Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Comfort Camping?


Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Comfort Camping?

While camping is a popular activity throughout Alberta campgrounds and the country. The reasons why people like going camping are as varied as the campsites themselves.

People often like to get away from the city and spend time in nature. And like to pursue a number of activities. Such as birdwatching, fishing, or even engaging in many adventure type sports while in nature.

And these adventure sports can include hiking, cycling, rock climbing and skiing. As well as water activities such as canoeing, kayaking or even white water rafting.

And when these sports are combined with camping, it becomes known as adventure recreation. Which is an activity that is on the rise not just in Alberta campgrounds. But throughout the country as well.

Therefore, camping for the joy of living outside is not as popular as it once was. As people are engaging in camping as a means to get to their favourite activities.

These people therefore do not enjoy the roughing it aspect that used to be synonymous with this activity. And they like to bring luxury items that are typically found only at home or in hotel rooms with them.

These things can make their camping experience more comfortable or more convenient. So that they can spend more time and enjoyment on their sports or adventure activities.

The reason people would want to go camping in order to do this. Is because by camping, they can get closer to where they wish to engage in their activities. Such as sleeping in the mountains if people are interested in rock climbing.


There is also an element of escapism with adventure recreation. And while people want to escape the city. They are not necessarily interested in staying in rough accommodations. Which is why they like to bring their comfort items with them.

These luxury items can be everything from heaters and air-conditioners that will allow them to be comfortable. And even betting that allow them to have a better sleep. Or not sleep on the ground.

Or these luxury items can help ensure that people have a faster meal preparation and cleanup. Which is why many trailers and motorhomes come standard with stove tops, ovens and microwaves.

Whether people are staying in tents or trailers, bringing many different comfort items has been done for decades in Alberta campgrounds.

But comfort camping or glamping as it is now called. Is something that is available to more people. With the creation of permanent and semi permanent structures that many campgrounds are building.

These structures typically provide some element that allows people to feel like they are camping. And being able to spend time in nature, and see the beauty of their surroundings.

While giving them the amenities that they would be used to in a hotel room, or at home. Such as full size beds, air-conditioners, and even barbecues to cook their food on.

With the growing popularity of these glamping sites. If people are looking for this unique getaway. They should ensure that they are booking well in advance. As these sites tend to book up fast, for the entire camping season.

Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Comfort Camping?

While comfort camping is something that many people from all walks of life now do throughout the various Alberta campgrounds. This was not always the case with comfort camping, or luxury camping.

In fact, this used to be how royalty used to travel across the country. In order to complete their royal duties. As hotels and accommodations were less common back in the day.

They would travel with their entourage, and set up tents to stay in along the way on their journey. However, no tenant would be fit for royal without bringing many of the luxuries that they would be used to from their palace.

There are many stories of royals who would out fit their tents with many various luxuries including silk drapery, silk carpets and servants to serve their every desire on their trip.

The most famous instance of glamping occurring in history is with Genghis Khan. Because of the accommodations and luxuries he outfit his tents with. Even though he is known in history as being a brute, is also one of the most famous historical glampers.

And while glamping, or comfort camping is something that had traditionally been reserved for royalty. In the nineteen twenties, as the rich started travelling more.

And how popular African safaris were. The accommodations that they stayed in would be considered glamping by today’s standards.

The tenth that these super rich would stay in would include electric generators, hot baths and crates of champagne. To ensure they had all of the luxuries they desired. While viewing this new landscape, and seeing animals never seen before.


However, nowadays, glamping is not something typically done by the richest of the rich. However, Matthew McConaughey did create many different glamping sites for his wedding.

So that his guests could stay in a rural setting. While allowing them all of the luxuries they typically would be accustomed to.

But nowadays, glamping or comfort camping. Is something that typical middle-class people do as a way of enjoying their vacation.

And what makes it glamping, are all of the amenities that they bring from home. To make their camping trip more comfortable as they visit Alberta campgrounds.

People are known for bringing all sorts of amenities. From air-conditioners and heaters even if they are staying in tents. To air mattresses, and even outfitting their trailer with a queen-size mattress. So that they can sleep as comfortably as they wish.

They also come with devices that can help them prepare and make food a lot easier. Such as microwaves, barbecues, and even coffeemakers. So that every aspect of their trip can be as comfortable as they wish.

However, while people typically would go comfort camping in accommodations they provide. Many Alberta campgrounds are now creating permanent or semi permanent structures.

That allow people the opportunity to go glamping. Even if they do not have their own camping equipment. These are growing in popularity very quickly.

As it allows people the experience that they could typically only get camping. Without requiring them to purchase the equipment for themselves.