Alberta Campgrounds | Why Bike On Vacation


Alberta Campgrounds | Why Bike On Vacation

Going on vacation in Alberta campgrounds. Is a right of passage for many. Many people, would prefer. Spending their weekends, and weeklong summer vacations. Nowhere else, then the great outdoors.

Alberta Campgrounds

And while there are many different Alberta campgrounds. For people to visit. There are many compelling reasons. For people to visit elevated experience camping this year.

Not only do they have a wide variety of amenities. And activities to enjoy. Such as goat yoga, many golf. They are also located in a river valley. And people can go boating. As they have a boat launch.

As well as go fishing. And they have a wide variety. Of trails to explore by foot. However, many people love biking. Except they are not able. To bring their bike with them. Because it does not fit with their camping gear.

Therefore, they usually are not able. To combine these two favourite activities. However, at elevated experience camping. Among their already impressive list of amenities. They have bike rentals.

Last year, they added mountain bikes. To the already impressive list of amenities that they offered. With wild success. So many people loved renting mountain bikes. In order to explore the many different trails.

That they decided this year. To increase the number of bicycles they had for rent. However, as much as people love mountain bikes. They wanted to have something. A little bit more inclusive. So that a wider variety of people.

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Could explore the beautiful river valley in the same way. That is why, the fleet of bicycles they brought in this year. Is a fleet of recumbent cycles. Many people may not have seen one of these before.

And they look a little bit different. Than a standard bicycle. Starting with the fact that they have four wheels. Instead of two. That are rugged enough to be able to travel. The rough river valley terrain with ease.

In the middle of these four wheels. Is a bucket seat. Instead of the standard, and uncomfortable saddle seat. That most people will see, on a regular bicycle. While people who mountain bike.

Have no problem with this uncomfortable seat. Recumbent bicycles should be more appealing. To a wider variety of bodies. Which is why they have a bucket seat instead. Small children.

Will be able to sit comfortably in the seats. As well as people with joint or hip problems. And, others who have a variety of disabilities. By appealing to a more inclusive group of people.

More people can experience biking for the first time. And see Alberta campgrounds from a completely unique vantage point. Many people will experience biking in a way that they never have before.

While being able to keep up with their more active family. Or, allow an expert biker. To travel comfortably. Next to the smallest child. Or their grandmother.

When people would like to experience something new. On their summer vacation this year. Instead of going to any campgrounds. They should visit elevated experience camping. To have the time of their life.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Not Go Biking On Vacation

Many people want to relax, and distress on their vacation to Alberta campgrounds. Which is why biking on vacation. Makes the most sense. Many people think that they want to do as little as possible on vacation.

Only to find out a day later. That they are bored. And now they are looking for something to do. While people will be able to hike, go fishing. Or even do yoga at elevated experience camping.

There are many reasons, for them to check out. One of their many bicycles. The bicycles are available for rent by the day. And people can enjoy a recumbent bicycle. Or a mountain bike at Alberta campgrounds.

But there are many reasons. Why biking, is a great activity for most. Just like swimming, it is a low impact activity. Which means it is easiest on people’s joints. And will not exacerbate existing injuries.

In fact, many doctors recommend. Biking, in order to help heal from injuries. Because the exercise increases circulation in the body. Which will improve blood flow to the injuries. Helping them to heal.

As well, and biking is considered an aerobic activity. Which is excellent for people’s heart health. It can reduce instances of strokes when done on a regular basis. Reduce the risk of a heart attack.

And reduce people’s high blood pressure. While these are all positive things that biking can do. It is important to note. That this can be accomplished easily. By biking for only ten minutes a day. At a very low intensity.

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That means, people do not need to feel. As though they have to work out like a maniac. In order to enjoy the benefits of this activity. And when they do this, while visiting Alberta campgrounds.

They can improve their health. In the beauty of nature, while relaxing on vacation. In fact, many people love biking while camping. Because they are able to see more nature and animals.

Another benefit of biking, is that it increases muscle mass, and strength. People can improve their endurance. In just a single session. Working out several large muscle groups. All at the same time.

By peddling the bicycle, they will work out their glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Which will allow them to burn more calories. And speed up their metabolism. This is perfect.

Because when people visit elevated experience camping. What will happen, is that they are going to work up such an appetite. That they will have the opportunity. To eat the gourmet hot dogs and mac & cheese.

At the food truck, that will be available. And at night, order a pizza to be delivered. Directly to their campsite. When people start biking while camping. They are going to find they are even more rested and relaxed.

Because the biking will release endorphins. Which can help lower their stress levels. And help people feel happier. They can increase the feelings of happiness and relaxation. If they continue to bike once they get home.