Alberta Campgrounds | What is Posh Camping?


Alberta Campgrounds | What is Posh Camping?

Many people have been posh camping or glamping in Alberta campgrounds for decades without this particular name attached to it. And ultimately, all it is, is camping with many creature comforts that people may not typically have will camping.

And while people might have an image of laying around on lounges with pillows, with giant fans and people bringing them cocktails. This is actually the origin of glamping in history.

Even though the word glamping is new, having been coined fifteen years ago. And only added to the Oxford dictionary three years ago. It actually has origins centuries before.

The first known instances of glamping is in fifteen twenty. In Europe, where an extremely large delegation of thousands of people. Set up luxury tents in order to make their stay away from home more pleasurable.

In addition to having all of the luxuries that anyone could imagine. They also set up fountains that contained red wine for the delegates. So that they could drink at their leisure.

And while this is only one instance of glamping in history. There are dozens of others. With royalty such as kings and queens and even sultans. Being known for the many luxuries that they took with them when they had to travel across the country for their royal duties.

In fact, the most famous glamour in history is Genghis Khan. And although he is known for the terrible things that he has done. He was also known to travel in style.

Ensuring that the tents that were erected for him. Were outfitted with all of the luxuries he enjoyed. Including silk drapery on the walls and silk carpets. In addition to servants catering to his every desire.


However, glamping nowadays is less luxurious and more camping. But that does not stop the fact that it is extremely popular in all of the Alberta campgrounds.

The most common forms of glamping. Will be with the recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, and trailers that people bring with them when they go camping.

The amenities that are in these vehicles and trailers can be enough to consider people glamping. Such as having air conditioning and heating, as well as a bathroom with a fully functioning toilet and shower.

As well as having a fully functioning kitchen. To allow people to cook food in comfort. Instead of having to build a fire, and then took over that open fire.

This can include an oven, a stovetop and a microwave. People have also known to bring in their trailers coffeemakers and even espresso machines, as well as instant pots and their own barbecues. To ensure they can cook whatever they desire whenever they want.

Therefore, many people have been glamping without even knowing it. Because of all of the creature comforts that are allowed in their recreational vehicles.

But ultimately, any time any campers go camping and have luxuries that they would not normally take camping. They can call it glamping, and know that they are part of a growing trend in Alberta campgrounds.

Alberta Campgrounds | What is Posh Camping?

There is no denying that people in this province of visiting Alberta campgrounds in order to go camping for their vacations. However, more people than ever are doing what is being referred to as glamping.

Glamping is essentially camping with more amenities than are typically taken during a camping trip. And can refer to everything from bedding, to cooking equipment, air conditioning and heaters. As well as things like satellite television, or Internet.

And while people have been going glamping in recreational vehicles such as motorhomes or in trailers for decades. More Alberta campgrounds are building glamping sites than ever before.

What a glamping site consists of, is a permanent or semi-permanent structure. Such as a luxury tent, a tiny cabin, or a year for example. Which is a round tent with structured walls and ceilings.

And in these structures, they put everything that a person would need to go camping. As well as many creature comforts that they would typically experience at home.

Many glamping sites have a full-sized regular bed. So that people do not have to bring a sleeping bag or sleep on the floor.

As well as other luxuries such as an air conditioning unit or heater. And things like a microwave, and a barbecue.

This will allow people to experience camping, but without having to buy a lot of the equipment necessary for camping. Such as tents, sleeping bags and cooking equipment for example.


But also will provide comforts that people typically find at home or in a hotel. So that they can have a slightly elevated experience with their camping trip.

This is a great activity for people who typically do not like camping. Because they do not like doing things such as pitching a tent or sleeping on the ground. But want to go camping in order to spend time with their loved ones.

Glamping is also a great activity for people who are not able to go camping traditionally. Because they have physical limitations that would cause them to not be able to go camping.

Whatever the reason, people should check out all of the different Alberta campgrounds that have permanent glamping sites. And look at all the different amenities that they can get in those sites.

While there are many different styles of structures available for people to go glamping in. There are also just as many different amenities that are available.

The prices for each type of glamping site will vary. Depending on where in the province people go. As well as what amenities they are going to have available in their glamping sites.

And while glamping is on the rise throughout Alberta campgrounds. This is an activity that has been done by people for centuries.

And anyone who loves nature, but also loves the comforts of home. Should experience glamping. Because it can bring the best of both worlds together. To allow people a fun vacation experience for themselves as well as their families.