Alberta Campgrounds | Eat Healthy This Summer


Alberta Campgrounds | Eat Healthy This Summer

Often, when people spend time in Alberta campgrounds. They are looking forward to a camping menu. Of hotdogs, hamburgers, potato chips. Pop, and s’mores just name a few things.

Alberta Campgrounds

This is often because it is difficult to travel with vegetables and fruit. There is limited room inside of a cooler. And these types of food can get bruised and damaged as well.

This is why elevated experience camping has made a decision. To bring something completely unique to their campground this year. They have built a community garden for everyone to enjoy.

There are many benefits of having a community garden. Such as promoting sustainability. Bringing unawareness to agriculture. And helping people understand. How their food gets from farm to plate.

It can help reduce food transportation costs, and reduce waste. Through composting in the garden. But that is just the beginning. Alberta campgrounds that have a community garden will also enjoy.

Benefits such as improved soil and air quality. Simply because plants breathe in the carbon dioxide that humans, and cars emit. And they convert that carbon dioxide into oxygen. Making the air a better quality to breathe then.

Even if people do not want to spend any time in the community garden. And there simply going to the Alberta campgrounds to rest and have fun. They will benefits, by having better air to breathe while there.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Because having a community garden. Whether it is in a city, a town. Or whether the community garden is in Alberta campgrounds. The community itself will benefit.

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Can reduce crime neighbourhoods. Because it eliminates a bare expanse of land. That can often attract criminal activity. Because putting a garden on that land. Means that it is now being used.

But also, because the community will be coming together. On that patch of land to garden. Therefore, it is less welcoming for criminal activities. Other benefits of having a community garden.

Increases communities economic prospects. Something that is also true for elevated experience camping. As they welcome a food truck to their campsite for the first time this year.

While they offered pizza delivery last year. They are adding a food truck service. To sell hot and delicious meals. In the afternoon to early evening. From Thursday, to Saturday at the campground.

The food truck is actually a non-for profit organization. That they have allowed access to the campground. And since it is non-for profit. They wanted to help out. Therefore, they are donating some of the produce.

From their community garden, to this food truck. In order to help keep their food costs down. Since they will be selling delicious hot food to their guests who are staying at their campground.

They wanted to make sure that they had low food costs. Therefore when people visit elevated experience camping this year. Not only will they get the opportunity to buy delicious meals.

They will also have the opportunity. To relax in the community garden. Weeding, watering and harvesting. Some of the delicious and healthy food to enjoy while staying there.

Alberta Campgrounds | Eat Healthy This Summer

While many people do not necessarily associate camping in Alberta campgrounds. With healthy eating, as many people tend to bring. Hotdogs, hamburgers and potato chips with them on their camping vacation.

Some vegetables, have never hurt anyone. And people can enjoy a bit of variety to their diet. When they stay at elevated experience camping. This year, in addition to many other new amenities that are on offer.

They are bringing in raised garden beds. So that guests can enjoy gardening if they choose. And also, enjoy some of the fruits of their labours. By being able to harvest some of the vegetables for their own.

However, anyone who has visited Alberta campgrounds. They recognize that there are a lot of animals. That could wreak havoc in a garden. Such as mice, rabbits, skunks and foxes.

As well as larger animals like deer and moose. A traditional garden, in the ground. Would be very difficult to eliminate those pests. Even if they build the fence, it would be too hard.

To ensure that all of these animals would stay out. And if they happened to find their way in. And the gate was closed behind them. They would actually be trapped inside the garden.

Which will allow them the opportunity. To destroy the garden in a very short amount of time. This is why they have decided to build raised garden beds. Because many of the smaller animals.

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Will not be able to get into the garden. To eat the vegetables, the plants and destroy it. While this will not stop deer or moose. Elevated experience camping also built large barriers. That are tall enough.

To stop these large animals. From getting into the garden. But will also allow the sun in, and can be opened. Very easily, by opening a latch, and swinging these barriers aside, on hinges.

Other benefits of having raised garden beds. Instead of traditional gardens, and the ground. Is that it is much more accessible, to a wider variety of people. Many people love gardening, but are unable to.

Because they have a physical limitation. Such as a sore back, or bad knees. Therefore, they would not be able to spend time weeding, watering or harvesting. In a traditional garden, but could in a raised garden.

Therefore, to make it more accessible to everyone. They made raised garden beds. But there are more benefits to a raised garden bed. Then just making it more accessible to more people. And keeping out pests.

Another benefit, is that a raised garden in the Alberta campground. Is easier to keep healthy. Overwatering a garden. Can lead to root rot. Or soilborne fungal diseases. Because the water cannot drain enough.

However, the raised nature of the garden beds. Promotes more drainage. And the soil only holds onto the water that the plants need. Therefore, the plants will be more successful, to ensure more people enjoy them.