Alberta Campsites | Camping in Style


Alberta Campsites | Camping in Style

Camping continues to be a favorite pastime for many, especially with so many Alberta campsites to choose from. Not only are there campgrounds that are open in the beautiful summer months, there is winter camping as well as front country and back country camping. In short, Alberta offers something for everyone.

Alberta Campsites in Style

And while there are many people who are excited to engage in backcountry camping – the ultimate in the ‘roughing it’ experience. This is where people drive to a location, then carry all their gear and food – usually on their back in a pack – and hike to the location where they plan to camp, which may or may not be an established campground. This is a favorite for adventure seekers, but most Albertans who visit various Alberta campsites go ‘front country camping’, where they drive a vehicle to a campground.

So Many Campsites To Choose From

There are certainly a plethora of Alberta campsites for campers to choose from! There are over 250 provincial campgrounds, that boast collectively more than 14,000 campsites. As well as five national parks, that boast over 10,000 front country campgrounds and more backcountry campgrounds. Not to mention over 300 private campgrounds and parks. There are so many options for everyone who loves this favorite pastime in this beautiful province.

And while rugged outdoor types love backcountry camping, most people like to drive to their campground, and pull their supplies out of a vehicle and set up in relative comfort. In fact, glamping is on the rise throughout Alberta campsites. Glamping, a portmanteau of the words glamorous and camping is simply the act of bringing luxury items camping, that might not otherwise be found in a campsite.

Alberta campsites | What Is Glamping

Everything from portable barbecues, cots, pizza ovens, solar chargers, waterproof Bluetooth speakers, coffee pot and more! People are bringing just about everything with them while they are camping! And while the gadgets they are bringing might be new, and the word glamping itself was coined in 2005. The act of glamping is almost as old as time itself! Luxury items in temporary, portable accommodations was first recorded in the 16th century, as the Scottish Earl of Atholl prepared lodging for a visit by King James the fifth.

However, the most extravagant instances of glamping were in 1520 in northern France. The occasion was for a diplomatic summit, and fountains that ran with red wine were erected in the midst of these 2800 tents for the diplomats, and the then Kings of England and France, Henry VIII and Francis I, respectively. No matter what types of glamping being done in various Alberta campsites, none of them have the over the top luxury of red wine fountains!

Glamping Offers A Unique Camping Experience

Campers should take note – glamping doesn’t just mean bringing luxury items with you, it can also mean visiting certain Alberta campsites with luxurious accommodations. Canvas bell tents, mini cabins, yurts, treehouses like these amazing spheres, hung in giant trees. The newest glamping trend right now is the geodesic dome, which is completely clear, giving you a beautiful view of your surroundings and sky, day or night. It’s even popular for winter camping, as you can use a heater, as the PVC material holds in the heat very well.

If you are interested in glamping, and you need some great glamping gear, visit Beyond The Tent for some great ideas. But if you’re looking for a great location, where you can stay in unique glamping accommodations, check out Elevated Experience Camping at Willey West Campground. Not only do they have three different types of glamping accommodations for you to try, such as mini cabins, treehouses and rustic canvas bell tents, but they have amazing services like pizza delivery, Sunday breakfasts and more that will elevate your camping experience!


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