Alberta Campgrounds | Respectful Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Respectful Camping For Everyone

There are a few things for campers to keep in mind as they visit Alberta campgrounds this summer. To help everyone get their full enjoyment of their camping experience. By knowing what to do as well as what not to do. Can help all campers have a fun experience.

Camping is often a fun time for campers to eat a variety of camp foods that they normally would not. From s’mores cooked over an open fire, as well as hot dogs, chips and candy. Camping is often a great time for people to eat foods that they would not need home.

However, they should be very mindful that all of these food smells can attract a wide variety of wildlife to the campsite. This should be discouraged, because even the smallest animals can cause problems when they get too close to humans. And they get used to eating human food.

Campers should ensure that they can pack all of their food in an airtight and sealable container. To eliminate smells attracting all kinds of wildlife. They can even get into the habit of leaving these containers inside their vehicle. To further dissuade any wildlife from coming around their campsite.

People should also keep in mind that this includes pet food. Because wildlife does not know the difference between human food and their dog food. They should pack their pets food in a sealable container as well. And put it with the rest of their food, inside their vehicle.


Many campers may also be tempted to bring would that they have from home with them. Alberta campgrounds will have wood provided, that will be dried, and tested for pests.

People can inadvertently bring in pests or diseases that can cause damage to the surrounding forests. And within the campground as well. Pests such as pine beetles. And diseases such as Dutch Elm disease. Can easily be transferred from area to area on firewood.

People should avoid the temptation to bring their own wood. And understand that using the wood that is provided by the Alberta campgrounds. Can help ensure that they are keeping the campground safe from any outside threats.

It is also very important that people are respectful of the speed limit within the campground. Which is 20 km an hour. This is to help keep everyone safe. From families with children, campers who bring their pets. And even wildlife that live in the area.

Many campgrounds also have activities, as well as playgrounds. And there can be children playing, people riding bikes, and even campers walking on the road. Camping is a great time for everyone to get away from the rush of the city. So they should respect the 20 km an hour speed limit. In slow their driving down as well.

When campers keep some simple rules in mind. Then everyone can have a fun time camping. And getting away from the city and enjoying some bonding time with their family and friends.

Alberta Campgrounds | Respectful Camping

A great rule of thumb for all people to follow as they visit Alberta campgrounds. His camp like your mother is watching. If campers treat not just their campsite, but the campground in general with some simple rules of respect. And everyone can have a fun time, enjoying the clean and well-kept campgrounds that they visit.

Many people like to go camping as a way to get away from their day-to-day life. And have fun and let loose. Camping for a lot of people means having friends around a fire and having a great time. However, it is very important that all campers respect the quiet time of the campgrounds.

This does not mean that at this designated time. That all campers must go to bed. But many campers have young children. Or like to go to bed early so that they can wake up early to go hiking or fishing. So this does mean that campers should turn off music, and keep their visiting to a lower volume.

When all campers can respect the quiet hours, everyone can have a fun time. Regardless of what activities they are engaging in.

If people are arriving late to the Alberta campgrounds. They should contact the management to let them know that they are arriving. But if they are going to be arriving after quiet time, they may be impacting other campers ability to sleep.


Therefore, it is very important that campers do their best to arrive before this important quiet time. To minimize upsetting others when driving in as well as setting up their camp.

It is also very important for all campers to respect not only the Alberta campgrounds but their own campsite as well. This means putting all trash in the designated trash bins. As well as avoid throwing cigarette butts on the ground.

But this also means, if campers notice that there is little or, or cigarette butts. They are encouraged to help the campground out by picking anything up they see. And putting it in the garbage. So that everyone can enjoy a clean space during their stay.

Inside their own campsite, people need to ensure that they keep their fire in the fire pit. Not only is this to help ensure that the campsite is kept in pristine condition. But this is also for the campers and everyone’s safety as well.

When they leave their campsite. They should ensure that the fire is put out completely. Whether they are leaving for a few hours, for the day. Or if people are leaving the campsite for good and heading back to the city. This is extremely important.

In all campers can follow some simple rules. And can be respectful of nature, the campground and each other. Then everyone can have the same enjoyment of getting away from the city. No matter what reason they have for wanting to go camping.

By adhering to these rules of etiquette. Then all campers can ensure that they are leaving the campground the way they found it. So that all campers are going to be able to be welcomed back and have an enjoyable experience.