Alberta Campgrounds | Why Posh Camping is Popular


Alberta Campgrounds | Why Posh Camping is Popular

It is no wonder why camping throughout Alberta campgrounds is so popular. The entire province has beautiful landscape, and many activities that people can enjoy.

Camping is a way for many people to not only escape the city. But to engage in activities that are not possible until people travel. Such as going mountain climbing or mountain biking. Where white water rafting.

And while people often go camping because they enjoy staying in nature. Other people consider camping a means to an end. As they visit Alberta campgrounds in order to engage in their favourite sport or outdoor recreational activity.

Regardless of why people are going camping. Many people like to bring creature comforts from home. In order to make themselves more comfortable. Or to make their camping trip easier and smoother.

One of the more popular things to bring camping include air-conditioners and heaters. So that people are always the perfect temperature. No matter what the weather in Alberta is doing. Especially because it can change so often.

Even if people are going camping in the summer, many people are prepared for snow. Especially if they are travelling to the mountains. So having heaters and air-conditioners whether people are staying in trailers or tents is important.

Other people want to ensure that they can make mealtime easier. Because chopping wood in order to build a fire to cook their food is not something that they are interested in. Especially when they have an adventure waiting for them in the form of hiking or mountaineering.


Therefore, for these people they often like to purchase trailers that have stove tops, ovens or even microwaves. Or bring an outdoor grill or barbecue with them. To ensure mealtime is fast and easy.

People can even bring luxury items that can make them selves more comfortable during their camping trip. Whether this is a full queen-size mattress, particularly for trailers. Or lounge chairs and hammocks that can allow them to be as comfortable when they are not engaged in their favourite activity.

Regardless of what luxury items people bring. When they do bring these items camping, it is often called glamping, which is a mashup of the words camping and glamorous. Or as it is sometimes called, posh camping. Because of the luxury items people bring.

Regardless of what people bring when they go camping. The reason it is gaining popularity. Is simply because the current technology allows people to bring creature comforts that were not possible before.

However, glamping or posh camping as it sometimes called. Is an activity that has been recorded throughout history. And as early as the fifteen hundreds. By those who travel and stay in tents. That they outfit with all of the luxuries that they are able to afford.

And while many people might think this is a brand-new activity that has not been seen in Alberta campgrounds. People have been bringing the items that they can to make their camping stays more comfortable as long as camping has been around.

Alberta Campgrounds | Why Posh Camping is Popular

When people visit Alberta campgrounds, they either are camping because they love staying and living in nature. And want to get away from the city. Or because they are engaging in activities that are done in that part of the province.

And regardless of why people want to spend time in nature. People love doing so as comfortably as possible. And while people used to refer to camping as roughing it.

New technology allows people to bring more creature comforts than ever before. Which means almost any camper nowadays could be considered posh camping from the standards of thirty years ago.

However, there is something new in glamping that is quickly gaining popularity throughout many Alberta campgrounds. And that is building permanent or semi permanent structures. For people to stay in in various campgrounds.

While these structures seem rustic in style. They allow people the feeling of being close to nature. And have the feel of camping. Without a lot of the rough accommodations that actually camping provides.

While these structures might include things like luxury tents, yurts or tiny cabins. They all will have some type of amenities that are typically only found in homes or hotel rooms.

But will allow people the ability to feel as though they are close to nature. And give them the feeling of camping. Such as by having a fire pit outside the structure. So that people can still have a fire with their friends and family.


Or not having indoor plumbing. So that they still feel like they must get out into nature in order to do some aspects of their camping stay.

However, the wide variety of different glamping sites throughout the province. Mean that there is as many different styles as there are campsites. So people should know what type of amenities they are looking for.

And what types of activities they want to do once they get there. So that they can have the right expectations for their trip.

Whether they are camping as a way to experience nature in a unique way. Or if it is simply a means to an end, for engaging in other activities. There is going to be a glamping site for every person’s style and taste.

A great example of a glamping site in Alberta campgrounds is with elevated experience camping. Because not only do they have two glamping sites on site.

They also have many different amenities within the campground itself. From activities such as goat yoga. To fully functioning showers and restrooms. And an arcade and candy shop.

Regardless of the reason why people are getting away from the city. They will find a lot to do at this campsite. So that they can feel like they are having the vacation that they always wanted.

No longer are people required to have their own accommodations if they wish to go glamping. Or experience the nature of the province in a unique way. By reserving these various glamping sites. Mean that people can get an experience similar to camping. But in a way that is accessible to all.