Alberta Campgrounds | Experience Gardening This Year


Alberta Campgrounds | Experience Gardening This Year

While many people may not equate camping to gardening, in Alberta campgrounds. It is a match made in heaven, according to elevated experience camping. This is one of the newest amenities.

Alberta Campgrounds

That they will be bringing into the Willie West campground that they manage. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. There are many benefits that they believe will come in to the campground.

By having a community garden. One of the first things that they will be able to do. When they have a community garden. His be able to give back to the community. For example, a non-for-profit food truck.

That is going to be operating at their campground on the weekends. Which is called operation Sasquatch. Requires all the help that they can get. Therefore, elevated experience camping.

That has a proven track record of wanting to help community members. And other organizations like this. Wanted to be able. To help them get the produce they needed. To cook their delicious menu.

However, the benefits of having a community garden. Extended well beyond giving away the produce to a non-for profit. It is also going to give campers, coming to their Alberta campgrounds the opportunity.

To get their hands dirty so to speak. Gardening in their community garden beds. And learning about agriculture, while being able. To take some of the vegetables that they have worked with. Acta their campsite for a meal.

This is going to be a great addition. To their typical camping menu. Of hot dogs, hamburgers and chips. Often, people overlook vegetables. Because of how hard they are to pack and keep while camping.

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But also, many people will get to experience gardening. Who never have done this before. Or will get to enjoy the activity. That they love, but have not been able to do for years.

Some of the community benefits, that will come to the Alberta campgrounds. Brought by the community gardens. Include helping the community reduce the negative impacts. By promoting sustainability.

Helping people learn about the agricultural process. And what it takes to bring their food to their plate. As well as reducing the communities food transportation costs. When they grow what they eat.

They will depend less often, on grocery store food. Brought in by trucks, that trouble for hundreds of miles. That have produced, that has been sitting for weeks at a time.

Not only does this truck in vegetables. Lose a lot of their nutrients. But they also lose a lot of their taste as well. Another benefit of community garden, is helping the community learn how to work together.

And learn about food sustainability. While helping establish access to fresh food. And reducing many people’s food insecurity. While a community garden is great for the community.

It is also fantastic for the environment. Helping put oxygen back in the air. After converting the carbon dioxide that humans as well as vehicles emit.

Gardens also reduce water runoff, prevent soil erosion. And can ensure that the natural resources are used. So that they are not lost in the long run. When people are ready to enjoy gardening while camping. Elevated experience camping is the answer.

Alberta Campgrounds | Experience Gardening For The First Time This Year

When people visit elevated experience, located within Alberta campgrounds. They are going to have a unique experience this year. Because they will be able to access community gardens. This is brand-new this year. And there are many benefits.

However, before they could bring the garden. Into their Alberta campgrounds. They had to solve the problem of what to do. About the animals, that would be more than happy. To eat the vegetables.

And destroy the plants. Anyone who has spent any amount of time. In any Alberta campgrounds will realize. They are teeming with wildlife. From small animals like mice, squirrels and rabbits.

To larger animals like foxes, and skunks for example. And large animals. Like deer and moose. The answer, to protecting the garden from scavengers. Is raised garden beds.

While this makes it impossible for small animals like rabbits and skunks to pillage the garden. This did not provide enough protection. Against Tolle are garden predators like deer and moose.

This means, many hours when into creating a barrier. Let the sun through. Would be able to be put on hinges. So that people could access the garden. But finally, something that would prevent.

The larger garden predators access to this area. This is beneficial, because they found the solution. And now, confidently can bring raised garden beds. To the campers, and glamper’s that will be spending time within their campground.

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Another benefit of having raised garden beds, is that it is more accessible. For people who want to spend time in the garden. Perhaps they are unable to bend over due to an injury. Or they have a limitation.

That prevents them from engaging in traditional gardening. These people will also be able to experience gardening. In a slightly modified way. As well, this can be a great opportunity for parents to teach their children.

About where their food comes from. So that they are able to appreciate. What it takes to get the food that they eat from the garden, to the plate. However, there are other benefits of raised gardens.

Beyond just providing gardening opportunities. And fresh produce to the people staying within the Alberta campgrounds. Raised garden beds are also great for the environment.

And great for the vegetables in the garden. By promoting water runoff. So that the roots do not become waterlogged. And helping them avoid soilborne fungal diseases.

That can take anyone who is interested in learning more about gardening. Or who love to garden. And want to spend time doing this favourite activity during the summer. Can access the community gardens.

By reserve camping spot at elevated experience camping. They should visit the website, and book their summer vacation early. Because this popular spot, often sells out for camping reservations throughout the summer.