Alberta Campgrounds | Introducing Gardening To Campers


Alberta Campgrounds | Introducing Gardening To Campers

The newest amenity that elevated experience camping is going to introduce the Alberta campgrounds they manage. Our community gardens. There are many benefits that people will be able to enjoy.

Alberta Campgrounds

One of the first reasons why they thought of this great initiative. Was because they are going to be getting a not-for-profit food truck. Serving gourmet goat cheese sandwiches, and gourmet hotdogs.

At their campground on the weekend. Because they are non-for profit. And can use all the help they can get. But also, so that they can support this great community initiative.

They decided to bring in community gardens. And they will give this not-for-profit food truck. A lot of the produce they need to operate. This will keep their costs low. While ensuring that they have wonderful food to sell.

To the campers, who would be staying in their Alberta campgrounds. However, they wanted to ensure that whoever was staying at their campground. It also access the community gardens.

As a group, the campers would look after the plants. Weeding, watering, and fertilizing the plants. And for their efforts, be able to harvest some of the vegetables. Some of the rules that the campers will be expected to follow however.

Include putting equipment back where they found it. Returning it in the same condition they founded. Closing the garden gate and they are done. And only taking as much food as they will eat.

Community gardens have so many benefits. That it was not hard to justify the expense. Of bringing in the community garden. Not only does it help reduce negative community impacts.

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By promoting things like food sustainability. And an appreciation, and knowledge of agriculture. Helping people learn where their food comes from. And what it takes to get it there.

But also, help reducing food transportation costs. By growing their own food. People can rely less on food that is transported in. Often sitting for weeks. While the food truck drives hundreds of miles.

Resulting in less flavorful, less nutritious vegetables. It also can reduce neighbourhood waste. By providing a composting option. That will ensure less food waste is put into the garbage.

And the composting that is done, will then go back into the garden. To promote healthy and nutritious vegetables being grown once again. These are just some of the community benefits.

There has also been studies have shown, that I community garden. Is also linked to lower crime rates in neighbourhoods. The reason why, is because it eliminates vacant land.

And encourages an entire community to come together. Within that space. Making it an undesirable area for criminals to conduct their business.

If anyone would like the opportunity. To visit Alberta campgrounds and garden on their summer vacation. Were even simply eat fresh food on their vacation. They should make a reservation immediately.

They can visit the elevated experience camping website. Or call their phone number. And book their vacation now. The sooner, the better. Because they sell out have campsites a very quickly.

Alberta Campgrounds | Introducing Campers To Gardening

Though gardening and camping are outdoor activities, many do not think they can do both in Alberta campgrounds. However, that something that is going to change this summer.

Elevated experience camping, is bringing community gardens. To their campgrounds that they manage. Because there are so many benefits. That it justifies the effort to do so.

However, while there are some logistical issues. With the traditional garden, in the ground. Elevated experience camping. Is bypassing these issues. By creating raised garden beds instead.

The raised garden beds will help protect the garden. From animals, such as rabbits and skunks. That would do fast damage. Eating the produce. As well as destroying the plants in a short amount of time.

Therefore, the raised bed. Will protect them from these smaller creatures. However, anyone who has spent time in Alberta campgrounds. Knows that it will not protect against larger animals like deer.

That are known to frequent the area. Therefore, the raised garden beds that they created. Will have a large fence built into it. That will allow the sun to shine in. While protecting from dear damage.

And people can access the garden. Simply by opening up the gate. And water, we had. Or harvest the garden at their will. There are many reasons why these raised garden beds. Are going to be beneficial.

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Over and above the protection from animals large and small. For example, one benefit of the raised garden. Is that it is going to be more accessible. To a wider variety of people. Many people love gardening.

However, they do not do it anymore. Because it hurts to bend or kneel down in the garden. Therefore, it is not an activity they can enjoy. Even though they would love to. By having the garden raised.

People who would otherwise not be physically able to garden. Our suddenly now able to engage in this activity. Helping people who love gardening but can no longer do this activity. As well as helping people.

Have never had the opportunity to garden. Due to a physical limitation. The opportunity to try and follow love with this activity. That they could very well duplicate when they get home from their vacation.

Another benefit of the raised garden. Is that it promotes well-drained soil. As garden in the ground. May not have anywhere for the water to go. And could end up with waterlogged plans.

As well, when there is not proper drainage. People can end up getting soil born fungal diseases. Which are promoted by a wet environment. And that could ravage their plants as well.

Raised garden beds can be made of any material. And be any size. Therefore, they are accessible for most. When people are planning their vacations this year for Alberta campgrounds.

They should go somewhere where they will have many opportunities. To do unique activities. And elevated experience camping. Describes that perfectly.