Alberta Campgrounds | Dos and Don’ts of Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Dos And Don’ts of Camping

Thousands of people every year flock to Alberta campgrounds to enjoy some vacation close to home. And the number of campers that arrive each year increases. Aching it very important that all campers know best practices on how to coexist peacefully together.

This means being able to not only respect to the campground that they are in. But respecting each other. And the space that they are in, can help ensure that all campers are having a great time camping. Regardless of the reason why they are there.

Some campers are going to get away from the rat race of their typical life. And others are getting away to able to party and have fun with their friends. Both types of campers will be able to achieve this. As long as they respect some simple rules. For example, respecting the campgrounds quiet time is of paramount importance.

This quiet time is put in place so that campers who want to go to sleep, or who have children that have a bedtime. Can enjoy some quieter times to fall asleep and stay asleep.

This does not mean that people who want to stay up later than that have to go to bed. They can continue to stay up and visit and have fun. And enjoy their campfire. However, they do need to keep the level of noise to a minimum.


This means that if campers have a stereo playing music. That this gets turned off. And that they keep the volume of their voices to a minimum. This way, the people who want to stay up late can do so. While the campers that need some additional sleep can get that as well.

In addition to respecting the quiet hours of the Alberta campgrounds. Other campers should respect people’s spaces as well. A campsite is the home of the camper while they are there. And so everyone needs to be very respectful of that. Avoid taking shortcuts through people’s campsites. Whether they are in the Say that the time or not.

Not only can people potentially cause damage to their equipment. But it is disrespectful to them. They may come face-to-face with an animal that has been brought camping. Who may react in an unexpected way. When they are suddenly startled by a stranger.

Being respectful of other people’s spaces also means being mindful when people are walking past campsites either on a trail or on a road.

Being respectful also means helping pick up after themselves. And not letting it or blow away from their campsite. Or throwing cigarette butts on the ground. Not only can this start fires if it is a cigarette butt. And attract animals, if it is food garbage. But it also minimizes the beauty of the campground.

If all campers are very mindful to pick up after themselves. But also be mindful to pick up any trash they see. Can help ensure that they are keeping the Alberta campground that they are visiting clean so that everyone can enjoy the facility.

Alberta Campgrounds | Dos And Don’ts of Camping

It is extremely important for campers to understand some basic rules and respect when visiting Alberta campgrounds this summer. They may be coming to a campground in order to get away from their busy life. But getting away does not mean they have to forget all of the rules as well.

By understanding what some important things they can do to help ensure they are respecting other campers. As well as what to avoid. Can help ensure that they are keeping the campgrounds safe and clean not only for their visit. But for the visit of other campers all summer long.

Campers should avoid bringing their own firewood from home. Not just because Alberta campgrounds will have firewood for use or for sale. But because people might inadvertently be bringing pests or diseases in with them. Especially if they do not know where the firewood that they got came from.

Pests such as pine beetles can live on firewood, and transferred to the forest surrounding the Alberta campgrounds very easily. In pine beetles are responsible for causing widespread damage to pine trees across the province.

Dutch Elm disease is a very contagious tree disease. That can arrive on firewood, and then cause widespread damage not only to the campground, but to the forest surrounding it as well.


When campers avoid bringing in their own firewood. They are ensuring that they are maintaining the integrity of the wilderness surrounding the campground. So that it can be untouched for future visits.

Something else that is very important for campers to do before they even arrive at a campsite. His be very mindful of how they are packing their food. Perishable foods should go in an airtight and sealable cooler.

And non-perishable food should also be put away. This is to minimize the incidences of attracting wildlife who might be attracted to the smell of the food.

They should prepare food and eat it in a timely manner. And then throw out all garbage that was generated quickly. And in a wildlife proof garbage bin. That will be found throughout the Alberta campgrounds.

By doing this, campers can avoid attracting wildlife into the campgrounds. That not only could cause damage, or injure people. But keep them from potentially harming themselves as well. The more wildlife is attracted into the campgrounds. The harder it is to keep them away. It is why campers need to be very mindful of this.

This is true for pet food as well. Campers who have their pets with them. Should bring that pet food in a sealable container. And feed their pat on a schedule. To avoid having that food sitting out all day long. Potential he attracting wildlife.

When campers understand some basic rules. They can ensure that they have a great time. And are not impeding on other campers ability to have fun as well. While everyone ensures that they are maintaining the cleanliness of the facilities. So that all campers can enjoy the area in the future.