Alberta Campgrounds | Why Luxury Camping is Popular


Alberta Campgrounds | Why Luxury Camping is Popular

When people go camping in Alberta campgrounds this summer. Many of them will be engaging in what is called luxury camping, or glamping because of the creature comforts they are bringing from home.

While camping has been popular in Alberta for decades. New technology allows people to bring more amenities than ever before. To allow them to stay in comfort during their camping trip.

However, despite the fact that the word glamping was coined quite recently, and only added to the dictionary three years ago. Glamping, which is a mashup of the words camping and glamorous. Is not a new activity at all.

In fact, the earliest known instances of luxury camping were noted by historians dating back to the fifteen hundreds. Where large delegations would set up tents for their accommodations.

And in these tents, would be all of the most luxurious amenities that they could afford in the day. In one instance, during a delegation in France. Historians even noted that fountains ran with wine instead of water.

The most famous glamour or luxury camper in history is notably Genghis Khan. Because of how luxurious the tents he stayed in were. As he travelled across Mongolia and China.

And while glamping or luxury camping is not a new activity. It typically was done by only the very rich, or by royalty several hundred years ago. Whereas now, it is an activity accessible by most.

While people like to go camping in Alberta campgrounds. If people want to go luxury camping. They need to usually have their own accommodations. Such as tent, trailer or even motorhome.


So this means not everyone has the ability to go camping. Because not everyone can afford to purchase these accommodations. Or any of the other equipment necessary to do this activity.

This is why glamping sites that are being built in Alberta campgrounds are quickly growing in popularity. Because they allow this feel of camping. While providing all of the amenities people need for spending the night.

Even more than just providing amenities to spend the night. These glamping sites also contain many luxury amenities. To allow people to be able to be even more comfortable during their stay.

Some structures might be tiny cabins, luxury tents, or unique structures like yurts, teepees or treehouses. But all will come with some luxury items, to ensure that people can enjoy their stay in style.

Since the amenities will vary greatly depending on what campgrounds people visit. As well as what type of glamping structure they are staying in.

People should get an idea of what type of amenities they are looking for. So that they can ensure that their idea of what they want aligns with what is available.

Since most glamping sites will have everything that people will needs to comfortably spend the night. Those who are looking to go glamping only need to bring the close that they wish to wear. As well as the food they want to eat.

Many campgrounds will often even offer activities in the campground during the day. So even if people are not interested in the recreational activities that the landscape offers. There will be plenty to do during their stay.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Luxury Camping is Popular

Would people would go camping in Alberta campgrounds, any people refer to it as roughing it. And while some people love the rough accommodations of camping. Other people want more creature comforts during their vacations.

This is why glamping, or luxury camping is on the rise in popularity. Especially as technology increases. And offers the ability to bring more amenities than ever before on their camping trip.

In fact, many recreational vehicles such as motorhomes, or trailers have amenities that are standard. That never would have been possible before. With air-conditioning and heating units. But also fully equipped kitchens including stovetop and oven. Microwaves, sinks and refrigerators.

Depending on what model of trailer people purchase. They can even have a fully functioning bathroom, or even a fireplace to warm themselves on a cool evening.

As technology increases. People are limited only by what they want. And what they can afford. However, glamping does require people bring their own accommodations with them.

Even people staying in tents have been able to bring luxury items with them. In order to make themselves more comfortable. Including an air conditioner or heater. As well as things like a barbecue in order to cook their food on instead of an open fire.

However, these all require people to have their own equipment. And extensive planning, in order to ensure that they can get all their equipment together to go camping with.

And is only one of the reasons why these permanent glamping sites are gaining popularity throughout many Alberta campgrounds.


These permanent or semi to ensure they permanent structures offer accommodations for people who do not have camping accommodations. Or who may be travelling through the area. And do not have their camping gear with them.

Or can be a way for people to join their family on a camping trip. So that they can spend time with their family. Even though they are not interested in camping because of the rougher accommodations.

Before people there glamping site. They need to be aware of what the accommodations are like. As well as what amenities are included.

To ensure people are completely prepared for what their experience will be like. People need to keep in mind that not all glamping sites are the same from one campground to the other.

And while some might have things like indoor plumbing, or heating. This is not necessarily the case with every accommodation. Especially if people are staying in semi-permanent structures. Such as luxury tents or yurts.

You should take into consideration that the cost of renting a glamping site can be extremely different. Depending on where you are camping, and what is included in your accommodations.

However, it is an experience of a lifetime. And anyone who enjoys nature. Should try glamping, or luxury camping in Alberta campgrounds at least once.