Alberta Campgrounds | What To Avoid While Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | What To Avoid When Camping

Every camper should take on some responsibility to help ensure they are keeping the Alberta campgrounds they visit safe and clean. When all campers work together, they will be able to ensure that the campgrounds that they enjoy are capped safe, and pristine for not just this camping season. But for future camping trips as well.

Regardless of the reason why campers are getting away. Whether they are looking for a chance to relax. Or if they use this opportunity to find adventure. The common thread is all campers need to be respectful of each other as well as their space.

One of the first things that campers should keep in mind is they need to leave there would at home. While some people think that this is an inexpensive way to ensure they can have fires every night. There is important reasons why this should be avoided.

Many people are unaware of the pests or diseases that can come into the Alberta campgrounds on their firewood. Especially if they are coming from out of province. They can bring in pests that have not been introduced to the area. And cause widespread destruction.

An example of this is the pine beetle. And it can very easily come in with a load of firewood. And then because destruction to the forests surrounding the campgrounds. That shell disease is another example of this. And if brought into a campsite. Can actually cause a lot of destruction in a very short amount of time.


The firewood that is provided in the campgrounds has been inspected. And is also safe and dry. Campers should use this would, and to keep their own wood for their own backyard fires.

Campers should also be very mindful of the food that they packed. Not only should it be in sealable containers. But they need to ensure that they are preparing food quickly, and then cleaning up just as fast.

If they have garbage left over from their food it needs to be disposed of in a wildlife proof garbage bin that will be located throughout the campgrounds. So that they do not inadvertently attract wildlife.

Wildlife can cause damage, and in danger campers. And should not be attracted to come inside the campgrounds. By being very mindful of how they package and dispose of food products. Can help ensure they are keeping the campground safe for themselves and other campers.

It is also very important for campers to respect their own campsites. And avoid causing damage to the trees or plants surrounding their campsite. And to keep the fire well within the fire pit. They should not start a fire anywhere else. Or try to move the fire pit. To ensure that they are kept safe. And campers that come after them have a great space for them to enjoy their camping stay as well.

By keeping these important things in mind. Can help ensure that campers have a great visit in the Alberta campgrounds. And ensure that they are leaving things in a way that allow others to have the same level of enjoyment.

Alberta Campgrounds | Avoid This While Camping

Even though some campers view going to Alberta campgrounds as a way to unwind and relax. While others consider it a great time to party with their friends. As long as all campers are respectful of each other’s space and rights. Then everyone can get what they need while camping. And ensure others can too.

One of the most important things to respect is the campgrounds quiet time. Many campers like to go to bed early. Either because their tired from the fresh air. Or they want to wake up early in the morning for their camping adventures. Other campers have young children that need to to go to bed and sleep.

The campers that are looking to stay up and visit can feel free to stay up past the quiet hour. But they need to ensure that their volume is down. Turning the stereo off, and avoiding yelling. Can ensure that they are able to stay up, and visit with their friends. While allowing other campers the sleep they need.

The quiet hours are important to observe even if people are arriving late to the campsite. Campers should make plans to leave their home early enough to avoid arriving past the quiet hour.

However, some circumstances occur and make it hard for all campers to completely avoid this. If they know they are arriving late. They should call the Alberta campgrounds management and alert them to their late arrival.


They will be able to help the campers come in and set up quickly and quietly. To minimize bothering the other campers who are already asleep.

People should also be very mindful of the trash that they might generate. Throwing it in the appropriate receptacle as soon as possible can help ensure there keeping the campgrounds as clean as possible.

This is especially true if the garbage people have has touched food. Because this can attract wildlife to the area.

Food garbage should go in the appropriate receptacles around the campground. So that wildlife does not come sniffing around. And potentially eating garbage and getting hurt.

Campers should also take the responsibility themselves to pick up any trash they see on the ground. To help keep the area as clean as possible. There are many reasons why garbage might be on the ground. Someone could have accidentally dropped it. Or it could have blown out of the campsite.

When everyone works together to keep the space trash free, then everyone will get to enjoy the clean amenities.

In addition to picking up trash. Campers should keep the management in mind if they see something broken or dirty. They work very hard to help keep things in good condition, and clean. So help from the campers is greatly appreciated.

By following these important rules. Can help keep all the campers safe, and enjoying this space. Regardless of the wide variety of reasons that might have brought them to the Alberta campgrounds in the first place.