Alberta Campgrounds | Go Camping By A River


Alberta Campgrounds | Go Camping By A River

A common reason for people to choose Alberta campgrounds. For their summer vacation, is to spend time by a river. There are many different recreational activities. That can be enjoyed this way.

Alberta Campgrounds

And when people choose elevated experience camping. Over other Alberta campgrounds. It will be able to enjoy many different amenities and activities. Which is truly what sets elevated experience apart from the competition.

Located five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. In a picturesque river valley, on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. This campground, offers many things. To fit everybody’s different tastes.

First of all, not only are they located by the North Saskatchewan River. But they also have, and maintain a boat launch. Therefore, putting any kind of watercraft into the river. And retrieving it is much easier.

Whether people want to put a motorboat into the water. Just for fun, and exploring the river. Or whether they want to put their fishing boat in. So that they can go fishing on the North Saskatchewan River.

They will be able to do that easily here. Even people who have canoes, and kayaks will be able to enjoy the river. When they stay at elevated experience camping. However, not everybody has about.

And not everybody loves to fish. But that does not mean. That there is nothing for people to do at this campground. First of all, they have a beautiful trail system. That partially, runs parallel to the river.

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People can hike, or even rent a bike to explore the trail this way. Enjoying the beautiful sounds of the rushing river. As well as all of the sites, that can be found in the river valley.

Along this interpretive trail. People will be able to find trail markers. Showing pictures of the different vegetation and animals. That they can find in this part of the river valley. If people are lucky enough.

They might encounter a deer, or find some Saskatoon berries. And can pick a few, for a snack on the trail. At the end of their hike, or bike. If they are hungry, they can head to the Sasquatch hideaway.

Which is a food truck, situated in the day use area. Offering hot meals for anyone who is interested. Therefore, when people are on the river. Or, spending time in the rest of the campground.

And either do not want to pack a picnic lunch. Or, are too tired to head back to their campsite. And cook lunch. This can be the perfect solution. By grabbing lunch here, and eating in the day use area.

People can get back to their numerous camping activities. Feeling less hungry than they were before. For people who are looking for a bit more of a guided adventure. They can rent one of the many discovery kits.

When people are looking for a unique vacation. And have been to other Alberta campgrounds. And not found one that will make everybody happy. The next campground they should visit is elevated experience camping. They are truly unique.

Alberta Campgrounds | Go Camping And Glamping By A River

Many people love visiting Alberta campgrounds located by rivers. For many different reasons. From people who love to go boating. Or people who like fishing. Or simply those who enjoy the sounds of the rushing water.

When people are choosing which Alberta campgrounds they want to visit this year. They should be sure to check out elevated experience camping. Not only are they centrally located. Being just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

Which means it is very easy for people to get to. From all over the province. But also, because they have such an amazing variety. Of amenities and activities, for all interests.

While many people will want to spend as much time as possible. On or near the river. Boating or fishing. Many people simply love exploring the river valley. With the sound of the rushing water.

For others, the perfect vacation. Is doing as little as possible. They can bring their favourite drink, and sit by the water’s edge. In one of the luxury lawn chairs. Put out by elevated experience camping.

They can sit in the sun, and enjoy the sights and sounds of the river. While unwinding, and doing as little as possible. For many people, they think that the perfect vacation is doing as little as possible.

And when that happens, suddenly realize. That they wish there was more to do. This is where elevated experience camping truly shines. People can enjoy many different activities. From the mini golf course.

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Two borrowing a book from the community library. Renting a bike, or one of the large yard board games. To enjoy a game and a unique way. Even spending time in the retro arcade can be fun for all ages.

They also have goat yoga. Which is perfect for yoga abilities of all kinds. And people of all ages. To enjoy an outdoor yoga class. Of stretching, and holding poses. Surrounded by fun and playful goats.

When the entire family has had all of the fun for one day. And head back to their campsite. If they are too tired from all of their adventuring to cook. All they need to do, is call elevated experience camping.

And order a pizza. Will be made to order. And delivered hot directly to their campsite. By one of the elevated experience staff members. At the end of their vacation.

For checkout, they can partake in the checkout breakfast. Which includes pancakes, sausages and coffee. Each plate is only five dollars. So that people can eat a great breakfast.

Without having to cook, and then clean up. As they pack their camp up. To prepare for departure. Truly, all of the amenities sets elevated experience camping apart. From other Alberta campgrounds in the area.

When people are looking for the best and most unique vacation this year. Without venturing too far from home. They should make elevated experience camping, the top of the list.