Alberta Campgrounds | What is Comfort Camping?


Alberta Campgrounds | What is Comfort Camping?

Even though the word glamping has only been around for a few years, people have been glamping or comfort camping in Alberta campgrounds for decades if not longer. Glamping is a portmanteau of the two words camping and glamorous.

Glamping or comfort camping describes taking amenities typically found at home or in hotels. And bringing them to the escapism and adventure of camping.

When people go camping, it is often so that they can do other activities. And do than easier, because they are staying in the wilderness. And this is where the activities that they wish to engage in take place.

This is considered adventure recreation when combined with camping. And people want to be able to stay as comfortably as they want. Before and after they engage in the recreational sports of their choosing.

When people pursue adventure recreation when in Alberta campgrounds. They can do many activities from sailing, canoeing, kayaking on lakes and rivers. As well as rafting on the faster rivers. From running and hiking, to mountaineering, rock climbing and skiing while in the mountains.

And they often want to include luxury items. To ensure that they can spend as much time as possible doing their sports of choice. Or to allow them to stay as comfortable as possible. Because their sport is typically very physically demanding.

And hence, glamping was the word used to describe campers who bring luxuries from home with them. But comfort camping or posh camping as it has been called for decades. Have been around for centuries.

Typically, hundreds of years ago when royalty or the very rich travelled. They would stay in tents along the way. But they always wanted to ensure that they had the luxuries of their palace with them.


One of the first and most famous instances of glamping in history. His in France in fifteen twenty. During the field of cloth of gold summit.

Where thousands of delegates set up almost 3000 tents, that had every luxury available to them at the time. Including fountains of wine.

Also, Genghis Khan was well known as one of the first glampers or luxury campers. Because as he marched his way through Mongolia and China. The tents that he erected along his journey were adorned with silks and all of the luxuries he could afford.

Today’s a glamour’s are often hauling trailers or driving motorhomes. That come outfitted with many comforts of home. From heaters and air-conditioners, to fully functioning bathrooms and kitchens.

However, one does not need a recreational vehicle in order to go glamping in Alberta campgrounds. There are many campsites that offer permanent glamping accommodations.

So whether people are looking for a specific getaway in Alberta to do some glamping. Or whether people are simply passing through, and want to get a unique experience that they can only get while staying in a glamping site.

Glamping is definitely on the rise with Travelers and campers not just in Alberta, but throughout the world. Because of its unique experience that it offers people.

Alberta Campgrounds | What is Comfort Camping?

While camping has been around for centuries even in Alberta campgrounds. Many people think that the addition of luxury items means that this is a new type of recreation.

When in fact, glamping has been around for centuries as well. As this is how many royals travelled across the country to do their royal duty. And insured that they had all of the luxuries of their palace with them.

However nowadays, glamping or luxury camping is not reserved for the super rich or royalty. And many people engage in comfort camping as a way of experiencing nature. And do this as a way to spend time during their vacation.

While camping was known for its rough amenities. People have been bringing luxury items with them. To elevate the experience for themselves and their family.

Starting with blowup mattresses, and even raised beds. To coffee pots, and bringing cooking supplies. Glamping is bringing yesterday’s amenities to today’s technology. To provide a unique experience to campers.

And while for the longest time glamping meant people needed to have a recreational vehicle, or a trailer or tent. This is no longer the case. As many Alberta campgrounds are offering permanent or semi permanent structures for glamping.

These structures offer amenities that are typically only found in hotel rooms, or in people’s homes. With the feeling of camping. So that people can feel like they are still spending time in nature. While staying in comfort.

There are several different types of glamping accommodations that people can find throughout Alberta campgrounds. Such as many cabins, luxury tents, teepees and yurts which are round tents with structured walls and ceilings.


Different amenities that can be found in these structured are as varied as the structures themselves. With some providing amenities such as air-conditioning, microwaves and barbecues.

While others offer amenities such as fireplaces, skylights and even satellite television or Wi-Fi. There are so many different types of glamping accommodations.

That people should make a decision on what type of experience they are looking for. Before they start looking. So that they can have an easier time narrowing down the type of experience that they are looking for.

There are many reasons why people may go glamping. From loving the outdoors, but wanting a hotel feel. Or not being able to experience traditional camping. Due to physical or similar type of limitations.

While pitching a tent or cooking over an open fire may not be possible for everybody. The glamping accommodations are often friendly for people of all abilities.

And gives people the feeling like they are camping. Without requiring a lot of effort of traditional camping. Such as sleeping on the ground, or chopping wood to stay warm.

Because these glamping sites are fairly new. If people are interested in experiencing their vacation this way. They should book ahead. So that they can be sure they get the glamping site of their choice. And experience the beauty of the province in a completely new way.