Alberta Campgrounds | Choosing A Camping Location


Alberta Campgrounds | Choosing A Camping Location

Many people have different considerations when choosing Alberta campgrounds. Which to spend their summer vacation. Whether it is a weekend getaway. Or their weeklong vacation.

Alberta Campgrounds

There are many different Alberta campgrounds to choose from. However, if people are looking for amazing amenities. A wide variety of activities. And being close to a river. The choice is very simple.

Elevated experience camping. Is located, just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Nestled in a picturesque river valley. Beside the North Saskatchewan River. This location is easy for most Albertans to get to.

And has many different amenities. As well as activities, to keep even the most picky person engaged. First of all, they have the river valley. Which is perfect for people who love the boating and fishing.

At elevated experience camping, they have a boat launch that is maintained. So that people can put water craft into the river easily. And recover it just as easily. If people have motorboats.

They should feel free to bring them, on their vacation. If people also have small fishing boats. Or even canoes, and kayaks. They will be able to have a fun time in the water. By coming to elevated experience camping.

While many people like to go tubing on rivers. People should understand. That the North Saskatchewan River is often quite aggressive. And not necessarily suitable for tubing. Due to the many dangers.

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Not only does the water run faster. Then most people realize. But the undertow can be very overpowering. Making it hard for even the best swimmer to manage. But also, there can be hazards.

Including eddies, which are the whirlpools. That are created by water flowing around an obstacle. As well as rapids, and constrictive waves. That can make tubing quite dangerous.

However, if people are going to spend time in about on the river. They can do that. Or they can fish, sightsee. Or do their feet into the river from the safety of the shore. When they are ready for lunch, all they have to do.

Is head to the day use area, a short walk away. In order to get a hot lunch. From the Sasquatch hideaway, a food truck. Serving gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Gourmet hot dogs, street corn and dessert.

When their day of river adventuring is done. They can play mini golf, spend time in the retro arcade. Borrow a book from the community library. Or even some games that are giant sized.

At the end of the day, if they are too tired to cook dinner. They can simply order a pizza to be made to order. And will be delivered by the campground staff, directly to their campsite.

When people are ready to leave, can enjoy a out breakfast. To leave everyone feeling full, without having to clean up breakfast before packing up. When looking for Alberta campgrounds to come back to. The choice is obvious, they should visit elevated experience camping once more.

Alberta Campgrounds | Choosing A Camping Location By A River

There are many Alberta campgrounds located by a river. However, most do not have all of the amenities that elevated experience camping does. Not only do they have showers, and flush toilets.

But they have many other amenities, services and activities. That people can enjoy. The matter how many times people will come back, they are going to have something new to experience.

While the river can draw a lot of people in. To go fishing, and boating. If people are not interested in fishing. Or if they do not have a boat. There are still many activities. That they can enjoy, on and near the river.

For example, elevated experience camping. Has created knapsack’s. They contain all of the tools. As well as instructions, for a self-guided river valley adventure. They have an adventure for the daytime.

That is fun but also educational. Learning about the vegetation and animals in the river valley. As well as an adventure for the nighttime. Learning about nighttime animals, and the stars in the river valley.

They can also rent a kit, that has all of the tools and instructions they need. For learning how to pan for gold on the river. And like all rivers, the North Saskatchewan River does have flakes of gold.

Therefore, with enough practice, patience and luck. People might actually find a flake or two of gold. To keep as a souvenir from their unique vacation. This type of activity is not available at any other Alberta campgrounds.

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When people are ready for their lunch. They can either have had a picnic lunch packed. Or, they can head to the food truck called the Sasquatch hideaway. Where they can order a hot and delicious meal.

Although, they can also can organize. A paradise picnic, from elevated experience camping. That offers picnic packages for couples as well as families. To have a beautiful and fun picnic in the river valley.

At the end of their day, they can head back to their campsite. And cook dinner over an open fire. Or, get a pizza made to order. Delivered directly to their camp site. By the elevated experience staff.

If they run out of firewood, they have free firewood delivery as well. In fact, elevated experience camping tries to set themselves apart. From all other Alberta campgrounds.

Not just with the wide variety of amenities and activities. But also with outstanding service, therefore if people are looking. For a camping vacation, that does not feel like they are roughing it.

They should check out this amazing campground. Even if people’s idea of roughing it. Is hotel room without room service. That can be arranged here. They have several different glamping cabins available.

That our tiny cabins, with all of the luxuries. Of hotel room living, nestled in the beautiful surroundings. Of the river valley. Complete with a queen-size bed, full screen television. With satellite dish hookup.

As well as a full-size barbecue, to cook food on. People can truly have the vacation of their own design when they come to elevated experience camping first.