Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening While Camping Is Great


Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening While Camping Is Great

Most people do not necessarily visit Alberta campgrounds to go gardening. And up until now, people really have not had the opportunity. But the visionaries at elevated experience camping. Wanted to bring this experience to their guests for many different reasons.

Alberta Campgrounds

They have decided to create a community garden, that will be multipurpose. Note only will the people running the food truck called operation Sasquatch. Will be able to access the community garden.

So that they will have accessible, economical. And healthy food to support their food truck initiative. But also, the guests of their campground. Will also have access to the vegetables that are grown.

Therefore, people who are staying. Who did not bring vegetables. Can take a reprieve from their hamburger, and hotdog menu. And add some cooked vegetables. Or a salad to their meal plan.

However, the benefit of having a garden in Alberta campgrounds. Is more than just nutritional. There are so many benefits of having not just a garden. But a community garden. Is almost too numerous to mention.

One of the first things that people can enjoy. Whether or not they ever eat any of the fresh vegetables. That are being grown in this amazing community initiative. Is cleaner, fresher air.

Plants breathe in carbon dioxide. Which is what people expel, as well as cars and buildings. When they exhale, they expel oxygen. Which is what people breathe in. Just by increasing the number of plants in an area.

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Can significantly improve the air quality. Making it fresher, and more healthy for people to inhale. Therefore, if they never set foot near the garden. They are going to reap the benefits from it.

However, another benefit of having a community garden. Can help promote food sustainability. And bring an awareness to agriculture. Helping people learn where their food comes from. And who brings it to them.

It can also reduce food transportation costs. Within a community, because if they are growing their own food. They need less vegetables. Being trucked in, from hundreds of miles away. Where they will sit in a grocery store.

For days, or weeks before they are purchased and consumed. Another benefit of a community garden. Is the fact that it can actually reduce water runoff. That robs the soil of its nutrients.

And makes it much more difficult for people to grow things on the land in the future. By having plants in the soil. When the rain comes, the water does not runoff. Taking soil nutrients with it.

It stays where it is, to help make the plants grow. Another, almost secondary benefits. Of having a community garden. Whether they are in Alberta campgrounds or not. Is decreasing crime.

Having a garden, on a vacant expanse of land. Can help ensure that criminals are less likely to conduct criminal activity there. Because communities are coming together, to farm that land.

When people would like the opportunity. To learn a bit more about gardening. While vacationing this year. They should create a reservation to elevated experience camping today.

Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening While Camping Is Relaxing

Despite the fact that most people will not connect Alberta campgrounds with gardening. This is something that the operators of Willie West camping. Is bringing their guests this year.

Carmen and Jason of elevated experience camping. Believe that a community garden is going to be incredibly beneficial. And extremely well received by their guests this year.

However, they decided against having a traditional garden. That is planted in the ground. For many reasons, starting with the fact. That it is going to be incredibly difficult. To ensure that small critters.

Like mice, squirrels and rabbits. Do not eat at the plants, and the vegetables. While defence can help keep them out. It will prevent them from digging under the fence. And if they sneak into the fence.

For example, if someone leaves the gate open for a few minutes. They will be trapped inside the garden. Free to eat as many vegetables and plants as they want. To avoid this from happening.

They decided to build these garden beds in their Alberta campgrounds. This will naturally keep out smaller vegetable predators. However, it still leaves the garden susceptible to larger animals.

Would not think twice about snacking on the plants, and the vegetables within a garden. Dear, even moose. Would eat at vegetable garden. Whether it was raised or not. However, they have thought of this.

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And are building large mesh trellises. On every side of the raised garden beds. To keep out their larger vegetable predators. If people want to access the garden. To weed, water and fertilize the garden.

Or if they would like to harvest some of the tasty vegetables within. All they have to do is open a latch, and one of the sides will swing open. They simply need to ensure that this is closed before they leave.

That way, they will have delicious and nutritious food. Without having to pack vegetables on their camping trip. However, it is not just keeping the animals out. That is beneficial about the raised garden beds.

It is going to be much easier for people to weed, fertilize and water. As well as harvest from the garden. Because they will not have to bend over, hurting their back. Or hunched down, hurting their knees.

They will be able to stand comfortably, and enjoy the garden. Which is well known for helping people relax, be a rewarding activity. And be great for their mental health.

Another benefit of having raised garden beds. Is that it is going to help avoid soil borne fungal diseases. That can negatively impact the vegetables. Because it allows for easier drainage of the soil.

When people are ready to learn more about gardening. Or even, just reap some of the tasty benefits of one. They can make a reservation at the Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping today.

And show their family, all about where their food comes from. And enjoy eating fresh, amazing vegetables this summer.