Alberta Campgrounds | Learn About Gardening This Summer


Alberta Campgrounds | Learn About Gardening This Summer

When people visit Alberta campgrounds this year. It will have an opportunity to learn about gardening, that they never had before. The operators of Willie West camping, elevated experience camping.

Alberta Campgrounds

Decided to introduce raised garden beds. In a community garden setting, for their guests. There are many benefits of a community garden. From individual, to health benefits. And community benefits as well.

They decided to bring this feature. For many different reasons. One, they wanted to support the non-profit food truck. That is going to be operating at their campground. For the weekends.

Bringing campers, and people using the day use area. Hot, delicious and nutritious meals. By ensuring that they can have access to nutritious foods. Like vegetables, at no additional cost.

But also, they wanted to ensure. That the guests of their Alberta campgrounds are able to enjoy the nutritious foods. So these community gardens will be open, to the campers who stay there as well.

Benefits of having a community garden are so numerous. That these are secondary benefits. To ensuring the food truck has access. To inexpensive, delicious ingredients. And ensuring that their guests have nutritious vegetables.

That they can enjoy, to give themselves a break. From their hotdog and hamburger menu. That campers will have. But also, a community garden. Has many positive community impacts.

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Meanwhile, it improves the air-quality. As the additional plants are ultimately going to breathe in the carbon dioxide. That people expel, as well as their cars and buildings. Then, plants will also exhale oxygen.

Importantly, making the air more breathable, and fresher. It also ensures that the soil has less runoff. Meanwhile, keeping the nutrients in the ground. Instead of washing them away into the river to be carried away.

Besides, it also promotes food sustainability. Brings unawareness to agriculture. And can teach people where their food comes from. This is going to be a great learning opportunity for children visiting Alberta campgrounds.

Therefore, who will be able to see what looks like. To grow the vegetables that they eat. And learn, about the industries that do this for a living. In addition, another benefit of having a community garden at elevated experience camping.

Is that it can undoubtedly actually reduce crime in the area. Because the more the land is used. Ultimately fewer criminals will want to use that land. Particularly, as the community comes together. To work on the garden. And guard it.

Additionally, having a community garden. Can produce food transportation costs. Because it will ensure that people can eat fresh fruits and vegetables. That they grow themselves. Instead of having it trucked in from hundreds of miles away.

Losing nutrients, as it sits for several days in a grocery store. As well, having a community garden. Brings a community together. To make them feel more invested in their community and each other.

If people are interested in learning more about their community garden initiative. Or, spend some time this summer. Learning about food, and sustainability. All people have to do is make a reservation at elevated experience camping.

Alberta Campgrounds | Learning About Gardening For Summer

It is incredibly beneficial for Alberta campgrounds to build community gardens. Because it will support healthy living. Clean the air in the campground. And teach people about where their food comes from.

At elevated experience camping, they have decided to build. Several raised garden beds for their community garden in the Alberta campgrounds they manage. There are many benefits to a community garden.

But also, many benefits to raised garden beds themselves. Anyone who has visited any Alberta campgrounds. Will know, that these areas are teeming with wildlife. Everything from small animals.

Like mice, squirrels, and rabbits. Two medium-sized animals, like skunks and foxes. And even larger animals, like deer and moose. All of these animals would be quite happy to munch on garden vegetables.

And having a traditional garden. Grow on the ground, would be at risk. For getting eaten, by any of these animals. Who frequent the campground. This is why they decided to raise up the garden beds.

While the raised bed. Will make it easier for mice, squirrels, rabbits, skunks and foxes. To not access this vegetable garden. It does not protect from larger animals like deer. Who would be happy to eat the plants and vegetables.

Which is why they have decided to construct very tall mesh fences. On the external side of all of the garden beds. This way, even dear will not be able to access the delicious vegetables within.

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Absolutely, all people have to do. When they are ready to weed. In addition to watering and fertilizing the garden. Or if they would like to harvest some of the vegetables for themselves. Is open up latch, and swing open one side of the mesh.

In order to access the garden. They simply have to close the gate when they leave. To ensure that these animals cannot access the vegetables. Instead of the campers who are staying there.

Meanwhile, another benefit of raised garden beds. Is that it can help keep the plants healthy. Clearly allowing easy drainage. As excess water will run away from the soil. Instead of being trapped there.

Like it typically would, in a traditional garden. This can avoid plants being overwater. But help avoid soilborne fungal disease, that are susceptible. In an over watered garden.

Another benefit of a raised garden bed. Is that it is much easier for people to weed and water. As well as harvest. In a traditional garden, grow on the ground. People will have to hunt over.

To work within the garden, which is hard on their back, as well as their knees. This way it makes it an accessible activity. To people whose bodies would typically not allow them to garden traditionally.

Another benefit of a raised garden bed. Is that they can be made out of any material. Be made any size, and can be put anywhere. However, people who see this style of gardening. May realize they can have a garden.

Even if they live in a tiny apartment. With only a small balcony. Therefore, by using planters, so that they can also have fresh vegetables. For as much of the year as they can manage.