Alberta Campgrounds | Going Glamping in Alberta


Alberta Campgrounds | Going Glamping in Alberta

Camping has been an extremely popular pastime throughout many Alberta campgrounds for decades. And while many people love the idea of the rough accommodations that camping brings. For others, they love camping despite the rough accommodations.

And for these people, the improving technology means that people can start to bring more creature comforts camping than ever before. And while this is technically considered glamping. Which is a mashup of the words a glamorous and camping.

This means that most of the campers that visit Alberta campgrounds these days are technically glamping. Especially if they have a trailer or motorhome that they are staying in.

However, for some people, glamping is a way to enjoy their camping trip even more. By bringing more amenities than typical. Similar to hotel stays, or what they would experience in their own homes.

This way, nature meets luxury, in a way that is only possible through glamping. And while typical glamping means that people bring their own accommodations such as a trailer or tent.

With the popularity of this style of camping. Many Alberta campgrounds are actually building their own glamping sites. To make it accessible to a wider variety of people.

One of the reasons why many people may not enjoy camping. Is because they have physical limitations. Or other limitations that prevent them from being able to do typical camping activities.

Whether those activities are pitching a tent, sleeping on the ground, chopping wood or cooking over an open fire. This is not possible for many people. Regardless of how much they might enjoy spending time close to nature.

Therefore, they do not have the opportunity to go camping. Despite wanting to, or loving nature. Which is one reason why glamping sites are very popular.


Because it brings all of the fun and nature that people love about camping. But makes it more accessible to a wider variety of people who visit the province.

Another reason why people might want to stay in a glamping site built in campgrounds. Is because while they do not enjoy camping.

The parts about camping that they do not enjoy include chopping wood, cooking over an open fire. And sleeping on the ground. Although they do love spending time close to nature.

These people might even love their family so much that they do not want to miss out on their adventures. Even though they do not want to go camping.

So when they reserve a spot in these campgrounds. They can stay in a glamping site. While their family does the camping. So that everyone can enjoy the best of both worlds.

In many glamping sites, the even have an open fire pit. So those who are glamping can still host family cookouts, and sing-alongs by the fire and roasting marshmallows to get the full and complete camping experience.

The only other thing that people need to keep in mind. Is that when deciding on going glamping for vacation in Alberta. It is extremely popular, so the sites get reserved very quickly.

Which means people will have to think and book ahead. To ensure that they get the vacation that they want.

Alberta Campgrounds | Going Glamping in Alberta

Many people might think that going glamping in Alberta’s campgrounds is a new activity. Or that it is a fad, because it is something that has only recently become popular.

But this is not true, because people have been glamping for decades in Alberta campgrounds. And for centuries throughout the world.

In fact, it previously has been called luxury camping, posh camping and comfort camping. And it is only the word glamping that is new.

First being coined in the UK fifteen years ago. Glamping is a portmanteau of the words camping and glamorous. Which describes bringing luxury accommodations to nature.

However, the earliest instances of glamping can be dated back to the fifteen hundreds and friends. Where not only was there luxury accommodations in the tents people were staying in. But there were even fountains set up that had wine in them instead of water.

And while luxury tents was something that was reserved typically for royalty such as kings, queens and sultans. To allow them to stay in luxury as they travelled.

The most famous instance of luxury camping is given to Genghis Khan. Because as he travelled, the tents that he put up to stay in could only be described as the most luxurious.

And while it was an activity that was reserved for royalty. One hundred years ago, as Africans authorities became the en vogue thing for the world’s rich and elite to do.


The tents that were erected for them to stay in would be considered luxurious even by today’s standards. With electric generators to keep guests warm during the cold African nights. As well as hot baths and crates of champagne.

While today’s glamping or luxury camping in Alberta campgrounds is quite different in comparison. As technology improves. So does the ability to bring more luxuries to the campsite.

However, if people do not have their own tents or trailers. That used to mean that glamping or luxury camping was something that was slightly out of reach for them.

However, more and more Alberta campgrounds are building structures for the purpose of luxury camping. And they put all of the amenities within those glamping sites. That are typically found only in hotel rooms.

People who are booking a glamping site can expect to find a tiny cabin, a luxury tent, yurts, teepees or even treehouses. And really, the accommodations are only limited by people’s imaginations.

When people are booking their glamping vacation. They should be aware of what types of amenities they want. Because the various sites will have many different options.

So by being aware of what people need for their trip. Can ensure that they book the right glamping site for the experience they are looking for.

By elevating the experience of camping. Many people can join in the fun activity of glamping. Whether this is one time activity. Or how they plan on camping for the future.