Alberta Campgrounds | Rules to Follow While Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Rules to Follow While Camping With Us

Hundreds of people visit Alberta campgrounds every year. And if everyone who goes camping can follow some simple rules. The experience can be enjoyable for all people who go camping every year. Ultimately, treating the campgrounds and fellow campers with respect will help ensure everybody has a great time.

One important rule to follow when people are visiting Alberta campgrounds. Is to respect each other’s spaces. This means not only being mindful when walking past other people’s campsites. To mind their privacy. But it is also very important for people to avoid doing things like cutting through each other’s campsites.

This rule applies even if people are cutting through a campsites that currently has nobody in it. By respecting each other’s space at all times. Can help ensure all campers are enjoying their time getting away from the city.

This respect extends to the quiet hours of the campgrounds. Which are often 11 o’clock or midnight. Many campers have young children that need to go to bed. Or are going to bed early, so that they can get an early start on any activities they are engaging in. Such as taking or fishing for example.

This does not mean that campers must put their fire out and go to bed as well at the quiet time. They can still sit around the fire and visit with their friends and family. But they should turn their stereo off, and keep their volume down. To be mindful of people who are trying to sleep around them.


This includes if campers are arriving late to the Alberta campgrounds. If they know that they are going to arrive late, they should call the campground manager to advise them of their late arrival. And when they are driving in and setting up camp. To be mindful of the people who might be sleeping around them.

Whenever possible, campers should plan to arrive well before quiet time. So that they can avoid disrupting campers. Even if they are able to set their campsite up quietly.

Respecting the campgrounds and each other also includes ensuring that people are putting their trash in the appropriate garbage bins. And they are not throwing their cigarette butts on the ground. A lot of the enjoyment of camping comes from enjoying a clean area. And when everyone is mindful to put their trash away properly. This goal can be achieved.

This also means that all campers should work together to pick up any trash that they see if it has missed the garbage bin. And pick up any cigarette butts as well. Parents should be very mindful of watching if their children have dropped garbage by accident. So that the campgrounds can stay as clean as possible.

Campers should also even contact management if they see that something has been broken, or if any of the facilities are dirty. So that they can get it cleaned or fixed as quickly as possible. To allow all campers to have a great experience.

By being respectful of the campground as well as each other. Can help ensure that all campers have a fun time during their trip. And will be eager to come back in the future.

Alberta Campgrounds | Rules We Follow While Camping

Camping is a great way for many people to get away from the rush of their day-to-day life, by enjoying some Alberta campgrounds. However, they should keep in mind that they are going to be enjoying the wilderness with other campers. And so some simple rules of etiquette to follow. Can help ensure everybody has a fun time camping.

An important rule that all campers should follow at all times. Is avoiding leaving food out. Food smells can attract a wide variety of animals to the campsite. And this should be avoided.

From small animals like birds and squirrels, to large animals like deer. Can be attracted to the smell of food. Which can cause them to lose their fear of humans. Alberta campgrounds are also in bear country. And campers can inadvertently attract bears to their campsites. Which would be extremely dangerous as well.

Smaller animals can be nuisances, chewing camping gear, and leaving feces in the campsite. And larger animals can be very dangerous. And so all campers need to ensure that they are packing their food in sealable containers. To eliminate any potential smells.

This is true not only for their food. But if they are camping with their pets. They needs to put the pet food away as well. Because wildlife will not know the difference between people food or pet food. And can be attracted to the campsite either way.
In addition to people keeping their food in a sealable container. They should also get in the habit of putting this into their vehicle. To provide another barrier to avoid attracting animals.


Many campers like to bring their own wood with them when they go camping. And this should be discouraged whenever possible. Campgrounds have wood available. That is clean, dry, and pest free.

People may not realize that they are bringing in pests or diseases with their firewood. That kid damage or destroy the wilderness surrounding the Alberta campgrounds. Pests such as pine beetles can devastate a forest very quickly. And Dutch Elm disease can be transferred to trees from firewood.

People also might bring in wood that can have nails in it. Which can be very dangerous especially to the employees of the campgrounds. Who have to clean the fire pits up after the camper has departed.

It is far better for campers to leave their own what it home, and to use the firewood provided by the campsite.

When campers are getting away from their day-to-day life by going to campgrounds. Following important rules can help ensure that they are keeping the campgrounds clean, safe and disease-free. So that they can come back in the future and enjoy the campgrounds. And that they are keeping them in the same condition for all other campers to enjoy as well.