Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy Gardening While Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy Gardening While Camping

What better way to get acquainted with gardening, then to visit Alberta campgrounds? This is a project that elevated experience camping is bringing to its guests this summer.

Alberta Campgrounds

While some people may not realize. That camping provides a great opportunity. To learn about gardening. They have decided to bring in a community garden to elevated experience camping.

For many different reasons. First of all, the garden will be for the community. But also, will be supporting the not-for-profit food truck. That will be operating during the week at Drayton Valley.

And on the weekend, within the Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping. This will ensure that they can provide extremely nutritious. But also delicious food on the food truck.

And keep their food costs down, by utilizing this source of fresh vegetables. It is something that they guests of the campground, will also be able to access. As long as they follow some very simple rules.

Such as putting things back where they find them. Closing the gates of the garden once they leave. And respecting the garden, and harvesting it carefully. And respectfully.

This way, people will be able to have fresh vegetables. During their camping visit. While camping is typically hamburgers, and hotdogs. As well as chips and other less nutritious foods.

Having access to free, fresh vegetables. Can give people a welcome option. Partway through their stay. However, the benefits of having a community garden. Go much farther than nutrition.

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When a community garden is operating, whether in Alberta campgrounds. In a city or town, or somewhere else. It can bring lots of positive changes to the community.

And reduce negative community impacts. It will promote food sustainability, and bringing awareness to the agricultural industry. A community garden can also reduce food transportation costs. As it will eliminate the need.

To truck so much food in, from hundreds of miles away. That will then sit in a grocery store. For days, or weeks before it is purchased and consumed. Another benefit of a community garden.

Is that it actually improves the air quality. By making the air more breathable. By helping filter out the carbon dioxide. And putting more oxygen back into the air. The more plants there are, the better the air quality is.

Community gardens can also reduce the neighbourhood waste. By ensuring compostable byproducts. Our composted, and then turned back into soil. That can be put back into the community garden.

Community gardens have been linked to reduced crime in neighbourhoods. Because it brings a community together. As well as eliminates expenses of vacant land. And helps increase.

Communities and economic prospects. By hiring people to work the land if they are not enough volunteers. And ensuring people can go to a farmers market. To sell produce that they cannot eat themselves.

And thereby, earning money. On their hard work. So that they are healthier, from the food that they are eating. Healthier because they are exercising more. Taking care of the garden. And are earning money from this is well.

Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoy Gardening And Camping

There are many outdoor activities that people can enjoy in many campgrounds. However, this year at Willie West Campground. It run by elevated experience camping, guests will get to enjoy the experience of gardening.

Many people may not see the correlation between camping and gardening. However, it is truly a wonderful fit. Not only will there be ample room, in this expansive campground.

To have vegetable gardens. But also, it can help ensure. That people have access. To fresh vegetables. During their stay. That they might not have brought with them from home.

It can be difficult enough packing a cooler for a week long stay while camping. And people may leave the vegetables at home. However, at the Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping.

People do not have to choose between the two. They can simply visit the community garden. And have fresh cooked vegetables for dinner. Or a fresh garden salad for lunch.

However, at elevated experience camping. They did not just plant a garden in the ground. They build raised garden beds, that have many benefits. And can make gardening more accessible to more people.

One of the obvious benefits of the raised garden beds. Is the fact that people will have an easier time. Weeding, watering, and harvesting from this type garden. Making it more accessible to all.

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Have to bend down, hurting their knees, and their back. Trying to access the vegetables. Put some time in weeding or watering. Another benefit of having raised garden bed. Rather than the traditional garden.

Is that it makes it difficult. If not impossible for rodents to get into. The garden and destroy it, by eating all of the vegetables and plants. Not only mice, squirrels and rabbits.

Could get at a traditional garden if there was no fence around it. Also foxes, and skunks. Would be more than happy to help themselves. To a vegetable garden, if they had the opportunity.

Therefore, just the fact that they are raised beds. Will eliminate the risk. Of having these creatures pilfer the vegetables. However, something else that people might know frequent Alberta campgrounds.

Include dear, who would be more than happy. To help themselves to vegetables. On the ground, or in a raised garden bed as well. Which is why elevated experience camping has built a large gate.

On the edge of every raised garden bed. So that the sun can get in, but when people are ready to weed, water or harvest the plants. They can open a latch, and access the plants quite easily.

People this year, wincing at the Alberta campgrounds of elevated experience camping. Will be able to enjoy the relaxing, and rewarding activity of gardening. Not only is it good for their overall health.

Because of the exercise, and consuming fresh vegetables is nutritious. But because it is great for people’s mental health to do some gardening as well.