Alberta Campgrounds | Combining Gardening With Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Combining Gardening With Camping

The owners of elevated experience camping, is combining gardening with camping in Alberta campgrounds this year. This is going to be a huge success. Because community campgrounds provided so many benefits.

Alberta Campgrounds

Not only that, but the community gardens. Are also going to help them. Provide fresh produce to a non-for profit food truck. That will be operating at their Alberta campgrounds on the weekends.

Not only because they are non-for profit. But because elevated experience camping. Truly believes in giving back to the community. They wanted to help this group by providing them.

With the produce that they can use. To help make their healthy, and delicious menu items. That their campers are going to be enjoying. Therefore, by bringing a community garden.

Not only can they support this amazing community initiative. Also, bring the joy and love of gardening. And eating fresh vegetables to their campers. There are many benefits of having a community garden.

From reducing negative community impacts. By promoting a wide variety of positive benefits. From promoting food sustainability. To bringing an appreciation of the agricultural industry.

Reducing food transportation costs for community. And helping people have more food security. While allowing the community to come together in cooperation. For a single goal that will benefit them all.

While helping eliminate crime and area. By using vacant lands. And by coming together as a community. On those vacant lands. Making it and unattractive location. For criminal activity.

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Another benefit of having a community garden. Is that it can promote positive environmental changes. One thing that it does, is it helps improve the soil and air quality.

By using the soil in the area. It is less likely to fall victim to water runoff. Which will take the nutrients away from an area. And also make the soil less likely to soil erosion.

Where soil loses nutrients, because there are no plants anchoring it to the area. But also, it will improve the air quality. Because plants convert carbon dioxide. That we and our vehicles imminent.

And changes it into oxygen, which we humans breathe then. Therefore, a community garden. Can make the area much more healthy and beneficial for the people staying there.

As third benefit of have community gardens within Alberta campgrounds. Is that gardening is an activity. That promotes physical activity. That is healthy, but also one that people of all ages and abilities can engage in.

Gardening is also an activity that is relaxing. Rewarding, and can be positive for people’s mental health. As they engage in this activity in while on vacation. They are working their body, their mind.

And are able to enjoy some healthy produce as a reward for their activity. If people would like to introduce their children. Or experience gardening themselves for the first time.

They can contact elevated experience camping. Either by phone or on their website. To reserve their campsite. In order to have an incredibly unique, and fun camping vacation.

Alberta Campgrounds | Combining Gardening Together With Camping

Many people may not consider combining gardening with camping in Alberta campgrounds. However, that is exactly what elevated experience camping has done. There are many benefits of a community garden.

That will apply to elevated experience camping. Because community gardening, can happen in a campground. Just as much as it can happen in a city or a town. However, a traditional garden in Alberta campgrounds.

Is very risky. Because anyone who has been to a campground in this province. Is likely going to have seen the wide variety of wildlife. That would be more than happy. To snack on the plants. In addition to the vegetables that they find. From the small animals like rabbits and skunks. To large animals like deer and moose.

A traditional garden, would not be the best type of garden. And even though many people might say. They could easily erect a fence. They do not want to put up a fence for many reasons.

For example, animals can dig under the fence. Or, simply wait for the opportunity. For an unattended gate. To be open for more than just a few seconds. And enter the garden.

Once the gate is closed. That effectively closes the animal in. Who will be able to destroy the garden in just a few days. However, another reason why they do not want to erect a fence.

Is because if it is not the most advantageous area. For their garden to be. Having the garden planted with the fence up. Makes it that much harder to move. To a different area, might be better sun exposure.

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Therefore, elevated experience camping. Have built these custom garden beds. That are raised up. It will eliminate the problem of having the smaller animals. Pillage the plants and vegetables on the ground.

But also, because their custom garden beds. Have a fence built in. That is made of mesh that the sun can shine through. But larger vegetable predators like deer. Would not be able to get to the garden.

People could access it quite easily. By opening a latch, and spinning one side open on hinges. Exit easy for the people to get that. The water, fertilize and weed garden. And harvest the vegetables.

Another reason why raised garden beds for Alberta campgrounds is so beneficial. Is because the raised aspect, will make it easy. For people of all ages and abilities. To spend time in the garden.

Weeding, watering and harvesting the vegetables. Even if they have the physical limitation. And are unable to bend down, or kneel down to a traditional garden. People may have loved gardening.

But are unable to do it now. Because their body will not let them. People may never have tried gardening. Because of the physical limitation. That now have the ability to tried out for the first time.

When people are interested. In gardening on their summer vacation. Or, eating fresh produce on their summer vacation. Or showing their kids where their food comes from. A vacation to elevated experience camping is in order.