Alberta Campgrounds | How Campers Can Enjoy The River


Alberta Campgrounds | How Campers Can Enjoy The River

Many people who spend time in Alberta campgrounds. Look forward to spending recreational time. On the North Saskatchewan River. This river spans a large portion of the province of Alberta.

Alberta Campgrounds

Therefore, there are many Alberta campgrounds. That people can go to, for river activities. One of these campgrounds, is elevated experience camping. Located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley.

Nestled in a picturesque river valley. Right on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River. This is the portion of the river. Closest to where it is formed. Which is off of a glacier, in the national Park of Banff.

What is notable about the beginning section of the river. Is this is where the water is the most cold. And where the fishing, is going to be the best. Therefore, when people who are camping in Alberta campgrounds.

In order to get some prime fishing in. They need to look no further, than elevated experience camping. They will be able to catch a wide variety of fish here. From rainbow, bull, brook and brown trout.

They will also be able to find mountain whitefish, sucker fish, gold I. As well as tons of northern pike, and for those lucky enough. They might hook a sturgeon on their line. However, people who are casting lines into the river.

Need to be very aware. Of what fish they can catch and keep. And which fish they need to gently release. Back into the river. While pike are just fine to keep in any quantity.

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Sturgeon on the other hand. Our a protected species throughout the entire world. And are not allowed to be kept under any circumstances. This means, if people catch a sturgeon and do not throw it back into the river.

They can face steep fines. As well as getting their fishing gear confiscated. And even have their vehicle towed. This is because the sturgeon takes such a long time to reproduce.

Maturing until they are fifteen or twenty years old to procreate. However, for people who love fishing. There is no better day, then sitting in a boat. Or casting lines from the shore. In Alberta campgrounds. Like elevated experience camping.

However, fishing is not the only thing that people can do on the river. At elevated experience camping, they do have a boat launch. Which makes putting any kind of watercraft. Into the river easier.

Therefore, motorboats, canoes and even kayaks. Can launch here. Spending a beautiful afternoon. Paddling, or motoring on the river. To go fishing, or simply to enjoy the water. And the sights and sounds of the river valley.

While many people can spend a lot of time in and around the river. There is so much more to do. Within the camp grounds themselves. From giant yard games to play with. Luxury cabins to rent.

Bikes that they can rent to enjoy. As well as a retro arcade and a community library. Elevated experience camping, is the perfect summer vacation. For many Albertans this year.

Alberta Campgrounds | How Glampers Can Enjoy The River

When people visit many Alberta campgrounds. That are close to rivers, such as the North Saskatchewan. They may be interested in fishing. Either from the shore, or on a boat. However that is not the only thing to do on the river.

People love to or kayak on this river. However, it can be quite aggressive. Therefore, it should not be a beginners river to learn on. There are in fact, many things that people should be aware of.

When they spend time on the North Saskatchewan River. First of all, as any river. The current that they see. On the surface of the water. Is not representative. Of how fast the water is moving just below the surface.

In fact, the river is flowing three times faster, 1 m, or even 1 foot below the surface. Even people who are waiting up to their shins or knees. Can be caught off guard by this strong undertow.

As well, there can be holes on the river bottom. Caused by swirling river water. In fact, many people say. That you cannot step in the same river twice. Because the water that was there one day. Is gone the next.

This constant flow of water. Can make the river bottom very unstable. Especially for people who are walking on it. To cool themselves off. Or to go fishing. Therefore, it is ill advised to go wading or swimming.

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Many people love to go tubing down the river. And while that is a favourite pastime in many Alberta campgrounds. People should be very aware. Of river hazards that can be found. Not just on the North Saskatchewan River.

But on rivers in general. However, the North Saskatchewan River. Is Ed typically, more aggressive river. Making it slightly more dangerous to people going tubing. Then other, more DOS I will rivers. Such as the Pembina, a short distance away.

There are rapids that can form very quickly. Which is what happens. When flowing water hits an obstacle. It causes turbulence, and can be identified. By the white caps of water. Showing how aggressive and turbulent the water is.

There are also eddies to be aware of. That can pull tubers in. Eddies are whirlpools that are created. When water flows around an object. It can create a very strong whirlpool. That can catch people off guard.

Finally, another river danger. Is a phenomenon called constrictive waves. The mouth of a river can suddenly get very narrow. Which means the huge amount of water that is just before that narrowing.

Will become quite turbulent. As the water tries to force itself. Through that narrow opening. This amount of turbulence can make navigating these waters. On a watercraft like a tube dangerous.

Therefore, great activities in Alberta campgrounds. On the North Saskatchewan River. Can include enjoying it from the shore. Dangling their feet to cool off. Going for hikes, or bike rides beside the water. As well as sightseeing.