Alberta Campgrounds | Eat Fresh Produce While Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Eat Fresh Produce While Camping

There are many benefits that people can enjoy while staying at the Alberta campgrounds. And that elevated experience camping manages. They have brought wide variety of services and amenities.

Alberta Campgrounds

That makes their Alberta campgrounds that they manage. Very popular because there is literally something for everyone. This year, people who are spending time at elevated experience are going to enjoy.

Community Gardens, that they can use. Both for gardening, and getting produce. To supplement their camping diets. There are many benefits of having a community garden even in Alberta campgrounds.

That people should be aware of, because it can help ensure. That they make the right choice, when choosing which campground to visit. They are going to spend their summer vacation in.

One of the first of benefits. Of having a community garden, is reducing many different negative community impacts. Such as helping promote food sustainability, and increase access to fresh food.

Bring an overall awareness. To the agricultural system. Helping people develop an appreciation. For the effort it takes for food to get onto their plates. Helping the community reduce food transportation costs.

Because by growing, and consuming their own fresh produce. Reduces their reliance on tract in produce. That has travelled for hundreds of miles. With produce that has sat for weeks at this point.

That is less nutritional because of the time it takes to arrive. Another benefit that the community can have. Is bringing the community together. To reclaim expansive vacant lands.

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That often become a place for criminal activity. But when communities gather. And grow a garden in that spot. Criminal activity is chased away. another community benefit of having gardens.

Even gardens located in campgrounds. Is that it can help reduce neighbourhood waste. By having a composting pile. So that it eliminates the amount of waste periods that goes into a landfill.

And the compost, can then be put back into community garden. To promote healthy vegetable growth for the next year. However, the benefits of a community garden do not stop there.

A community garden can promote great environmental benefits. Such as improving the air quality. Because the more plants there are, the faster they can convert carbon dioxide.

That we exhale, as well as our vehicles emit. And converted into oxygen, that we can then breathe. The air is actually cleaner where there is more plants. But as well, a garden can improve soil quality in addition to that.

The reason why, is because a garden can prevent soil erosion. As the root systems, will prevent soil from being washed away. It can also prevent water runoff. Which also takes nutrients with it.

Because the water will then be trapped by the soil and roots of the plants. And then, the plants will use them to grow big and strong. There are so many benefits of having a community garden.

That having them at elevated experience camping is literally a no-brainer. It will help people have healthy produce. And a cleaner environment to enjoy for their vacation.

Alberta Campgrounds | The Easiest Way To Eat Fresh Produce Camping

When people visit Alberta campgrounds that are managed by elevated experience camping this year. They get to look forward to a new amenity, in a raised bed community garden.

While there are many community benefits. To a garden like this, there are many benefits to people as well. They are going to be able to spend time in the garden themselves.

But also, they will be able to harvest some of the vegetables. That they can take back to their campsite. And enjoy, alongside their typical camping meals. Of hotdogs, hamburgers and s’mores.

However, before they can start planting their garden. They have to solve the problem. Of how to eliminate. The animals, that frequent their campgrounds. From destroying the plants.

Anyone who is spent time at elevated experience camping. Will know, that rabbits, foxes and skunks for example. Live in the area. And will very happily, eat through an entire garden. In a short amount of time.

Putting a fence around garden. May seem like a great solution. However, these animals can squeeze under a fence. And burrow under one. Or sneak in, while someone has left an open gate. Unattended for even a few seconds.

Therefore, the solution that elevated experience camping has thought of for their Alberta campgrounds. Our raised garden beds. This consult the problem of small animals destroying their plants and hard work.

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However, that does not solve the problem. Of animals like deer, eating the plants. Which is why they created their garden beds. With very tall barriers. That allow the sunlight in. But will keep the deer, and moose out.

When people are going to spend time. Gardening such as watering, weeding and fertilizing the plans. They will be able to open up a latch. And swing open one side, on hinges.

This raised garden, will ensure that people can protect the garden. Against critters that would love to eat the food. But also, making it easier. For people to access the plants. And can weed, water and fertilize.

Without hunching down. In fact, many campers might be very interested. In gardening, in a raised bed. Because they love gardening. But had to give it up, because of their sore body.

Or people, may be interested in trying gardening. Because that they were never able to. Due to a physical limitation. But the community beds. That are raised up, will allow them the opportunity they never had.

When they have put some time and, they are able to harvest few vegetables. As long as they take only what they can eat. Everything back for they founded it. And close up the garden when they are done.

If like to try gardening. Share with their children, where their food comes from. Or enjoying an activity that they have enjoyed for many years. All they have to do is get to the Alberta campgrounds that elevated experience camping manages. And reserve camping spot, to be able to enjoy gardening on vacation.