Alberta Campgrounds | You Should Try Gardening And Camping


Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening And Camping Together

While many people who go to Alberta campgrounds. Do not necessarily think that they will be gardening. The opportunity now exists, for people who are going to elevated experience camping, just outside of Drayton Valley.

Alberta Campgrounds

There are many benefits to having a garden, right in a campground. First of all, because it is a community garden. Campers who are staying there. Will have the opportunity. To spend some time in the garden.

Weeding, and tending to the plants. As well as being able to harvest some of the vegetables. So that they can eat fresh produce on their camping trip. However, this is not the only use for the produce.

People who stay at elevated experience camping. Will also notice something else this year. A food truck, that will be selling delicious gourmet hotdogs, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Two people using the day use area.

As well as feeding the campers, staying in the Alberta campgrounds, and edged by elevated experience camping. This food truck, is also a nonprofit organization. Therefore, they can use a lot of help.

Which is why elevated experience camping. Wanted to share some of the garden produce. With the food truck, so that they could keep their food costs low. Therefore, keep their menu prices low.

So that their campers, and glamper’s good enjoy delicious, hot meals. At an affordable price during their stay. The food truck will also be right in the town of Drayton Valley. For the rest of the week.

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Therefore, they will have a lot of food to prepare. And can greatly benefit from the free garden produce that they get. From elevated experience campground. Whether people are purchasing food from the food truck.

Or getting fresh vegetables, to complement their camping meals. They will sure to enjoy the food that the garden produces. However, that is not the only thing that people will be getting from the garden.

Community Gardens are extremely beneficial for many reasons. Whether they are located in Alberta campgrounds or not. The first benefit of having a community garden, is reducing negative community impacts.

Promoting sustainability, bringing an awareness to agriculture. Reducing food transportation costs. And reducing food security. Just name a few things. Many people have never seen how their food gets from the farm to their plate.

And especially children, who have grown up in the city their entire life. May not have had the opportunity. To see, or experience gardening firsthand. And while these are great benefits.

The benefits also do not stop there. Having a garden can reduce waste. And ensure the less garbage ends up in the landfill. Because anything that is compostable, can go into the compost bin in the garden.

That way, less garbage ends up going to landfill. And the compost that is created, will go into feeding the garden. So that more nutritious vegetables can be grown in the future.

When people are planning their vacations this year. They might want to incorporate some gardening. For unique, educational and nutritious vacation.

Alberta Campgrounds | Gardening And Camping Together At Last

When people are going camping in Alberta campgrounds. There is only one place that they can go, they will get the opportunity. To spend some time in a community garden.

That place, is elevated experience camping. And there will he West campground, located just five minutes outside of Drayton Valley. Nestled in a beautiful, and picturesque river valley on the North Saskatchewan River.

Not only do they have a garden, but it is a garden of raised garden boxes. Which is incredibly beneficial for many different reasons. First of all, because it is going to be a community garden.

They wanted accessible by all members of the community. People with physical limitations, such as sore backs. Or injured knees, are not likely to be able to spend time in a garden.

Whether it is weeding, watering. Or harvesting the vegetables. And while they might not be interested. Many people would love the opportunity. To spend time in their community garden.

But would not be able to, due to physical or other limitations. But having the raised garden beds. Will mean that more people can access the garden. To enjoy this activity, regardless of their abilities.

Another benefit of having raised garden beds in Alberta campgrounds. Is that it is much harder for animals to access. Anyone who is spent time camping in Alberta will know.

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There are many different animals, that would likely be able to get into the garden. And destroy it in a short time. Animals like mice, rabbits and even skunks, which are native to the area.

Would be able to eat the vegetables. As well as the plants in a garden. But the raised boxes, will put those tantalizing treats. Out of their reach. However, people also might notice.

That there are dear, and even moose that visit Alberta campgrounds. Who would also destroy the garden. And the raised garden beds have been bills. To guard against that as well.

They have large barriers. That will eliminate dear and moose being able to get at the plants. While allowing the sun to shine in. And nourish the plants and vegetables. They are also easy to open.

And swing out on a hinge, so that people can get into the garden. To weed, water and harvest. Will there are even more benefits to having a raised garden. It is much easier to weed and water.

But also, because the garden is raised. It will be able to drain much more easily. Which will ensure the roots are less likely to get waterlogged. And rot, as well as the less likely. For soil born fungal diseases to take root.

Where they can destroy a garden in a very short amount of time. Many people love gardening. Or at least love fresh vegetables. And mixing gardening and camping, is an easy sell for most.

When people are ready to enjoy gardening and camping this summer. All they have to do is call elevated experience camping. And book their vacation quickly. Before spots sellout.