Alberta Campgrounds | Health Benefits Of Biking


Alberta Campgrounds | Health Benefits Of Biking

One of the reasons why people visit Alberta campgrounds. For their summer vacations. And weekend getaways, is because they love the great outdoors. They sights, sounds and smell of nature. Our restorative, and relaxing.

Alberta Campgrounds

This is also why many people love going biking. They get to work out their body. In a low impact aerobic exercise. That can help them feel good, inside and out.

Unfortunately, many people are unable. To bring their bikes with them. When they visit various Alberta campgrounds. Because they do not have enough room. After they packed all of their camping gear.

However, this is something that elevated experience camping. Wanted to change, because they have brought in. A fleet of mountain bikes, available for rent. They first offered this to their guests last year.

And it was wildly successful. Because many people, love biking. As much as they love camping. But are unable to bring their bikes with them. This way, they can enjoy the great outdoors.

And, when the spirit moves them. They can grab their bicycle. And spend an hour, an afternoon. Or a day, exploring the beauty of the river valley. While they have many different trails.

People can enjoy beginner level trails. Intermediate level trails. And, because they are in the river valley. There are steep inclines. For experts to enjoy as well.

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Since biking was a hugely popular activity last year. Elevated experience camping wanted to increase the size of their fleets. But they wanted to do so. In a way that made biking more inclusive.

While biking is very popular. It does require people having a certain amount of core strength. So that they can balance. And be stable on the two wheels. People with disabilities, and children who are learning to ride.

Are often left behind, when their family wants to go biking. This is something that elevated experience has no fixed. By bringing in recumbent bicycles. These bikes, are on four wheels, and therefore are more stable.

These four wheels, are extremely rugged. And can very easily travel. Over a wide type of terrain. And since the bike is much more stable. It can be navigated, by people with any experience level.

Another thing that people might notice. About a recumbent bicycle. Is the seat. Traditional bicycles, have what is called a saddle seat. Which is very small, and often quite hard on the bottom half.

It also, does not have a back. Which makes it very different. For people that have this abilities. Or, who have injuries. People might not have core strength. But could pedal a bike with ease.

Which is why, the recumbent bicycles have a better chair. To allow more people. The opportunity to use the bicycle. The chair can be moved forwards or backwards. To accommodate a wide variety of sizes in their riders.

And the steering wheel, instead of handlebars. Is easier for people to manage, and learn how to steer. Biking is such a great activity. To pair up with camping. And no more, do people have to show up at Alberta campgrounds. Without a bicycle. And not enjoy this favourite pastime.

Alberta Campgrounds | Health Benefits Of Biking

Biking, and visiting Alberta campgrounds. Have several things in common. Such as being a restful, and restorative activity. That is good for people’s physical. As well as mental well-being.

The reason why many people spend their summer vacations. And their weekends away, and different Alberta campgrounds. Is because they love nature. The sites, and the sounds.

People love biking. Because it is an easy physical activity. That is low impact. And incredibly good for their heart. And while the two, truly belong together. Many people are not able to bring their bikes.

With them, while they go camping. Due to lack of room. However, at Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping this year. People can rent bicycles for use, throughout the campground.

That way, people will be able to enjoy. A significant benefits of biking. Combined with the significant benefits of camping, and spending time in nature. One of the first things that people may not even know about this activity.

Is that bicycling, is considered low impact. This means it is extremely easy on people’s joints. And people with joint pain. Or people wanting to avoid causing joint pain eventually. Should do this activity.

Similar to swimming, it will not cause any pain, on people’s joints. And is considered extremely healthy. For people of all ages to do. However, it is also considered an aerobic activity.

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And aerobics, or what is good. For people’s heart. Regular aerobic activity. Decreases the risk of strokes and heart attacks. As well as help lower peoples blood pressure to normal levels.

In addition to that, biking can also help strengthen. People’s core, and support their spine. Ensuring that they improve their posture. So that they can exercise in comfort.

Biking, will work several large muscle groups at the same time. And when they are exploring Alberta campgrounds. They often work those muscles harder than they realize. Everything from their glutes.

To their quads, hamstrings and calves. Get a workout. Which not only increases muscle mass. But it also increases peoples endurance. And muscles, or what is responsible. For burning calories and fat.

Therefore, simple exercise of cycling, as a low intensity. For ten minutes once a week. Can help people burn more calories. And increase their metabolism not just while they exercise. But all day long.

Biking is also good for people’s mental health. Because as people exercise. Not only does it improve their circulation. But it also releases endorphins. And this is the chemical in the brain.

That relieves depression. Lowers anxiety, and reduces stress levels. And while these changes are not permanent. The more people can go biking. The more they can get consistent mood boosts from this exercise.

Biking is a feel-good activity. For many reasons. And so is camping. Which is why elevated experience camping. Wanted to bring the two together, finally.