Alberta Campgrounds | Skunk Myths


Alberta Campgrounds | Skunk Myths

Many people believe what they see in cartoons about skunks, making them fearful of this very small animal when they visit Alberta campgrounds.

However, there is a lot of misinformation about this mostly defensive animal. And when people realize they do not have to fear this mammal. They will be able to coexist with them very nicely.

One piece of misinformation that people believe about skunks. Is that they can spray any amount of liquid, as often as they want. This can often be believed due to the cartoons about skunks.

But the truth of it is, skunks can only spray at one time. But during this one time, they can spray up to six times in quick succession of each other. Which means they can spray a lot of animals if they are surrounded by many predators.

However, once the skunk has sprayed this chemical once. Not only are they depleted of the chemical for the next ten days. Which leaves them virtually defenceless for this time in. And they can fall victim to predators within that time.

Because they are defenceless after they have sprayed ones. It truly is their last line of defence. And is something that they will do only if they believe their life is in danger. Or the lives of their offspring is in danger as well.


Another myth that many people believe about skunks. Is that the best way to avoid an encounter with the skunk is to scream and run away. While this seems like an effective way to startle skunk, and then put as much space in between the skunk and themselves as possible.

All this is going to do is frighten the skunk, which will cause them to spray sooner than they might have otherwise. And since they can spray up to 10 feet away from them. Chances are quite low that a person is going to be able to get far enough away. To avoid being hit with this liquid.

And since skunks are found in all of Alberta campgrounds. It is important that everyone who is visiting can understand what to do. To help them escape from an encounter with the skunk without being sprayed.

Experts recommend that people stop moving immediately. And be very quiet. Because skunks have terrible eyesight, but good ears, and good noses. They will know that people are there.

And when they do not see movement, they will often feel safe enough to run away and escape the encounter. However, if skunks do not immediately run away. Hikers and campers can slowly and quietly back away from the skunk. To put as much distance in between themselves and the animal as possible.

Ultimately, skunks are more terrified of people then people are of skunks. And when staying calm, and acting slowly. This can help people ensure that they do not end up startling the animal more. Which can end up with the animal acting more defensively than they need to.

Before any campers or hikers head out into Alberta campgrounds. They should be prepared for all of the different animals that they might encounter. So that they know what to do to be safe, and to avoid frightening the animals as well.

Alberta Campgrounds | Skunk Myths

When people are going to go exploring in Alberta campgrounds. Whether it is a camping trip, if they are going on a hiking daytrip. Or even if it is just a picnic. There are many different animals that they might meet during their stay.

And while many people are very excited to encounter a wide variety of animals. Less people are enthusiastic about encountering a skunk. This is because their reputation of spraying people with a stinky chemical. Often makes people frightened of this defenceless animal.

There are many different myths that continue to persist about skunks. That once people know the truth. Can help them keep their composure. When they encounter this animal, so that they, as well as the skunk can escape the encounter safely.

One of the first things that people often believe about skunks. Is that once they spray, people will never be able to get rid of the smell. By learning how easy it is, people will carry the right supplies. With them when they go to Alberta campgrounds.

And while the oily substance that makes up the skunk spray. Can be extremely viscous, and hard to wash out. It is not impossible to wash, as long as people know the right way to do so.

Tomato juice has often been referred to as the only way of getting skunk smell out of pets for, off of skin and out of clothes. The reason why tomato juice has been called an effective skunk treatment. Is because of the acid in the tomatoes.


But virtually anything acidic can be effective. And many people like to carry hydrogen peroxide and baking soda for this very purpose.

Using a 3% hydrogen peroxide and baking soda mixture. This can be an extremely effective way of neutralizing the oil, and the smell of skunk spray. People might have to do this several times in order to dissipate the stink, and break down the oil.

And because of the hydrogen peroxide that can have a bleaching effect. People need to wash it off their skin, clothes and pets for quickly. And take care to keep it out of their eyes. But this can quite quickly help people minimize the smell associated with skunk spray.

Another myth that many people believe when it comes to skunks. Is that they will attack once they spray. After their predator has been made defenceless.

Many people might be frightened to think that a skunk will only spray, in order to make their victim defenceless. And then they will attack.

However this is not true. And while skunks have extremely long claws. This is for digging not attacking. In fact, while skunks might have a threatening posture. This is only for show. And in hopes that they will frighten their potential predator away.

Skunks actually very small, and very defenceless. And would rather he left alone in Alberta campgrounds. Than encounter anyone that can cause them to have to defend themselves, or be distracted from their task of finding insects to eat.