Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Glamping?


Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Glamping?

Camping in Alberta campgrounds has been a popular activity for decades. Although not everybody is as excited to go roughing it as others might be.

Because camping accommodations are typically seen as very rudimentary. It is an activity that not everybody has been interested in doing.

However, today’s technology allows more people than ever before. To bring amenities with them camping that has not always been possible. To make camping a little less rough than it used to be.

The word glamping was coined only fifteen years ago in the UK. By mashing up to words camping and glamorous. And it is popularity is rising. As people who typically were not interested in camping start engaging in this activity.

There are as many different amenities that people can bring as they have imagination. With many people bringing things such as a coffee maker, microwave, or heater or air conditioner with them.

Or, that they are bringing an RV or a trailer. That come outfitted with many different amenities. Such as a fully functioning bathroom with a shower. As well as a fully functioning kitchen that has not only a stovetop, but an oven and microwave.

Some people prefer bringing luxuries that make them more comfortable. Or make their camping experience more convenient. And there is no wrong way for people to go glamping.

However, only recently did Alberta campgrounds start offering glamping sites for those who did not have trailers or tents to stay and in the first place.


By creating these glamping sites. They often are structures that are either permanent or semi permanent. That contain many amenities that are only found in hotel rooms, or in people’s homes.

Most of these structures have a bed with bedding, so that people are not sleeping on the ground or in sleeping bags. And have many different things that are designed to make people’s stay more comfortable.

In the elevated experience campsite, there glamping site consists of a tiny cabin. Complete with a full queen-size bed, and air conditioning. As well as the cooler to store people’s food, a microwave and a barbecue to cook their food on.

While these glamping sites were designed for people’s comfort in mind. They are sure to keep a lot of the charm of camping. By allowing people to experience nature the way typical campers do.

Therefore, they have a fire pit in the same site. To allow people to have family and friends visit. For conversation, campfire songs and roasting marshmallows over the fire pit.

The different types of glamping that are available throughout the province are as different as each campground itself. When people are looking for their unique getaway close to nature.

They should have in mind what types of accommodations they are looking for. So that they can match the different glamping sites with their expectations.

People should also book well in advance. Because since glamping has been extremely popular. They book up fast. So by contacting Alberta campgrounds well in advance of people’s vacation. It can be sure to get the glamping site they want.

Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Glamping?

For many people, going camping in Alberta campgrounds is their vacation of choice. And they love roughing it, and spending time close to nature.

However, many people love spending time close to nature. Or even engaging in many different sports that take place in nature. Such as cycling, mountain climbing, or rafting and hiking just to name a few.

And while they love nature and they love engaging in their adventure activities. They are less a fan of the roughing it aspects of camping.

Therefore, they like to bring many luxuries with them. Especially because today’s technology allows them to do it now, then what was possible before.

It doesn’t matter what item people want to make things more easy, convenient or comfortable for them. In order for it to be called glamping or luxury camping.

And it also does not matter if people are staying in a tent, or a trailer to be able to bring these luxury items with them.

While many trailers or motorhomes are now equipped with air conditioning and heaters. People have been known to bring small air-conditioners and heaters with them while they stay in a tent.

As well as bringing barbecues, coffeemakers and instant pots for example. To make cooking and cleaning up meals faster and easier.


And while people have been bringing these luxury items camping for decades. It almost always required people to have their own accommodations. Such as their own trailer or tent to stay in.

However, with the growing popularity of glamping. Many Alberta campgrounds are creating their own glamping sites. That does not require campers to bring their own accommodations with them.

For these sites, there are many different structures that could be erected. Ranging from tiny cabins, luxury tents, yurts and even teepees. Each one bringing a completely unique experience than the other.

Depending on each of the accommodations. There can be several different types of amenities within them. Depending on what is available, and the physical limitations of the structure itself.

Therefore, if people are wanting to experience camping in a completely unique way. They should look up which Alberta campgrounds offer their own glamping sites. And what is involved in each of the accommodations. To end up matching what they are looking for with the right site.

And it is not just campgrounds that are offering glamping accommodations. Many people are offering it as a way to experience music festivals, and unique cultural events.

That will allow people to participate in a way that is not possible by staying in traditional accommodations such as hotels and motels.

The one thing that is certain, is that glamping is growing in popularity. And even though more sites are available each year. When people want to go glamping as part of their vacation. They should book in advance, so that they get the experience they are looking for.