounds | Camping in Style


Alberta Campgrounds | Camping in Style

Even though people have been visiting Alberta campgrounds and recreational vehicles for decades. This is not the first time in history people have gone luxury camping, or glamping as it has become known as.

Glamping was first coined as a word in the UK in two thousand and five. Although it was not added to the dictionary as an actual word until twenty seventeen.

It is made up of the two words a glamorous and camping. And was coined to describe people who would go camping, but bring many comforts of home with them.

And while it is an activity that is gaining in popularity. With people visiting more Alberta campgrounds than ever before with many different amenities.

People have been luxury camping for centuries. First, as an activity reserved for royalty. But later, something that the rich would do to ensure they can travel in style.

Not only was Genghis Khan known for all of the many luxuries he brought with him when he travelled. Lining his tenants with silks, and ensuring that he had servants to serve his every whim.

Even the first African safaris in the nineteen twenties would be considered glamping by today’s standards. With the tenants being set up with all of the available luxuries. To allow people comfort as they viewed the African landscape and animals.

Nowadays, people typically go glamping in recreational vehicles. Although they have been known to bring many luxuries with them in tents as well.


However, glamping is being made accessible to people who want to visit Alberta campgrounds. But they do not have any camping equipment themselves.

This could be because they are travellers passing through. And do not have any equipment with them that would allow them to go camping. But they may want to experience the wilderness in this province.

Which is why more and more glamping sites are becoming available throughout Alberta campgrounds. These glamping sites come in a variety of structures.

From luxury tents and tiny cabins. To yurts, which are a structured type of tent. And even unique structures such as teepees, treehouses and pods.

With all of the various glamping sites that are available. People should consider what type of experience they are looking for. As well as what type of luxuries they want to have for their experience.

It might be important to have air-conditioning or heaters. Especially as people get into the mountains of Alberta.

Or, people might find it the most important to have satellite television or Wi-Fi so that they can remain connected to the rest of the world on their glamping trip.

Whatever luxuries people want. They can find in the various glamping sites. And by knowing what they want, and registering in advance. People can have a fun and unique experience. That will allow them to see the province in a completely unique way.

One thing is certain, once people experience glamping, they will want to go again and again. Therefore, they should ensure that they try it early. So that they can reserve their spot on an ongoing basis. So that they can get enough glamping as they want.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping in Style

Depending on the camper, luxury camping means many different things when people are visiting Alberta campgrounds.

It could mean that they want amenities of home to make food preparation fast and easy. Such as camping stoves, ovens and microwaves. So that people do not have to cook over an open fire.

While others put the comfort in comfort camping. Wanting a queen mattress in their recreational vehicle, air conditioning and heaters. To ensure that they are literally as comfortable as possible during their trip.

Other people are simply looking for a unique way to get away from this city. And experience Alberta campgrounds in a way they have not before.

Often, people want to go glamping. Because their extended family is going camping. And while they do not like or do not want to camp. They feel a lot differently. When there are luxuries available to them that are not afforded campers.

For example, when people are visiting elevated experience camping. Their family can set up camping sites. And allow them to stay in one of the glamping cabins that they have on site.

These tiny cabins are outfitted with many luxuries. From a full queen-size bed, two air-conditioners, microwaves and an outdoor barbecue. People can feel as though they are still camping. While remaining comfortable.


They even have an outdoor fire pit set up. So that they can bring their family and friends around. And sit around the fire telling stories and roasting marshmallows. All without having to sleep on the ground at the end of their night.

What is very important about these glamping sites at elevated experience. Is that they do not have any indoor plumbing. So that people can truly feel as though they are having a camping experience. Although they have many different amenities with them.

By figuring out what is most important when they are going glamping. Can help people choose not only the right glamping site. But help them figure out what luxuries they cannot do without.

It is also important to note that the different glamping sites that they can access in the various Alberta campgrounds can range quite significantly in cost. So they also have to be aware of budget when they are booking their vacation.

While glamping had traditionally been reserved for royalty and the super rich. It is now becoming a commonplace activity in Alberta campgrounds everywhere.

In fact, it can actually make camping even more accessible than it was before. Because now people no longer need to have to pay for camping equipment whether it is a tent and sleeping bags. Or if it is a recreational vehicle such as a motorhome or trailer.

People can book their glamping site, so that they can experience camping. Without having the expense of buying camping equipment. Especially for something that can only be used a few months out of the year.

Anyone who has ever wanted to try glamping for themselves. Should contact elevated experience and find out how they can get started.