Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Posh Camping?


Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Posh Camping?

Many people are drawn to the beauty of the Alberta landscape and wilderness, which is why camping in Alberta campgrounds is so popular. However, while many people are fine with the rough accommodations camping gives. Many others are not so excited about the accommodations.

And as people have gone camping for decades. Today’s technology allows people to bring luxuries with them that have not always been possible.

So now more than ever, people are bringing items that are typically found only at home or in hotel rooms. With them, to make their camping experience more comfortable for themselves and their family.

This is why many RVs, such as motorhomes and trailers come standard with things like a stove, oven and microwave. As well as plumbing such as sinks, toilets and fully functioning showers.

Many people often even bring heaters and air conditioners if they are not standard in their trailers or order homes. Or they will bring those things to put in their tent. So that they can always remain the perfect temperature during their vacation.

Many people even love having luxuries such as satellite television, or Internet. Which is something that is extremely useful especially with a large family, on a rainy day.

However, all of this requires campers to have their own accommodations. Whether it is a trailer, a motorhome or even a tent.

But now, there are glamping sites being built in many different Alberta campgrounds throughout the province. That have structures that people can stay in for their camping trip.


They bring some of the rustic charm of camping together with today’s technology. In order to give people a unique experience that does not require them bringing their own equipment.

These glamping sites are often outfitted with everything that people need for their stay. And all they have to do is bring themselves and their food, so that they can enjoy this get away from the city in a way that was not possible for them before.

People who like to use these glamping sites are extremely different from each other. Ranging from travellers who are passing through. Who want to experience the beauty of the nature and scenery.

But are not prepared for a camping trip themselves. Therefore, these accommodations allow field of camping. But with out any of the necessary equipment.

Another reason why many people might choose to utilize these glamping sites. Is because while they love to spend time in nature.

They are not great fans of camping. And these semi-permanent or permanent glamping structures. Can be the best of both worlds. Allowing them to enjoy nature. But without the camping.

Some people want to go glamping. Because while they do not enjoy camping. Their family does, and this allows them to feel included in their family activity. But without actually having to camp themselves.

By offering a glamping site within the Alberta campgrounds. Means they can be close to their family, and enjoy all of the things they do as well.

Alberta Campgrounds | Who Goes Posh Camping?

Even though people might hear the term posh camping or glamping as it is known, it is not just the rich who go glamping in Alberta campgrounds. This is an activity enjoyed by people of all kinds.

Glamping is a word that was coined by merging the two words glamorous and camping. And although the word is new, it is not a new concept at all.

In fact, as technology evolves, people have been making their camping experience more and more comfortable, or luxurious than before.

Ultimately, luxury camping is simply a merging of the charm of camping with new technology. To make the experience as comfortable as possible.

And really, depending on what people want to bring with them for their camping experience. Is what makes it glamping for them.

Some people want to ensure that they can be the most comfortable temperature. Ensuring that they have not only heaters but air-conditioners. Even if they are staying in a tent.

Some people like to have all of the modern plumbing technology. Ensuring that they can shower every day on their camping trip. Which is why many trailers and motorhomes come complete with fully functioning bathrooms.

And still others want to ensure that they can prepare food and cleanup food very easily. Whether it is to spend less time cooking and cleaning. Or spend more time on the activities that brought them to Alberta campgrounds in the first place.


Many people have microwaves, stoves and ovens, coffee makers, lenders and even instant pots for example. As a way of making cooking much more efficient than cooking over an open fire.

With all of this technology, people can get on with whatever adventure they are looking for. Whether it is hiking or cycling. Spending time on the water doing canoeing, kayaking or sailing. But that they want to go fishing or rock climbing.

For many people camping is actually a means to an end. And while they enjoyed nature. They do not necessarily appreciate the rough accommodations.

So they are inspired to go camping. But are more than happy to try out all of the various technology that makes it as comfortable as possible.

However, many Alberta campgrounds are now constructing accommodations. That give people the feel of camping. But with many amenities that they could find typically only in hotel rooms. Or from home.

This allows people to engage in their adventures in whatever sporting activity they want. Without having to actually go camping, because that is not the activity that they are most interested in.

When people are looking to experience glamping. They should take a look at which campgrounds have glamping sites that are close to where they want to do their recreational activity. And by keeping in mind what amenities are most important to them. Can choose the right glamping site for their needs.

The most in important thing to keep in mind. Is that with the increase in the popularity of glamping. These sites sell out very quickly so campers need to book in advance in order to ensure that they can get their stay in these camping sites.