Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoying Benefits Of Community Gardens


Alberta Campgrounds | Enjoying Benefits Of Community Gardens

This year, at elevated experience camping in their Alberta campgrounds. They have community gardens. That will not only is support the operation’s ask watch food truck. But that their campers are welcome to enjoy.

Alberta Campgrounds

Many people may not think. That camping, and community gardens go together. But elevated experience thinks otherwise. Ensuring that they are going to get fresh vegetables.

During their stay at the camp ground. And enjoying all of the benefits of a community garden as well. Even if they never head into the garden. In order to harvest some vegetables for themselves.

There are many benefits to community gardens. Both for people individually, and their health. And the community at large. Even if that community happens to be a summer campground.

Community Gardens actually reduce many different negative community impacts. Such as when way, is through promoting food sustainability and agriculture. This can help ensure that there is enough food in the community.

It also reduces food transportation costs. Because in a community that has a garden. They will have to get as many grocery products. Trucked in, from hundreds of miles away.

That will then, sit in a grocery store. For weeks, losing nutrients. Instead, they can head to the community garden. And harvest enough vegetables for their dinner. Not spend a dime.

And have more nutritious vegetables to eat for the day. Another positive benefit to the community. That a community garden brings, is it helps reduce water runoff. Many people may not realize.

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But when there are no plants growing in the ground. It makes it easier for the rain to wash away nutrients. From the soil, which renders the soil less beneficial for growing plants in the future.

Therefore, by having a community garden. The soil remains full of nutrients. And the waste from the garden. Such as weeds, and the offcuts of the vegetables. Can be composted.

Which will then, turn into soil. That can be put back into the garden beds. It helping ensure that they stay healthy and full of nutrients. Another benefit of community garden, is not just to the environment.

A benefit of community gardens as well. Is the fact that it is going to ensure. That people have cleaner air to breathe. Plants actually breathe in carbon dioxide. Which is what humans exhale.

Therefore, they keep the air clean. But when plants exhale, they breathe out oxygen. Which is what the breathe in. Therefore, keeping humans healthy through clean air.

But beneficial to the community at large as well. It brings communities together. As they will gather, and garden together. Learning about how to care for vegetables. And being sustainable.

This is just one more reason. Why people should be visiting the Alberta campgrounds that elevated experience camping operates. They are going to be able to have fresh fruits and vegetables.

Teach their children about sustainability. And benefit from cleaner air. If people would like more information. Or if they would like to book their summer vacation here. All they have to do is visit the website or call to make a reservation. At Alberta campgrounds, Elevated Experience Camping.

Alberta Campgrounds | Great Benefits Of Community Gardens

Although people typically have not heard of community gardens in Alberta campgrounds. This is an new initiative that elevated experience camping. Is offering the people that come to stay in their campground this year.

However, they do not just have a community garden. They are putting in raised garden beds. Because there are many benefits that they will have. Rather than a traditional, garden in the ground.

One of the first things that anyone who has stayed at Alberta campgrounds will notice. Is that there are many different forms of wildlife. That they are typically going to see during their stay.

From ground squirrels, mice and rabbits. Even foxes, or skunks. Would pilfer a community garden. If they had the opportunity. And while building fences can keep critters out.

It is extremely hard. To ensure that an animal. Does not burrow under the fence. Worse sneak in, while somebody is coming or going. If someone accidentally leaves the gate open.

They might inadvertently lock in critter, who will eat as many vegetables. As they possibly can, doing a lot of damage in a very small amount of time. This is why they have decided to build raised garden beds.

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It will ensure that these smaller creatures, rabbits, squirrels, foxes and skunks. Are not going to be able to reach the vegetables. In a raised garden bed. However, that does not mean dear will not be able to access them.

Which is why they are building a tall mesh fence around the raised garden beds. That people simply have to open a latch, and swing the door of the fence open. To access the raised garden beds.

That way, it is going to be much easier. To keep out all of the animals. Who would love fresh vegetables, is much as their human counterparts. That will ensure that there is many vegetables as possible.

To feed the campers staying in the Alberta campgrounds. As well as help support the food truck, that will be using some of the vegetables. In order to support the groceries needed for their menu.

Another benefit of having a raised garden bed. Is that it can ensure. That water runs off more easily. To prevent overwatering. And avoid soilborne fungal diseases. That can happen more easily in gardens in the ground.

A raised garden bed is also going to be much easier to weed and harvest. As people do not have to bend or hunched down. Hurting their back, and their knees in the process. Not only will this make gardening more enjoyable.

But it can be amazing for people’s mental health. As well as being relaxing, and rewarding. When people are ready to go camping somewhere, or they can show their kids great examples. And learn themselves. Going to elevated experience camping, is the easiest decision they can make this summer.