Alberta Campgrounds | Raised Garden Beds


Alberta Campgrounds | Raised Garden Beds

One thing that people going to Alberta campgrounds at elevated experience camping will find this year. Will be raised garden beds, that they can utilize, to eat fresh vegetables. During their stay at Willie West campground.

Alberta Campgrounds

There are many benefits that raised garden beds have. However, one of the most obvious benefits. Is that campers, are going to be able to learn a bit more. About where their food comes from.

While harvesting fresh vegetables. To eat while they are staying at the campground. That is not the only benefit however, the fresh vegetables. Are also going to be used by operations ask watch.

Which is the food truck, that will be operating. During the weekends, at the campground. And during the week, in Drayton Valley. This is beneficial for many reasons. Helping keep the cost of the food truck down.

While ensuring people are eating very fresh vegetables. That did not have to be trucked in from miles around. And then sit in a grocery store for weeks. However, the community benefits.

Of having community gardens, are numerous. Which is why it is very important. For people to understand these benefits. So that they can respect the raised garden beds in the campgrounds community garden.

One of the first things that community gardens do. Is help reduce negative community impacts. By promoting things such as food sustainability and agriculture. As well as reducing food transportation costs.

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The benefit also comes to the land, helping avoid soil borne fungal diseases. Reducing water runoff, that robs the soil of important nutrients. It also brings communities together as well.

As people learn how to grow and harvest their own food. They also learn about food sustainability. And helps communities be more food secure. As people in the community who find a hard to make ends meet.

Having sustainable food is incredibly important. But also, having sustainable food that is very nutritious. Is also beneficial, to their overall health as well. Another benefit to a community that community gardens brain.

Is the fact that it improves the soil as well as air quality. Plants take in carbon dioxide. And expel oxygen, aching the world more breathable for the people. As well, since the garden waste can be composted.

It can reduce the community waste. Through this composting effort. That can then, ensure the soil that is created. Through composting, can go back into the community garden. And help people grow nutritious food again.

There are so many benefits to having a community garden. That elevated experience camping wanted to those who would be staying in Alberta campgrounds. To enjoy some of those benefits.

They just ask that people follow certain rules when they visit. The raised garden beds in their campground community garden. Put things back where they found them.

Close gates when they enter, and after they leave. As well as respect the garden, and the plans. So that others can enjoy them. When people are getting ready to come to Alberta campgrounds. By staying at elevated experience camping, can give them an entirely new experience.

Alberta Campgrounds | Camping With Raised Garden Beds

People do not often think of community gardens when they are staying in Alberta campgrounds. However, this summer they will get the opportunity. The operators of Willie West campgrounds, elevated experience camping. Is bringing community gardens to the camping experience.

The obvious benefit of having a community garden. In a campground, is the fresh produce people will be able to enjoy. However, it is not just the benefits of eating nutritious vegetables that people can enjoy.

People will also benefit from having more plants in the area. They will benefit from the relaxing activity. And they can learn a lot about their neighbours, about where their food comes from. And how to grow their own food.

As the cost of everything. It has skyrocketed over the past year. Everything from toilet paper, gas and even food. Has increased in price. And growing their own food, can help people. Save money on healthy food.

This reduces food insecurity. But also helps ensure that people have healthier air to breathe. And can enjoy the activity. Being surrounded by peaceful plants, beating. As well as harvesting the food.

The community gardens at Alberta campgrounds, elevated experience camping. Our raised garden beds. And these have a lot more benefits. Then many people may realize.

One of the first benefits of having a raised garden bed, is the fact that it is much easier to weed. It is less of a strain on the back, as well as on the knees. Since people do not have to hunt down to the ground.

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In order to weed this garden. Another benefit of having a raised garden bed. Versus a traditional garden, planted in the ground. Is that you can avoid soilborne fungus diseases. Because it is easier for the water to runoff.

Raised garden beds also are more easily watered. And they can be put anywhere, and be any size. Which means people do not have to have a certain size area. In order to grow their own fresh food.

Another benefit, is that when people are visiting Alberta campgrounds. They are likely going to see a lot of wildlife. From squirrels, rabbits, and even foxes for example. To larger animals such as deer.

That typically, would represent a hazard to gardens. That are grown on the ground. And would necessitate having a giant fence put around them. In order to protect them from these animals.

Who would love nothing more. Then to feast on all the fruit and vegetables that are being grown. But the raised garden beds, will be much easier to protect. Putting a protective fence around the beds.

To protect from the deer. While naturally being protected from rabbits and foxes. Because they are up off the ground. If people are interested in learning more about community gardens.

Or enjoy harvesting from the raised garden beds at elevated experience camping. All they have to do is make a reservation for Alberta campgrounds at elevated experience camping. And be prepared to learn more about their food sources.