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Campsites in Alberta | Best Camping Mattress

There are many ways that Albertans hit the front or back country and visit campsites in Alberta. While the trend for many years has been towards glamping – glamorous camping, with recreational vehicles complete with full kitchens and bathrooms, satellites and more! But there are many who prefer roughing it in a tent for many reasons. This includes using a tent, or tents, and cooking over an open fire.

One of the main reasons people love camping with a tent, is that it allows them more options of what campsites in Alberta they can stay in. Let’s face it, those giant trailers look fun, but they require a huge lot and power to operate, and those are often the sites that sell out quickest. Campers who prefer to stay in tents have more options, whether they book their site months in advance, or are going on a last minute camping adventure.

Backpacking Is Your Portable Adventure

Another reason people love tenting it, is their camping experience is portable! They can put their campground equipment on their back, and enjoy some solitude with back country camping. There is more space and fewer people, which for some campers is just perfect! There is just an important detail that campers need to decide on when tent camping, is figuring out what to sleep on in their tent. Here are some things for tent campers to consider when deciding.

Best Camping Mattress

What is the best camping mattress? There are different kinds of mattresses to choose from, and they all have pros and cons, depending on what type of camping is being done, and what’s most important. There are air mattresses, closed-cell foam and self-inflating mattresses. Closed cell mattresses are likely what most people think of when tenting it. These most-basic options are inexpensive and lightweight, making these a great option for people who like to go backpacking and back country camping.

What they have in durability, weight and cost, they lack in comfort. These mattresses are made in a variety of thicknesses, out of dense foam full of tiny holes. Most campers start out with these, and upgrade into something more comfortable as they do more camping. However, they are a decent option, especially when someone is just starting to explore various campsites in Alberta.

Campsites in Alberta | Great Sleep While Camping

The next option is air mattresses, which like the name suggests, can be inflated in order to provide a comfortable bed to sleep on. The benefit of these, is that they are very comfortable. Made to be durable and lightweight, these fold down into a small space, which is convenient for all campers. Though they do need to be inflated, which means huffing and puffing to inflate your bed, which can be tiring, and introduces pesky moisture inside your camping equipment.

If you are spending each night in different campsites in Alberta, that can become exhausting, especially when combined with all your other fun camping activities. You can buy little motors that will inflate these mattresses very quickly, however they are not only expensive, they are heavy and take up a lot of room. Which can make it a poor option for backpackers. For people who are driving to their destination, these air mattresses are often considered the pinnacle of tent camping luxury!

Your Body Needs Sleep While Camping

Best Camping Mattress

Self inflating mattresses bring the best of both worlds together! Created with strong fabric for extreme durability, they are made with a combination of foam and inflatable air pockets. People who like to use their vehicle as their tent prefer this style of mattress, and they have the best insulating qualities. Like their name suggests, campers simply open a valve, and air rushes in to fill the air pockets, making set up a breeze. Closing the valve ensures it doesn’t deflate when it’s laid on.

To pack up, campers simply open the valve, and roll up this mattress to remove the air, whether they are going home, or visiting other campsites in Alberta. However, the cons of the self-inflating mattress is that they are the most costly, and are heavier, so backpackers often have to make the decision whether they want the weight of a pump, weight of a self inflating mattress, or if they’ll make due with a simple foam mattress.

However, if campers truly want to go tenting in style, they can choose from a wide variety of camping cots, keeping them off the cold ground, to hammocks, where they don’t even have to sleep in a tent, with these completely self contained units! Regardless what sort of bed you use, enjoy visiting many campsites in Alberta, and definitely check out the Elevated Experience Campsites! Located centrally in and around Drayton Valley, they will ensure that no matter what you sleep on, you will have a great time camping!

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