Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy A Summer Of Cycling


Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy A Summer Of Cycling

While biking, in Alberta campgrounds. Is a popular pastime. It something that can only be enjoyed. By a few people, because it is difficult. To bring bicycles, along with extensive camping gear.

Alberta Campgrounds

This is why elevated experience camping. Decided to add something new. To their already impressive list of amenities. At their Alberta campgrounds this year. While last year, they brought in mountain bikes.

This year, they have brought in. A different style of bike. That is easier, for a wide variety of people to operate. These recumbent bicycles, are great for beginners. People who have joint pain.

People who have injuries, have difficulty balancing. Or people who are unable to get on a traditional bicycle. The first thing that people will notice is different about these bicycles.

Is that they have four wheels, instead of two. Which makes them considerably more stable. Than a standard bicycle. People with stability issues. Or, who have balance issues are simply unable.

To operate a typical bike. That is on two wheels, and can tip to one side or the other. Also, children who have not yet learned how to ride a bike. Will have no problems. Operating this recumbent bicycle.

The next thing that people will notice that is different. About these bicycles. Is that they have a bucket style seats. Instead of a saddle seat. That is extremely uncomfortable for most people to sit on.

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This bucket seat means that people with hip issues. Are able to comfortably sit in this bike. And that no matter how long people ride for. They are not going to have any pain.

Or, fall out of the seat for any reason. This makes it a lot more accessible. To a wider variety of people. Who may want to enjoy some biking. In Alberta campgrounds on their summer vacation.

The bucket seat is also fully adjustable. Being able to be moved so close. That young children can reach the pedals. But also so that tall adults. Will be able to pedal the bicycle comfortably as well.

Finally, the last change that this bike has. Over a standard bicycle. Is that instead of handlebars. It has a steering wheel. Which is much easier to learn to operate. People who have been riding bikes their entire life.

May not realize how difficult handlebars are. And are not very intuitive to steer. And the wheel, means that people of all ages. Who have never ridden a bike before. Will be able to command excellent control of this vehicle.

When people love bicycling. As well as visiting various campgrounds. They will not have to worry. About how they are going to get to their bicycle to the campground this year. All they will have to do.

Is simply make a reservation, at elevated experience camping. This is a camp ground, located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. In a beautiful, and picturesque river valley.

On the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. Offering not only many different types of bicycling terrain to enjoy. But many different amenities in addition.

Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy An Entire Summer Of Cycling

When people visit Alberta campgrounds, they often would love to bring their bicycles. But have no room with all of their camping gear. And this is unfortunate, because in most campgrounds.

There are many different types of terrain, that cycling is perfect for. This is why elevated experience camping. Has brought bikes to the campers. In many different bike rentals that they offer.

Biking is not just a great physical activity. It has known mental health benefits as well. It is a cardio activity, and cardio is great for the heart. That people can improve their heart, simply by biking for ten minutes.

Cardio is great, because it improves heart health. And in just ten minutes once a week. People can lower instances of strokes, as well as heart attacks. And reduce their high blood pressure.

In just ten minutes once a week. People can also increase muscle mass. And leg strength. By exercising their quads, glutes, hamstrings and calves. In just one activity.

By exercising these muscles. People can boost their circulation. Which helps them feel awake. And, it can help them increase their metabolism. So that they can burn more calories. Even when they are done biking.

People who bike before breakfast. Which is easy in Alberta campgrounds. Because setting up breakfast, often requires building a fire. People can burn fat, enhance their endurance. As well as boost energy.

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And will continue burning calories. Long after they are done cycling for the day. And while biking is extremely healthy for their body. Biking is also extremely healthy for mental health as well.

The endorphins that are released as people bike. Can help lower stress levels, and improve people’s mood. And while the endorphins are racing around a person’s body. They are less likely to feel depression.

Biking also is great for people’s mental health. Because it forces people to focus on the here and now. Allowing them to be more aware, and in the moment. And can improve concentration.

And many people who bike consistently. Can concentrate easier with time. The fact that biking is so great. Means that when people engage in biking. When they are on vacation in Alberta campgrounds.

Not only will they have the mental health benefits. Of being surrounded by soothing sights and sounds. Of nature, in a gorgeous river valley. That also will help relieve their stress levels.

When they add biking to their repertoire. They can continue to relax. Improve their mental health. And, improve their physical health as well. When people want to go camping and biking together.

But they simply have no room to bring their bike. They should check out elevated experience camping right away. Because as a popular campsite, they often sell out.

And people should get the experience that they desire. The recommendation is for people to book now, and avoid disappointment.