Alberta Campgrounds | What is Luxurious Camping?


Alberta Campgrounds | What is Luxurious Camping?

Many people have been luxury camping in Alberta campgrounds for decades. However, in two thousand and five, someone in the UK mashed up the two words glamping and can thing. And now glamping is considered the latest fad.

However, glamping not a new activity at all. Because people have been glamping for centuries. It has first been noted in history books during fifteen twenty. Where an Italian delegation had thousands of tense and erected.

In order to ensure that each delegate was as comfortable as possible. Each of the tents were all outfitted with all of the luxuries that they could afford in the day. Including fountains that ran with red wine instead of water.

And while this might seem like a unique occasion. Since then, outfitting the tents that they are travelling with. Had become a popular activity for the rich and for royalty travelling throughout the country.

While sultans were often known for the luxuriousness of the tents that they travelled with. Not wanting to leave a single luxury of their palace behind.

Perhaps one of the most famous and well-known glamour of all time is Genghis Khan. While he marched across China, trying to seize the territory. He was known for the accommodations that he kept while he travelled.

According to historians, he hung silk drapery on the inside of his tents, laid silk carpets on the ground. An insured that he had servants to cater to his every desire.


And while this type of luxury accommodation was reserved for the ultrarich, and royalty. It is now used to describe activities that people engage in while camping in Alberta campgrounds.

It ultimately means going camping with more luxuries and comfort than people typically take camping. While this might mean that people are going camping with a trailer or motor home.

This also could describe going camping with attendant, while bringing many different creature comforts from home as well. Such as air-conditioning or heaters.

Glamping is often popular. Because people do not necessarily want to sleep on the ground, or sleep outside like in attendance. So recreational vehicles and motorhomes can be a way for people to be able to change where they sleep during camping activities.

It also is a way for people to ensure that they can prepare food more easily. Then having to build a fire before cooking over it. Which is why many people have their recreational vehicles outfitted with an oven, a stovetop and microwave.

Some people have even been known to bring a crockpot or an instant pot long with an espresso machine when they go camping. For the ultimate glamping experience.

There is literally no limit except people’s imagination. Limiting what they can bring when they go camping in Alberta campgrounds. So for people who love camping. But do not like sleeping outside, or cooking over an open fire. Glamping is often the answer for them.

It also is a way for people to bridge the gap in couples where one person loves camping and the other thousand. By ensuring that they can stay in nature. But have many of the creature comforts of home.

Alberta Campgrounds | What is Luxurious Camping?

Luxurious camping is what people used to call glamping before the word was coined, and when people go to Alberta campgrounds. Many of them are doing what is now called glamping.

In fact, glamping is a brand-new word for an age old activity. And it used to be called not just luxury camping but posh camping and comfort camping as well.

It is merely the act of going camping and taking comforts of home that people would ordinarily not find in a campsite. When people go to Alberta campgrounds.

When they travel with a trailer or a motorhome. This is often known as glamping because of the amenities that are standard in those trailers.

However, glamping can be more than just going camping in a trailer that has been outfitted with many different luxuries.

In fact, as glamping catches on in popularity. More campgrounds than ever before. Are creating permanent glamping sites. So that people do not necessarily need to have an RV or even attend in order to go camping.

This is very important for many people. Especially those who love to camp, but face physical limitations to being able to camp with their family.

Perhaps they have a mobility issue, such as being in a wheelchair. That makes pitching a tent, sleeping on the ground, or cooking over an open fire difficult or impossible.


Or, they could have an ailment that would make all of those things difficult. However they do want to continue camping for as long as possible. And these permanent glamping sites can make that a reality for these people.

By allowing all of the different luxuries that they need. But also in an environment that allows them to experience the wilderness both the surroundings and the animals. They can enjoy camping in a way that is accessible to them.

People should understand that different glamping sites in the different campgrounds will have different amenities. So they need to be very aware of what the glamping site they are looking at offers.

They can have everything from heaters and air-conditioners, microwaves and coffee pots. Some might have indoor plumbing but others do not.

So as long as people are aware of what comes with the glamping site that they are renting. They will be able to know exactly what to expect before they get there.

For people who love camping but are unable to. Going to glamping sites in a variety of Alberta campgrounds. Can ensure that they are able to enjoy the beauty of the province. In a way that they are able to.

People are looking for places that they can go glamping in, should contact elevated experience camping. Because not only do they have regular camping sites. They also have glamping sites for rent.

And many different amenities for campers to enjoy. Such as an arcade, candy store and activities like goat yoga. So that everyone has something to do while camping.