Alberta Campgrounds | Responsible Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Responsible & Careful Camping

It is very important for all campers in any Alberta campgrounds to act responsibly. So that all campers can have a great experience. Something to keep in mind, is if they treat the campgrounds and other campers the same way that they would treat their mother and their mother’s home. Can help ensure everyone has a great time.

Responsible camping means that campers are not only respecting their own campsite and area. But the campsite of others, and the rights of the other campers as well. This means respecting the quiet time of the campground itself.

Many campers bring young children, that have a specific bedtimes that they can get their sleep. In other campers themselves like to go to bed early. Either because they are tired. Or because they want to wake up early to go on an adventure.

Campers that are not ready to go to bed, and want to stay up and have a fire in visit. Needs to understand that this means that they are allowed to stay up and have a fire. But they need to keep the volume down. If they have a stereo going, they can turn it off. And be mindful of how loud they are talking and laughing.

When all campers can respect this quiet hour. Then everyone can have a great time. As well as get the sleep they need for the next day.


In addition to respecting the quiet time. Campers also need to respect other people’s campsites. There campsite is where their living for the time that they are in the Alberta campgrounds. Which means it is very disrespectful to cut through a campsites. Even if it is a shortcut.

This is disrespectful to people’s privacy. Even if they are not in the campsite at the moment. And if there are people in the campsite. It might be startling to them and even their pets. Who might react poorly. When startled by a complete stranger.

All campers should be very respectful of the spaces of other campers. And not only avoid cutting through campsites. But being mindful even as they walked past them either on the road or on a trail.

Being respectful of the campsites also includes the campers own space as well. This means they should avoid starting a fire anywhere but the fire pit. Not only to avoid damaging the campsite. But because the fire pits are there for people’s safety as well.

They should avoid trying to move the fire pit. And avoid doing anything to the trees and plants surrounding their campsite. That might cause them damage. Things such as hanging hammocks, hanging a clothesline, or putting up a tarp. Should be avoided if this is going to cause damage to the trees.

If they do want to hang things that. They should get permission of the campground management first. Who might have a solution to allow them to hang their belongings. Without damaging the area.

When campers act responsibly towards each other as well as the Alberta campgrounds. Then everyone will be able to have a great time. Regardless of the many reasons that brought them there.

Alberta Campgrounds | Fun & Responsible Camping

While many campers visit Alberta campgrounds in order to get away from it all. Getting away does not mean not following important rules or guidelines. In fact, in order to ensure that all campers can enjoy their time and space. People should follow some simple guidelines to help ensure everyone can enjoy the space.

One of the first things that people need to do is be very mindful of the food that they are bringing in with them. They should pack food in an airtight container. So that wildlife will not be able to smell the food and be attracted into the campground.

If they have brought their pet with them. They need to do the same for their pets food. Because wildlife will not tell the difference between pet food and human food. And can be attracted to the pet food as well.

Not only does this mean putting the pet food in a sealable container along with the other food. But it also means not leaving it in a bowl on the ground all day long. After they feed their pets or themselves. They can put the food away, and into the sealed container.

When it comes to garbage left behind by some food products. The recommendation is for people to immediately throw it out into a wildlife proof garbage bin. That will be located throughout the entire Alberta campgrounds.


Disposing of the food quickly and garbage carefully. Can help ensure that people are not luring wildlife into the campgrounds. That could endanger others, themselves, or cause damage.

Campers should also be avoiding bringing in their own firewood to the campgrounds. Alberta campgrounds will have firewood for use or for sale. That is inspected, clean and dry. The firewood that people bring in from their own sources may not be clean or dry or inspected.

In fact, many pests or diseases can come into the campgrounds from wood that is brought in. Such as Dutch Elm disease. Which is highly contagious. And can spread throughout the campground and beyond.

And pine beetles, is an example of a past that can come into an area in firewood. And be responsible for causing widespread damage in the forests surrounding the campground.

Something else for campers to keep in mind. Is minding all of the litter and trash that they might be generating through camping. All garbage should go into the appropriate garbage receptacles. And they will be located throughout the campground.

This includes cigarette butts. That not only can impacts the beauty of the area. But if smokers are throwing their cigarette butts on the ground. They are risking starting a forest fire. That could endanger people, and put the campground in jeopardy.

By keeping these important things in mind. All campers can work at ensuring the campgrounds that they are staying in are kept clean, and safe. So that they can be used for many years to come.