Alberta Campgrounds | Family Friendly River Fun


Alberta Campgrounds | Family Friendly River Fun

When families are planning on visiting Alberta campgrounds this summer. For their vacation this year. They should check out elevated experience camping. Not just because they are located in the beautiful river valley.

Alberta Campgrounds

But also, because they have a wide variety of amenities. That is sure to please everybody. No matter what their interest is. Or what kinds of things they like to do. Therefore, they can spend some time.

Exploring the river, or the river valley. But then, also have other things. That they can do, to stay interested and engaged. If they are interested in spending time on the river fishing.

Elevated experience camping. Has a boat launch, that is regularly maintained. Therefore, launching watercraft of all kinds. And then recovering them at the end of the day. Is much easier.

Whether people want to put a boat on the river. Such as a motorboat, or fishing boat. To drop some lines in the water. Looking for that elusive fish on the end of their line. Or, if they simply are interested.

In zipping around the lake, enjoying this speed of the motorboat. And the sights and sounds of the river valley. From on the river. People can also launch a canoe or kayaks. For a different adventure.

However, while many Alberta campgrounds. Are located on the banks of the sprawling, 19,000 km North Saskatchewan River. People who are inexperienced kayakers, or inexperienced with a canoe.

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Should practice on a more gentle body of water. Such as the Pembina River. Located just a short distance away. Because the North Saskatchewan River, is known for being quite aggressive in many spots.

Whether people are voting, or fishing. If they are hungry for lunch. They do not have to worry. About first, packing a picnic lunch. They simply need to bring their boat to shore. And then make a short walk.

To the food truck, located in the day use area. The food truck, called the Sasquatch hideaway. Sells gourmet hotdogs, gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. As well as street corn, in several different flavours.

As well as dessert. So that no time needs to be wasted. Packing a picnic lunch, and carting it around. Or, running back to the campsite. To roast hotdogs over an open fire. Before heading back to the river.

Perhaps someone’s idea of a perfect vacation. Is not going to Alberta campgrounds to be on the river. They would love to explore the river valley. There is an interpretive trail at elevated experience camping.

That offers the opportunity. To go hiking, biking on a trail. That runs parallel to the river itself. The interpretive trail markers, detail the vegetation and animals they might see.

If people did not bring their own bikes. They can rent one from elevated experience camping. So that they can see the river valley, from a completely unique viewpoint. The only recommendation is that they book this vacation early.

Since elevated experience camping usually sells out. When people are ready for a great vacation. They should look no further than Drayton Valley for an amazing time.

Alberta Campgrounds | Family Friendly River Fun To Enjoy

Going on vacation with the family to Alberta campgrounds. Is more popular now than ever before. And when it is located next to a river. There are even more activities to enjoy.

When people are looking to go on a camping vacation. Close to river, they should look no further. Then elevated experience camping. This beautiful campground, is centrally located.

Just a quick five minute drive outside of Drayton Valley. Nestled in the beautiful river valley. Right next to the North Saskatchewan River. While this is a very long, sprawling Lake.

The location of elevated experience camping. On the North Saskatchewan River. Means that it is closer to the origin of the river. Which is off of a glacier, located in the national park Banff.

Because it is so close to where the river starts. The water is colder. And perfect for fishing. Whether people are fishing from a boat, or from the shoreline. There are many different fish. That the entire family may catch.

From a variety of trout, like rainbow, bull, brook and brown trout. People can also catch mountain whitefish, sucker fish, northern pike. As well as gold eye, and sturgeon.

People who are fishing. No matter where in Alberta campgrounds they go. Should be aware of what fish they can catch and keep. Such as the northern paid that they might find. And what fish they can keep if they have a license.

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Such as a lot of the whitefish and trout. And what fish they need to catch and release. Which is the sturgeon, which is protected worldwide. Due to their very long maturation rate.

However, if people are not interested in fishing or boating. There still a wide variety of activities. That the entire family can enjoy by, or close to the river. One of the first things that they can rent from elevated experience camping.

Are discovery kits. These are knapsacks, full of all of the equipment. And instructions needed to go on a self-guided adventure. In the river valley by day, as well as by night.

But also, another kit, can help them learn. How to go panning for gold on the North Saskatchewan River. All rivers have trace amounts of gold. And for people who are patient, and lucky enough.

They may even find a small flake of gold. To show for their adventure. If people get hungry, they can head to the food truck. Located in the day use area of the campground.

Or, when they are done there day of adventuring. The next thing that they can do. Is instead of going back to their campsite, and cooking food over an open fire. Is order a pizza.

That will be delivered hot and fresh. Directly to their campsite by the elevated experience staff. This truly is a unique vacation. That people are not going to find at any other Alberta campgrounds this year.