Alberta Campgrounds | The Benefits Of Community Gardens


Alberta Campgrounds | The Benefits Of Community Gardens

Something new people visiting Alberta campgrounds this year. Can look forward to, when they visit Philly last, run by elevated experience camping. Is the addition of community gardens to their amenities.

Alberta Campgrounds

They have added community gardens for many reasons. One of them being, allowing their campers. To have access to fresh fruits and vegetables. And another, is to help support the food truck, operation Sasquatch.

Have fresh fruit and vegetables. For their menu, as they sell gourmet hotdogs. And gourmet mac & cheese to the patrons of the campground. During the weekend, and in Drayton Valley during the week.

Any camper, who is staying at the Alberta campgrounds that elevated experience run. Will be able to have access. To the community garden, and enjoy all of the benefits of fresh vegetables.

As well as enjoy all of the benefits that community gardens bring to the campground. One of the biggest benefits, besides having fresh vegetables. Of a community garden, is helping to produce negative community impacts.

Community Gardens and help promote things such as sustainability, particularly food sustainability. As well as brings unawareness to agriculture. And reduces food transportation costs.

As people will be able to grow their own vegetables. Instead of having them trucked in from miles away. And then sit for weeks in a grocery store. Gardens also help teach a community about food sustainability.

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Help people understand. Exactly where their food comes from. And what they can do, to have their own, renewable food resource. For people who are food insecure. Which means they are unsure.

Of where there next meals are going to come from. Knowing how to grow their own food. By learning it from community gardens. Can be an amazing benefit for them. Helping them learn how to feed themselves easily.

Another great benefit. Of a community garden, that campers in Alberta campgrounds. Can enjoy, when they have community gardens. Is an improved air quality. Because plants breathe in carbon dioxide.

And they exhale oxygen. Ensuring that people who go camping where there are more plants. Will be able to enjoy cleaner, fresher air. As well as improved soil quality as well.

Many people may not even realize. How beneficial gardening is to their mental health. Any people find it very relaxing as well as rewarding. Because they can see vegetables grow from seed.

Two a full grown a vegetable, that tastes amazing. And that they can enjoy in their meals. Even when it comes time to weed the garden. Many people are okay with that, because of how relaxing the garden can be.

As well, community gardens can decrease crime in a community. Because it eliminates the expanse of vacant lands. And makes vacant lands usable, and beneficial to the people in the community.

If parents would like to teach their children about where their food comes from. This is going to be a great opportunity, to show them. And help them understand where food comes from.

Alberta Campgrounds | What Are Benefits Of Community Gardens

People may not think gardens belong in Alberta campgrounds. But elevated experience camping would disagree. They think that community garden. Right in their campground, is going to be incredibly beneficial for many reasons.

However, they did not just plant a traditional garden. In the ground, they decided to build. Raised garden beds. Because believe this is going to be more advantageous. For their campers.

There are many benefits of having raised garden bed. Especially in the wilderness of Alberta campgrounds. Because there are many different types of wildlife. Who would feast on a vegetable garden.

If they ever had the opportunity. Common wildlife that people see. While staying at elevated experience camping. Include squirrels, mice and rabbits. But even perhaps a fox, who would all try to eat.

The food from garden. Therefore, having the raised garden beds. Will ensure that they are unable to probe her the fresh vegetables. Because they simply have no access to them.

However, people who have ever stayed in Alberta campgrounds before. Will also know that there are dear. That wander in the campground, and would also. Take the opportunity to eat the garden vegetables.

That is why they are going to be building a tall fence onto the raised garden beds. That is made of mesh, to allow the sun in. But to prevent the dear, and other large mammals. From snacking on the food.

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However, the benefits of a raised garden bed. Extend far beyond preventing animals from eating it. Another benefit of having the raised garden beds. Is that it is going to be much easier for people to weed.

As well as easier for them to water the garden. Fertilize the garden, and harvest from it as well. No more bending down, getting a sore back. And so were knees. Trying to harvest, and weed on the ground.

Another benefit of raised garden beds, whether in Alberta campgrounds or elsewhere. Is that people can avoid developing soilborne fungal diseases. Because the raised beds, aid and drainage.

When people are ready to build their own raised garden beds. They can be made out of virtually any material. From wood, like the ones billed at elevated experience camping.

However, other people have them made out of plastic, wooden pallets for example. Even old tractor tires. That they have filled up with soil. Can be made into a raised garden bed.

This means, no matter where people live. As well as how much space they may or may not have. It makes having a vegetable garden accessible, to help them learn how to grow their own food.

This can help people be more food to secure. If they are having a hard time making ends meet. And also, the food that they grow. Will be considerably more nutritious. Then the food that has been sitting for weeks.

In the grocery store, after having been trucked in. For hundreds of miles or more. When people go camping. They may not realize that there going to get an education. In food sustainability. However that is exactly what they will get. When they visit elevated experience camping.