Alberta Campgrounds | What To Do When Sprayed by a Skunk


Alberta Campgrounds | What To Do When Sprayed by a Skunk

Many people may have gone to Alberta campgrounds dozens of times or more. And have never encountered a skunk. But because these animals are native to all parts of the province. It often is only a matter of time before people come face-to-face with this small animal.

One of the first things that surprises most people about encountering a skunk. Is how small this animal actually is. And ultimately, the skunk only has one natural defence. And because of that, they often would choose to run away rather than spray a potential predator.

This is why it is very important for people to understand what to do if they encounter a skunk. So that they can escape without getting sprayed. And so the skunk does not feel threatened, and can go about foraging for their food.

One of the first things that campers should be aware of when visiting Alberta campgrounds. Is they need to keep their food locked up in an airtight container. Ideally, people will put coolers and any additional food sources in their vehicle.

Because while skunk’s main source of food is insects. They are ultimately scavengers and will steal any food that they are fortunate enough to find.

People will want to avoid having open food in their campground. So that they can avoid attracting a skunk by accident.

There most likely going to attract these animals at dusk, when they wake up from their daytime slumber. To start foraging for insects for dinner.


And even if they are not in their campsite. But are instead coming back from a hike. This is the time of day that they are likely going to encounter one on the trail.

The first thing that people need to do when they come face-to-face with the skunk. Whether in their campsite or on the trail. Is to simply stop moving and stop making noise.

This can help the skunk realize that they are free to run away, and that they are not being threatened. However, if this does not work and they end up feeling threatened. They will go through several postures indicating that they are trying to frighten the potential threat away.

These defence postures can be things like stamping their feet, hissing and even acting like they are going to charge. However, despite the fact that they have extremely long and sharp claws. These claws are for digging, not attacking. And they will not actually charge a predator.

However, if these threats do not actually cause the potential predator to run away or leave. They may start aiming to spray.

This is why when people see the skunk going through these postures. They should start backing away as quietly as they can. To indicate to the animal that they are leaving the area.

However, skunks can spray up to 3 m away, and despite the fact that they have poor eyesight. Have extremely good aim, and anyone who a skunk decides is going to get sprayed, will typically come away from the incident smelly air.

However, there are many effective treatments to skunk spray. And as long as people carry this with them and they go to Alberta campgrounds. They will be able to effectively get rid of the smell. So that they can enjoy the rest of their trip.

Alberta Campgrounds | What To Do When Sprayed by a Skunk

Despite the fact that skunks are mostly defenceless animals, when people go to Alberta campgrounds they are often fearful about encountering this animal.

The reason why, is because the reputation of their only defence. Which is there skunk spray. Will cause a lot of people to be fearful of being sprayed by a skunk.

However, while the skunk spray, which smells like sulphuric acid. Can cause skin irritation, and temporary blindness. Is actually non-toxic. And will not cause any long-term damage.

It can however cause nausea and vomiting for people who are close enough to its. And this is a smell that is extremely pungent. Because it can be smelled by human knows when it is five point 6 km away. Therefore, it is very important that people stay outside. So that they do not cause others around them to become nauseous as well.

If they do get sprayed, they should ensure that they have brought with them some supplies that can help them wash the smell and the oily liquid off of them.

Tomato juice has been known as an effective treatment. That is mostly because tomatoes are acidic, and can cut through the oil. Allowing it to be washed away effectively.

For those people who do not wish to bathe in a bathtub full of tomato juice. They can use other treatments. A mixture of 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide with quarter cup of baking soda. Can be very effective at neutralizing the smell washing the oil away.


Even white vinegar is acidic enough to break this liquid down, and can often be carried into Alberta campgrounds quite easily.

If people encounter a skunk just once. They will be glad to they had the supplies on hand to wash the oil off. And dissipate the smell. And with all of the other supplies that they need to bring in for their trip. It can be just one supply in many. That can help ensure their trip is a pleasant one.

However, if people get the solution in their eyes. They should not put vinegar or hydrogen peroxide in their eyes. Simply by rinsing their eyes several times with cool water.

Can wash as much of the oil out of their eyes as possible. And as long as people do this, and avoid rubbing their eyes, will regain any sites they might have lost from this is because substance.

By being aware that skunks are going to be sharing their space whether they are seen or not. And what to do to avoid encountering one.

Such as putting food in their campsite away, making noise when they are hiking. As well as how to react when they come face-to-face with the skunk.

Can give hikers and campers the tools they need. To encounter a skunk in Alberta campgrounds. But have nothing more to show for the encounter than a story.