Alberta Campgrounds | Try Out Gardening This Summer


Alberta Campgrounds | Try Out Gardening This Summer

If anyone has ever wanted to try gardening, they will be able to an Alberta campgrounds this year. The operators of the Willie West campground, elevated experience camping. Is adding a new amenity to their impressive services this year.

Alberta Campgrounds

They are launching a community garden initiative. That will benefit the campground, community groups. And campers this year. There are many community benefits that will be had.

Starting with the not-for-profit group that will directly benefit. From being able to access the fresh produce. Since they are nonprofit, and they are going to be operating a food truck.

Who is going to be servicing they campers, and the elevated experience Alberta campgrounds. They wanted to give back. Because they love supporting the community. So they thought of this community garden.

They can grow fresh produce. And then gift that fresh produce to the not-for-profit. Who will use it to create their delicious menu creations. And then sell that food, to their campers.

However, the produce. Will also be used by the campers. While also, enjoying the multiple community benefits. That a community garden brings to a community. Whether it is a city, a town or campground.

Some of the benefits that people will enjoy. Is reducing negative community impacts. By promoting food sustainability. And in appreciation, and deeper knowledge of agriculture.

Some people have never seen vegetables growing before. And some people, do not know what is involved. In the agricultural process. And what happens to bring the food to their table.

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It also will help community reduce their food transportation costs. And help improve the food security in an area. It increases the access to fresh food. And helps bring the community together.

An unintended benefit of community gardens. Is the fact that it will reduce crime. Typically, because it eliminates large, unused expanses of land. And puts community cooperation in its place.

Therefore, there are many community benefits of such an initiative. However, the benefits simply do not stop there. When putting community garden, within Alberta campgrounds. People will have a healthier environment.

For example, it will improve their air quality. Because plants will consume the carbon dioxide that people and their vehicles emit. Turning it into oxygen. For more breathable air.

But also, it will help promote healthy soil. Because the garden will eliminate soil erosion. Since plants will anchor the soil in place. And will also eliminate water runoff. That will take important nutrients with it.

A garden will also provide an opportunity. For people to compost their food waste. Reducing waste. But also providing the nutrients. That can go back into the garden. To promote more healthy vegetable growth.

Finally, a community garden is great for people. It promotes mental health. Because gardening is relaxing and rewarding. It is great for their physical health, as it is good exercise.

And it ensures people will spend time outside, breathing in amazing oxygenated air. If people would like to enjoy their summer vacation. Learning about gardening. Or teaching their children about this important activity. All they have to do, is go to elevated experience camping this year for their vacation.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Not Try Out Gardening This Summer

While there are an amazing array of amenities in the Alberta campgrounds. That elevated experience camping manages. They are continuing to add services each and every year.

This year, people can look forward to enjoying raised garden beds. Many people may not understand. The benefit of having a garden in their Alberta campgrounds. But for elevated experience camping, it is an obvious choice.

Not only will they be able to provide fresh produce. To the people that are camping, and glamping within their facilities. But also, it can help give people an appreciation of where their food comes from.

And be able to enjoy this activity. The reason why they decided on raised garden beds. Is because there are many benefits. While solving some problems at the same time.

One of the first problem is that having a raised garden bed solves. Is the problem of animals eating the vegetables. Rabbits, mice and skunks for example. Frequent the area, and would love to eat the vegetables.

As well as the plants, destroying an entire garden. In a very short amount of time. The raised garden beds. Solve the problem. By bringing these lands. Out of the reach of these small animals.

However, also within Alberta campgrounds. If anyone has ever stayed in one. They will know, that because of no fences, deer and moose will often just wander in. They also would love to eat the vegetables.

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As well as the plants, destroying the garden. In a short amount of time. However, the raised garden. Is not going to necessarily prevent damage from these animals. But the large mesh sides that they are building will.

These will make it easy for the sun to shine through. But provide a barrier for the deer and moose. So that they will not be able to eat the vegetables or the plants. They will be on hinges however.

So that people can simply open a latch, and swing open the side. So that they can weed, water and fertilize the garden. As well as harvest some of the vegetables for their own consumption.

Another benefit of having a raised garden. Is that they can promote water drainage. By allowing excess water to flow out of the soil. Whereas if it was in the ground, the water might not drain off effectively.

Especially when people who have never gardened before. Try their hand at watering, having great drainage. Is so important to avoid plants that are damaged due to waterlogging.

Another benefit of raised garden beds. Is that a wide variety of people. Will be able to engage in this activity. People who are physically limited. But love to garden. Or have never tried.

Because they were never able to bend down. Or punch down on their knees. Will be able to enjoy this fun activity. When they spend their summer vacation in Alberta campgrounds managed by elevated experience camping.