Alberta Campgrounds | Community Gardens Inside A Campsite


Alberta Campgrounds | Community Gardens Inside A Campsite

A new feature, coming to Alberta campgrounds at elevated experience camping. Our community gardens, in the form of raised garden beds. There are many benefits of a community garden.

Alberta Campgrounds

And anyone coming to this campground to stay. Will be able to enjoy these benefits. One of the first benefit of having a community gardens. Whether they are located in Alberta campgrounds or not.

Is that they help reduce negative community impacts. There are several ways this happens, including promoting sustainability within the community. Promoting and bringing an awareness to agriculture.

It reduces food transportation costs. Because people can simply grow the food that they are eating. As well as reduces water runoff. Which impacts the nutrients in the soil, for future gardens.

It also helps bring communities together. By inspiring them to work side-by-side. Towards the same goal, as well as learn about. Topics such as food sustainability. It can be quite inspiring.

However, another fantastic benefit. Of community gardens, is that they help improve, overall. The soil and air quality. Such as taking in the carbon dioxide, that come from vehicles and buildings.

And turning them into oxygen. In fact, the more plants that are around. The more oxygen that people will have in the area. And the more healthy people can be.

As well, people may understand. That there is a problem with waste in a community. And community gardens can actually decrease that waste. Because a loss of the byproducts of the garden.

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Can be composted, so that it keeps that waste. Out of the landfills. But also, as the compost is created. It can go back into the garden beds. In order to maintain the health of the community garden.

Another reason why people enjoy having community gardens. There they are in Alberta campgrounds or not. Is because it increases the communities access to fresh food. Which then, reduces food insecurity.

People who have a hard time making ends meet. Can benefit. From having instant access. To fresh fruit and vegetables, that are much more healthy for them. Then the cheaper, less nutritional options at the grocery store.

Finally, community gardens have been linked to a reduced crime rate. In the neighbourhoods that have them. This is because it eliminates the expenses of vacant lands. That are in an area, and neighbourhoods.

Criminals like to gather at places. That are empty. And by eliminating empty areas. By turning them into community gardens. Where the community gathers, and works together.

Is very fundamental, and helping eliminate the area. Where crime can take place. It also helps increase communities economic prospects. Because they often will need to hire volunteers for the garden.

And people may also take excess food. That they are not going to eat, and sell them at a farmers market.

Gardening is great for people’s mental health. It is both relaxing, and rewarding. Therefore, it is an new activity. That people at believe West campground, run by elevated experience camping will get to enjoy this year.

Alberta Campgrounds | Community Gardens

Most people do not associate community gardens with Alberta campgrounds. But that is exactly what they are going to be able to enjoy this year. At elevated experience camping, five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

However, while some community gardens that are built into the ground. They decided to build raised garden beds. For many reasons, that they feel is a much better option. For their campers.

One of the first, and most obvious benefits. Of a raised garden bed. Is that it prevents scavenging. From squirrels, mice and rabbits. There are even some foxes in the area. Who would steal fresh vegetables.

If they had the opportunity. However, the fact that they are raised. Means that these vegetable predators. Will naturally, not be able to get at them. Protecting the vegetables for the campers.

Although, it is not just squirrels, rabbits and foxes. That are going to be snacking on delicious vegetables. At these Alberta campgrounds, they routinely get deer who would love nothing more than fresh vegetables.

In order to combat that. They are building fences. On the edges of all of the raised garden beds. In order to protect the vegetables, from all of the animals. Who wander through the campground. And may want to snack on them.

However, there are many other benefits. Of raised garden beds. That people should be aware of. Such as it is much easier. For people to read and harvest the garden. Because they will have to stoop down.

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Putting a strain on their back, as well as their needs. In order to get rid of weeds. Or harvest some of the delicious fruit and vegetables. That way, people will be able to enjoy the activity more.

Which is shown to be amazing for people’s mental health. They can also water the raised garden beds much more easily. And since it is raised, it can help promote effective drainage of the soil.

So that not only will the garden not be overwater to. But it can also avoid soil borne fungal diseases. That can settle in very quickly. And destroy entire plants, and the harvest. At the Alberta campgrounds.

That are building them, Willie West camping, run by elevated experience camping. They are built out of plywood, but most raised garden beds. Can be made out of almost any material. From plastic, to outlets.

And even tractor tires, just to name a few things. They can be any size, and be put anywhere. Making having a garden. Much more accessible to most people. When people visit elevated experience camping this year.

They be able to access the community, raised gardens. And as long as they pay attention to some simple rules. Such as closing the gate when they enter, and as they leave. Putting materials back where they found them.

And respecting the vegetables, and plants. People will be able to enjoy having fresh vegetables. During their camping trip. Reducing the cost of their groceries. And giving them some healthy food on their camping vacation.