Alberta Campgrounds | Mushroom Facts


Alberta Campgrounds | Mushroom Facts

Something that people can do when they visit Alberta campgrounds with limited experience camping. Is look for mushrooms. While there are dozens of different types of mushroom species throughout the campground.

Alberta Campgrounds

Some of them are not edible, therefore it is best. If people go mushroom hunting. With someone who is experienced to begin with. There are many different types of edible mushrooms as well.

With one of the most delicious, kinds. That is eaten throughout the entire world. Found right within the campground itself. Called the saffron milk. The best way to eat this particular type of mushroom according to experts.

Is preparing it by part boiling it, and then sautéing it with onions and bacon. Among the different types of mushrooms. That people can find within the campground, that include the poly spore type.

Our honey mushrooms, many different types of oyster mushrooms. Several types of morel mushrooms. As well as the popular saffron. Even puffball mushrooms. Which are white, puffy and edible.

While not all mushrooms are edible. Some are unpalatable. But are extremely useful as medicine. One type that has dozens of medical uses. Is called the Ganoderma Appel Needham mushroom. It is part of the ratio family.

And the reishi family is very well noted. For its medical uses. Which is why many herbalists. Love to go to Alberta campgrounds. In order to look for mushrooms. There are many different ways to tell edible mushrooms.

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Apart from in edible mushrooms. However, there is not one thing to look for. Individual identification. Of each and every mushroom. Is by far, the safest way to proceed. By looking at the shape.

As well as the colour, other ways to tell mushrooms apart. And identify poisonous mushrooms, versus edible mushrooms. Is by taking what is called a spore print of the bus room.

A spore print, involves picking a mushroom. And then placing it, stem side down. On a piece of paper. You must then leave it, for several hours. Or ideally, overnight. When you pick the mushroom back up off the paper.

The spores that are left on the paper. Should match the shape of the gills, which are the structures underneath the mushroom. This spore print will help identify not only what mushroom this is.

But whether it is edible or in edible. Among things to look for on the spore print. Is the colour. The spores may be black, white or brown. Even yellow, pink or even red.

When people visit Alberta campgrounds. And they want to go mushroom hunting. If they have not been before. The experts that work at elevated experience camping. Will be more than happy to lend a hand.

The recommendation. Is actually to start by familiarizing themselves. With one type of mushroom. And looking for that type only. And once they have become very good.

At identifying that one mushroom. They can feel comfortable to expand to more types of mushrooms. When people want a fun and unique vacation. They should look no further than elevated experience camping. However they must book early, or else they will miss out.

Alberta Campgrounds | Fascinating Mushroom Facts

Mushrooms grow wildly, throughout Alberta campgrounds. And at elevated experience camping. It is no exception. There are dozens of different types of mushrooms that people can find.

From poly spores, which are not true growing mushrooms. To treat growing mushrooms, and among those types. There are edible, inedible, and medicinal mushrooms that they can find.

Mushrooms like to grow in the dark, damp conditions. Therefore, people are going to have to stoop. And bend over. When they go mushroom hunting. Often, having to brush vegetation.

And debris out of the way. For example, one of the most popular types of mushrooms. Throughout the entire world. Which also grow in Alberta campgrounds, the saffron milk Mushroom.

Actually grows close to pine trees. Since Alberta campgrounds are located in Alberta’s boreal forests. There are many pine trees, therefore many saffron milk caps to be found.

However, in order to find these mushrooms. People must be willing to tread carefully through the pine leaves. And carefully brush away piles of this vegetation. In order to discover the dark and damp hiding place of these favourite mushrooms.

However, once people discover. Where the saffron milk caps are hiding. They are likely able to continue. To returning to that location year after year. Because mushrooms will tend to grow back.

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In the same locations. Year after year. The reason why, is because the part of the mushroom that we see. Is called the fruity body of the mushroom. And is considered the fruit of the organism.

And not the entire organism itself. Mushrooms actually grow, from a larger structure. And that structure grows underground, called the mycelium. Therefore, by picking the fruity body off of the mycelium.

Does not interrupt the mycelium itself. And it will be able to produce more mushrooms, for many years to come. In fact, people should understand. That the largest living organism in the entire world.

Is a mycelium. Covering hundreds of square kilometres. Therefore, when people find out where their favourite mushrooms live. Finding them again in the future. While might still be an adventure.

Is more possible, the more they look. In fact. Many people often believe. That a mushroom, and fungi are the same things. However this is not the case. The mushroom, as previously stated.

Is the fruity body of the organism. And the mycelium, is the main organism from which the fruity body grows. And the mycelium, and fruity body as a whole. Makes up the fungi. And a mushroom on its own.

Is not the fungi. While many people love hunting for mushrooms. If people love eating mushrooms. But are less enthusiastic about the hunt. They can buy kits, to grow their own. They can choose from a wide variety of types.

And grow the mushrooms, and a dark, damp location. Such as their basement. In order to eat a wide variety of delicious mushrooms. Like oyster, shiitake, portobello. And the ever favourite, saffron milk.