Alberta Campgrounds | Raised Bed Gardening


Alberta Campgrounds | Raised Bed Gardening

Despite the fact that many people do not associate gardening with spending time in Alberta campgrounds. This is a preconceived notion, that elevated experience camping. Is hoping to change for the people who visit them this year.

Alberta Campgrounds

Not only are they adding garden beds to their already impressive list. Of amenities within their campground. These gardens are going to be for the community, and the campers that stay there.

There are many benefits to having a garden within a broader campgrounds. Starting with the fact that it will allow campers. The opportunity to enjoy some fresh vegetables during their stay.

In addition to that, community gardens are incredibly beneficial. Reducing many negative community impacts. By promoting food sustainability. An appreciation for, and knowledge of agriculture.

Helping a community reduce their food transportation costs. Because they will be growing the food they eat. Instead of having to have all of it trucked in. By vehicle, travelling hundreds of kilometres.

The produce that the supply, having sat for several weeks. By the time it reaches them. It also brings the community together. And promotes a healthy body, mind and environment.

A community garden can also reduce the neighbourhood waste. By providing a composting area. So that less waste can go into the landfill. And anything that can be composted, will be turned back into soil for the garden.

It will also decrease food insecurity. By helping people know. Where their next meals are coming from. And increase people’s access to fresh food. Which is sometimes frustratingly difficult.

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Because fresh food can be more expensive. Then the calorie and sugar packed processed food. Having a community garden in Alberta campgrounds. Can also help campers learn where their food comes from.

And help them gain new appreciation for how it is grown. And how it will get to their plate, from the farmers fields. There are so many great community benefits. That it is worthwhile to have a community garden.

Even without looking at all of the secondary benefits. Such as the environmental impact. First of all, plants are incredibly beneficial. Because they turn the carbon dioxide that we exhale.

And that our vehicles produce into oxygen. That we in turn will breathe. It is also very good for the environment. By eliminating soil erosion. And runoff, that takes soil nutrients with it.

Gardening is also great for people’s overall health. Providing a physical activity. That will help people relax while they engage in exercise. But also, because it is great for their mental health.

It can help people feel more in touch with themselves. And meditate, while enjoying the fresh air. And getting exercise. As well, community gardens have been shown to be a link to reduced crime.

Because as communities come together. And eliminate expenses of vacant land. Crime tends to go elsewhere. And not settle in an area.

These are all the reasons why elevated experience camping wanted to bring community gardens. To the Alberta campgrounds that they manage. Helping people enjoy gardening. And enjoy the fresh produce that they will get as a reward.

Alberta Campgrounds | What Is Raised Bed Gardening

Even though many people may not think that raised bed gardens belong in Alberta campgrounds. Elevated experience camping believes otherwise. And that their newest addition to their already impressive amenities. Will be hit with the people staying in their campground.

There are many benefits of having gardens. From being able to provide people with activities. While they are staying in Alberta campgrounds. But also, allowing people to enjoy fresh produce.

However, there are some logistical problems. With a typical garden, planted in the ground. Anyone who has been to Alberta campgrounds before. Will know the number of animals that visit can be numerous.

From rabbits, and skunks as well as foxes. To the larger animals like deer in the most. Can wreak havoc on a garden very easily. While a solution may be put up a fence. Some of the smaller animals can dig under.

While other animals. Will simply wait for the opportunity. When a gate is left open. Even for just a moment. Where they can slip inside. And then when the gate is closed, locks them inside.

Even one rabbits can do a significant amount of damage. Destroying an entire garden in just a couple days. Therefore, even fences are not the best answer. When bringing a gardening to Alberta campgrounds.

Instead, elevated experience camping. Has decided that the best answer is raised garden beds. Raised garden beds will eliminate the possibility. Of smaller animals like rabbits and skunks.

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The ability to destroy the plants and eat vegetables. But that does not eliminate the risk from deer or moose. That is why, they have created raised garden beds. That have a mesh on all sides of the garden.

With one side opening up on a hinge. So that people can get in. To water, fertilize and harvest the garden. But the mesh, will ensure that the sun can get in as well.

This is a perfect solution. As the high side. Will ensure that large animals cannot get in. And to the raised garden. Will ensure that small animals also cannot get in.

But also, what having a raised garden bed does for the people. Is it makes it more accessible. While many people love gardening. Some people are unable to do this. Because their back hurts, or their knees hurt.

When they are gardening. Some people who have physical limitations. We never have experienced gardening before. Simply because they are unable to get to the ground to do this activity.

Everyone will have a better time. Accessing the garden when they are raised. Having the opportunity to literally and figuratively get their hands dirty. Learning about plants. And perhaps, igniting a new hobby.

As well, when people come to elevated experience camping. In order to enjoy some gardening. They will be able to take some fresh produce for their efforts. Enjoying a salad, or fresh vegetables. As a changeup to their hotdog and hamburger camping menu.